December 31, 2009

Apple to Launch Tablet for Under $1000

According to the WSJ the Apple Tablet will be released this January between $500-900 US.  Great news.  You need to secure your suppliers now in order to get your hands on these soon to be popular tablets.

December 29, 2009

Start the year off with iPods

We will release the name of a large Apple iPod distributor located in the UK in our newsletter for January 4th.

US Blackberry Suppliers

US suppliers who carry physical stock have the following units in stock.
8900 @ $355
9700 @ $465

December 28, 2009

Comments From Another Veteran of Trade

Here is a clip of a conversation I had with a new member today:

From time to time people would ask me to prove my suppliers were real and that I do what I say I do by giving them one for free or by letting them try the list beforehand. Instead I invented the Silver Membership for those who in light of all I have posted on my site still had doubts.

New Member:
I have worked with and bought from the chinese (specificly) for years. I even lived in HK for 6 months. So I know BS when I see it. I ran accross your post today and based on what I read, I bought the silver package. New to importing I am not. To importing electronics I am and always better safe than sorry. So if I doubted you we would have never met.

Beware of These Electronics Scam Companies

The following sites are allegedly scams according to members and should never be purchased from in my opinion.

Akhwholesalers,, we have a new MidwestGSM Member who purchased phones from this company and have not received their order.  Thankfully they are now a member and can trade safely with our verified suppliers.

iPhone scams, wholesale, broker, criminal, fraud, white collar, crime,
Fake Pakistan passport wholesale cell phone scams

December 27, 2009

Platinum Member Selling 3GS 32GB Never Locked iPhones

I have a Platinum Member who purchased iPhones from one of the suppliers I provide via my consulting. He has 3 sealed never locked 32GB iPhones remaining in stock and wants to sell them quickly. His minimum order is one phone at $809, or buy all 3 at $799 each! The seller accepts PayPal and credit cards for payment.

December 25, 2009

Supplier & Distributor Additions for Platinum Members

This Monday's newsletter and supplier list will have more new additions added than any other week since our start up in March. These exciting additions will include a master distributor of cellular telephones located in the US who distributes for two major service carriers. Add to this a US distributor for Nokia phones and already we are talking about a great week for verified Platinum Member list additions. We cannot stop there because after last week's addition of a distributor for Apple, Nokia, and Blackberry we had members wondering what could possibly be next?

So we have started to expand our service to include personal electronics that are not cellular phones. With this goal we have added suppliers and distributors of netbooks, computers, computer equipment, plasma televisions, LCD televisions, and GPS systems. Our goal is to be the number one source for legitimate and verified suppliers of personal electronics. Why go with middle-men and others who merely claim to be able to get you the products when you can have the source of the products?

PRPS, Southpole & Diesel Men's Jeans

I have just a few pairs of designer jeans left. To see which models of the above mentioned brands I have in stock visit:

Listing Link

After cleared payment your order will ship within 24 hours and a tracking number will be sent immediately. I accept credit cards, checks, and PayPal. Thank you!

December 23, 2009

Verizon Beefs Up Network for iPhone

According to their CTO, Verizon has been taking efforts to ensure their network can handle increased traffic if they were to get the iPhone in 2010. We have all heard about the issues that some users have had trying to fully use their iPhones on AT&T's network and Verizon does not want to repeat that tragedy.

December 22, 2009

How MidwestGSM Can Make You Sucessful

Helping individuals with verified sources just like yourself is what we do via our service. As far as the service's details what we do for a Platinum Member is help you locate phones, verify suppliers, and answer any questions you have regarding the industry. We have also personally helped clients avoid losing thousands of dollars to fraud. One year of our trading floor is $199 (USD) and includes the suppliers we use (over 400 verified), Monday email supplier updates, access to communicate or trade with the serious traders in the group, and my unlimited help for one year.

I receive a few emails each week asking what exactly is included when someone signs up and wanted to take a moment to describe it. Basically it is the only safe trading environment that I am aware of online for beginners and advanced traders.

December 17, 2009

eBay vs. My Suppliers

The following prices are for new and never locked cellular phones in USD. Prices are good while supplies last. I also got curious after to talking to a member earlier who was looking to branch out away from iPhones and looked up some of the below models to see what they sold for on eBay. The member makes a killing selling phones on eBay! I might have to open an eBay account.

n900 $585, sold for $850 on eBay!
n97 $430, sold for $750 on eBay!
n97 mini $454, sold for $650 on eBay!
n96 $337, sold for $519 on eBay
2730 classic $100
3720 classic $144, sold for $260 on eBay!
5130 $101, sold for $170 on eBay!
5530 Xpress Music $198, sold for $295 on eBay!
5800 Tube $232, sold for $330 on eBay!
6300 $110, sold for $195 on eBay!
6500 classic $152, sold for $260 on eBay!
6700 $207 sold for $300 on eBay!
7510 Supernova $157
e75 $350
X6 $621

Magic $408, sold for $490 on eBay!
Touch Diamond $205, sold for $300 on eBay!

GB102 $17, sold for $50 on eBay!
GD900 $272, sold for $430 on eBay!
KE970 $98, sold for $219 on eBay!
KP500 $113, sold for $225 on eBay!
KS360 $100, sold for $209 on eBay!

December 14, 2009

CES Registration Materials Arrive

Well we cannot wait to see you at the CES in January. MidwestGSM, LLC will have representatives at the show and look forward to meeting any of our members, as well as, industry friends! Just drop us an email to if you will be attending and want to talk about future business.

Thank you,
Glenn Kirk
MidwestGSM, LLC
Nixa, Missouri

December 12, 2009

New Never Locked 16GB 3GS Apple iPhones Sealed EURO SPEC

I have a member with a source for 3GS 16GB iPhones. Their Asian source has over 200 units in stock and is asking $735 PPU. Members contact me for the contact information via the member's only email address. Thank you!

December 10, 2009

More Success From Recent Members of Our Service

Hi Glenn,
I wanted to let you know we have completed our first successful transaction with XXXX, last week. I wanted to thank you for the service you are providing, our company already has new sights for the future.
Also, we are looking to buy EURO spec Apple IPhone 3GS 32GB (factory unlocked), around 25 pieces if you could point me in the right direction. Is last weeks offer from XXXX still available?

Dear Kirk,
Again, thanks for the personal e-mails that you send me regarding the 3GS's, I appreciate it and I would also appreciate if you continue to send me those as they help me very much.

Thanks!!!!! My head is spinning with all this REAL information!

Thanks for all the information. When we were chatting before you said there were a couple suppliers with lower MOQ ( I think you said 6-10 moq on your site). Could you point me in the direction of those suppliers. Thanks again. Talk about information overload.

You are an honest person like me and I like that.

December 8, 2009

A Few Current Prices

The prices I post are all in USD and from suppliers who carry stock on hand. Thus prices are always subject to change. When the phones are gone they are gone.

n900 $629
n97 $477

i8910 Omnia HD $543

Aino $431
Satio $536

3GS 32GB $780
3GS 16GB $675

Legitimate US Supplier Nokia n900

I have a US supplier of Nokia n900 cellular phones prices at $629 US per unit.

Nokia n900 Supplier

I have a legitimate supplier of Nokia n900 phones. Units are new and never lock. Supplier has stock on hand as of the 10th. Pricing starts at $722 per unit. Supplier's name and contact details available to members of the network.

December 3, 2009

Largest Physical Stock of 3GS 32GB iPhones

Since July and many, many conversations with industry suppliers no one has ever seen more than about 1000 new 3GS iPhones in any one location. With that said I have received confirmation from a supplier who has been around for years and located in the European Union that they have 1200 3GS 32GB EURO SPEC iPhones in physical stock! This means no broker promises, pick up in Europe, and a supplier that you can actually trust. Members of my service should contact me for the companies details.

November 25, 2009

Prices for Low-end Nokia

All prices are valid while stock lasts and in USD. All phones are new and unlocked. Phones are available through legitimate suppliers located worldwide. Supplier contact details available to members of the network. Would you like 198+ verified and legitimate suppliers? Contact me for more details or sign up via the payment link to the left.

1202 $21
1203 $22
1208 $24
1209 $26
2330 $50
2630 $54
2680 $58
6300 $116

November 21, 2009

See You in Las Vegas

We have locked in our attendance to the 2010 CES in Las Vegas, January 7-10. If you will be in attendance let us know. We could even meet to discuss business opportunities related to electronics.

November 19, 2009

Current Phone Pricing for Various Models

All prices are in USD and all suppliers are legitimate. The contact details of the suppliers are freely available to members of the network. If you would like to join the network for one year we have a merchant account link in the left column of this site.

Nokia N97, $501
Samsung M8910, $565
Blackberry 9700, $532
3GS 32GB iPhone locked & UK SPEC, $712
3GS 32GB iPhone never locked EURO SPEC, $779
3GS 32GB iPhone locked US SPEC, $705
Blackberry 9550 Storm 2, $480
Blackberry 8900, $350

If there is something you are looking for let me know and I will post a price when I have the chance.

UK Supplier New 3GS 32GB iPhones

UK supplier who is legitimate has new and locked 3GS 32GB iPhones at $712 PPU. Price is in USD. Quantity of phones is limited this week.

November 16, 2009

New York Blackberry Supplier 8350i "Boost Berry"

I have a NY supplier who always has many different Blackberry models in stock. The latest offer is for the BB 8350i also known as the "Boost Berry". This phone can be used with Boost Mobile service. Price in USD is $280 PPU, MOQ 10. Network members contact me for supplier contact details.

November 14, 2009

Where Are Your Suppliers Located?

This is another common question I receive from people all over the world. They want to know if I have a legitimate supplier of mobile phones either near their location or within their country. So here is my breakdown without giving too much information away.

North America: 41
Europe: 43
UK: 29
Germany: 24
Middle East: 23
Africa: 2
Asia: 33
Australia/NZ: 3

In total: 198 verified and legitimate suppliers.
Also our list is constantly growing!

November 13, 2009

Alibaba Mobile Phone Wholesalers My Opinion

In my opinion with nothing to back it up except a couple Chinese contacts I know and putting the puzzle together has uncovered that most if not all "suppliers" of mobile phones on the typical international trade sites are not companies but people working out of their home. I know from a HK source that people in Shenzhen will advertise they have genuine phones, which they only have refurbs, and when you order from them they go to the market and pick up the items.

November 12, 2009

Prices for Samsung, Sony, & Nokia

Nokia N97 $501
Sony Satio $618
Sony Aino $420
Samsung M8910 $463
Samsung Omnia HD I8910 $529

Prices are in USD and phones are stock on hand from legitimate suppliers not found on trade sites. Phones are new and factory never locked.

November 11, 2009

Current Offers From Legitimate Suppliers

The following prices are good while supplies last and all phones are new & never locked.

US Supplier, Storm 2 $490 PPU
US Supplier, Storm 2 $510 PPU

Both suppliers have stock on hand. This is not a long chain of brokers who do not know what they are doing and therefore will not deliver stock to you.

November 2, 2009

US Verified Supplier Blackberry Bold 9700

Price is in USD and valid while stock lasts. Phones are new, unlocked, and US SPEC.

Blackberry Bold 9700 $575 per unit

Blackberry 9550 Storm 2 at US Wholesaler

The follow price is in USD for new and unlocked cellular phones. Supplier is located in the US.

Blackberry Storm 2 9500, $550

October 30, 2009

Blackberry Bold 9000 White New & Unlocked in Canada

I have a legitimate Canadian supplier of multiple phone brands who has the following item.

BB 9000 new and unlocked in white color, $485 US

Samsung Prices for Wholesale

The following prices are good while stock lasts and in USD. Phones are new and unlocked. Suppliers are located in different countries. Supplier contact details immediately available to members of the network.

i900 16GB Omnia $325
i8000 $518
i8910 $541
M8910 $565

October 29, 2009

MidwestGSM Verification

Sometimes I am asked, "how do I know you are real". I always direct those who ask this question to this blog where I have posted our business license and my drivers license. Also you can read my multiple years of advice to new traders on, as well as, visit this post: Aussie's comment.

October 28, 2009

US Legitimate iPhone Supplier 16GB 3GS Phones in Ohio

Well I had a fly and buy offer in Ohio last night, which I put on Twitter. Then this morning the phones were already purchased and on their way to Germany. Sorry I did not have it posted on here sooner. By the way the offer was for:

500 3GS 16GB new Apple iPhones with a great, low, low take all price that I have been told not to post.

Until the next offer keep checking back.

October 25, 2009

The eBay Secrets

I will keep a running total on this as long as I can. These are items why I do not recommend selling on eBay and a few reasons why it is good to sell on eBay.

1. Add up the fees, remember they own PayPal too! Then figure out your profit. Who makes more? Seems like lately it is eBay.

2. If you only have $1000 to start do you think you can compete with those who sell $10000 a week? You can but it will not be easy.

3. Regardless of your listing policies, those you add in your listing, those from eBay and PayPal trump yours every time.

4. How can you compete on price with those, bumbumfj, who sell refurbished phones as new? You cannot. But honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

5. How do you get around these obstacles? You have to have some business savvy, most do not.

6. EBay has millions of visitors to their site each day. Therefore they do most of the advertising for you.

7. When was the last time someone asked you where they could find a great deal on an item and you said try eBay. It seems that I hear this many times each week.

8. EBay is less expensive than setting up a professional ecomm website.

9. I recommend setting up a ProStore.

October 22, 2009

California Legitimate iPhone Supplier Offer

Prices are in USD and offer valid while stock lasts. Phones are 3GS version 3.1. Supplier contact details available for members of the network.

16GB $595

32GB $695

US Customs' Agents Seizing iPhones

I have just received an email from a man in Florida who ordered some Chinese iPhones, more than likely copies, and had his phones seized by US Customs Agents. Of course Customs will seize your copy iPhones being shipped from China where a large portion of copied or counterfeit merchandise is manufactured. This is the risk you face if you are importing any Chinese branded, or copy electronics from China.

To get technical only AT&T has the right from Apple to distribute genuine Apple iPhones within the borders of the US.

October 21, 2009

Alibaba Questionnaire

Remember this is all my opinion and nothing else. I just took the Alibaba questionnaire I received via an email. Due to the content it seems they are aware of the fraud being perpetrated daily on their website. You know the $400 3GS iPhones, etc. One aspect of the questionnaire was trying to gauge how likely you were to sign up for one of their pay titles like "Gold Member". There were many questions about how many leads would it take for you to sign up or how many sales would your company have to complete before they did sign up as a paid member. Now we all know the site is bogus and sometimes funny if you know your business well, but it is not worth paying any amount of money to belong in my opinion. Unless you are a scammer and want to look official for western buyers. I cannot begin to tell you about how many posts start out "well they were a Gold Member" or "they were Trust Pass". Both titles are bought and not earned. In the end I hope I win the money for completing the survey. Also if you need legitimate suppliers use the button to the left and sign up with our GSM Network.

HTC Wholesale Prices

Prices are in USD and offer is good while supplies last.

HTC A3288 Click $340
HTC Hero $468
HTC T3333 Touch 2 $331

October 19, 2009

US iPhone Supplier With Small MOQ Perfect Source for eBay Sellers

Price is in USD and supplier requires a minimum purchase of 10 units. Supplier accepts PayPal, offers pick up, and proof of stock upon request. Phones are EURO SPEC, new, and have NEVER BEEN LOCKED.

3GS 32GB $760

October 15, 2009

HTC Click Tattoo A3288 New & Unlocked Low MOQ

Genuine supplier offering the HTC A3288 Click/Tattoo with a low MOQ for $350 US per unit. Currently on eBay they are selling for $529 US.

October 14, 2009

US Supplier New & Unlocked Apple iPhones 32GB $615

I have a US supplier who is offering 3GS iPhones at great prices. Stock is physically in the US and offer is valid while stock lasts. Prices are in USD. The seller requires a PO, POF, and an Apple Resellers License. The MOQ for purchase is 2000 units, and the supplier can supply more units if requested.

3GS 32GB $615
3GS 16GB $515

October 12, 2009

Alleged Fraudulent Suppliers

The following companies have been passed onto me as being allegedly fraudulent in their practices.

Alken Trading HK
Nazims Continental
Northeast Trading Company, Pirrello
Azteq Corporation Ltd., Perry

October 10, 2009

Wholesale Nokia Prices

All prices are in USD, as well as, phones are new and unlocked. Models are from different suppliers.

N97 $524
N96 $388
5800 $260
e71 $239

US Blackberry Supplier Offers

Prices are in USD and valid while stock lasts. Phones are new and unlocked.

Bold 9000 $435
Javelin 8900 $355

October 9, 2009

US iPod Supplier Accepts AMEX

Prices are in USD and valid while stock lasts. Supplier accepts AMEX (American Express Credit Card) as payment for the buyer's security. POS (Proof of Stock) will be supplied to serious buyers.

Apple iPod

Touch 8GB $204
Touch 16GB $264
Touch 32GB $364

Classic 120GB $214

October 8, 2009

This Person will be Scammed Very Soon

I received this message on my Alibaba account today.

Hi mr.
i just wondering that might be you know some supplies selling whole sale iphone 3gs 32 GB with low price and they are honest and accept escrow or paypal payment...
could tell me?
because i'm looking for original an iphone with low price about 300usd 450usd is that possible to get that price with the right company?
thank you

I am sure that if you have found this blog you already know that there are no iPhones for $300 US and the only ones for $450 US are older 3G models. Unfortunately this person will probably loose their money by Western Union to China or the UK. But I know that I cannot help everyone.

October 7, 2009

iPhone Supplier Accepts Credit Cards & 500 Units

Offer is valid while stock lasts and prices are in USD. It has been a week since I have posted iPhone offers due to a slump in stocks from legitimate suppliers until today. The following prices reflect a minimum of 500 units purchased in one order. Supplier will also negotiate larger orders as needed. All phones are EURO SPEC, never locked, and sealed brand new.

16GB @ $649

32GB @ $739

US iPhone Supplier Offers Pick Up

The following offer is valid while stock lasts and is in USD. Phones are available for pick-up in a western state. Minimum order of 10 units and supplier can sell as many as 50 per customer. PayPal is the only accepted payment method.

32GB new & never locked EURO SPEC Apple iPhones @ $760 per unit

How We Help Traders Gain Success

Helping individuals with verified sources just like yourself is what I do via our service. As far as the service's details what we do for a client is help you source phones, verify suppliers, and answer any questions you have regarding the industry. We have personally helped clients avoid scams, as well as, recover money after it had been sent. One year of our Platinum service is $199 (USD) and includes the suppliers we use (over 300 verified), Monday email supplier updates, and access to communicate with the other serious traders in the group, as well as, the ability to contact me directly at your convenience.

Visit us at for a short video on how we help you.

I receive a few emails each week asking what exactly is included when someone signs up and wanted to take a moment to describe it. Basically it is the only safe trading environment that I am aware of online for beginners and advanced traders.

September 30, 2009

Blackberry New and Unlocked Price Update

The following is in USD. Prices are from different suppliers and supplier contact details along with our verified supplier list of over 100 suppliers are available to members. Prices are valid while stock lasts.

8100 $119
8520 $245
8900 $355
9000 $442
9500 $315
9530 $314
9630 $431

September 28, 2009

Large US 3GS iPhone Offer With Requests

The supplier of this offer must meet with the buyer. This means the buyer will have to travel to the office of the supplier in the US and meet with them prior to offer completion. There will be a contract involved and the supplier welcomes buyers who are looking for weekly or monthly quotas. Supplier requires these measures, as well as, that the MOQ is 2000 units of either 3GS model and model mixing is possible. Offers rarely are this solid. Prices in USD.

16GB 3GS $620

32GB 3GS $720

September 24, 2009

3GS New and Factory Unlocked iPhones for Physical Pick-up

The following offer is valid while stock lasts. Phones are sealed and both models are available in black or white. Prices are in USD and supplier has physical stock on hand. Supplier will also provide serial numbers. Buyer can physically pick up their order from supplier if requested. Also arrangements can be made between supplier and buyer for automatic consecutive shipments of stock. This offer is excellent for those who sell online and those who need larger quantities with regular shipments. Overall it seems that there has been a loosening of iPhone stocks in recent days.

16GB 3GS iPhone, MOQ 20 @ $650 per unit
32GB 3GS iPhone, MOQ 20 @ $695 per unit

Seller open to many payment methods that are secure for buyers.

Offer has expired.

New York Wholesale Offer 3GS iPhones

This offer is in USD and is a take all or nothing deal. Seller does not want to break up into smaller lots.

3GS 32GB Apple iPhones new and unlocked, 173 units @ $770 each

3GS 16GB Apple iPhones new and unlocked, 109 units @ $510 each

Seller requires escrow and is motivated. Once the escrow is set up the phones are sent to the buyer for inspection and upon the inevitable positive inspection the funds are released and you receive the phones. If you are not satisfied then you do not pay.

September 23, 2009

MidwestGSM Member Success Testimonial

I love it when we receive a testimonial from a customer of our website.

"Hi Glenn,
I wanted to let you know we have completed our first successful transaction with ****, last week. I wanted to thank you for the service you are providing, our company already has new sights for the future."

MidwestGSM legitimate, Apple iPhone, testimonial,
MidwestGSM Member Apple iPhone Success Testimonial

September 21, 2009

Cellular Phone Wholesale Prices

All prices are for new and unlocked phones in USD. Suppliers all have stock on hand. Location of supplier can be anywhere in the world and all suppliers are verified.

Samsung i8000 $518
Samsung i8910 $541
Sasung i900 $325

Nokia n97 $543
Nokia n96 $392
Nokia e71 $265
Nokia 5800 $269

Sony X1 $363

HTC Magic $320
HTC Touch 2 Pro $540

Current Blackberry Prices for New & Unlocked

Prices are subject to stock on hand and are in USD. Suppliers listed below are worldwide and stock is on hand.

9000 $442
9630 $380
8900 $365
8520 $256
9530 $314
8100 $119
9500 $315

Blackberry 8320 New & Unlocked

Price is in USD and valid while stock lasts.

US Supplier $219 per unit

Canadian Supplier $189 per unit

Asian Supplier $185 per unit

European Supplier $190 per unit

September 18, 2009

The Poll

I have been following the poll to the right of this post since it was put up. The only question I have is for those who would not pay to be a member of a site where the suppliers are 100% verified, and I do not mean verified the Alibaba way. What you would have is a site where trading could be accomplished freely without worry. So for those who say no I wonder if they just do not have the capital to expend, and if so then why are they trying to get into this industry? Another question I would have is then how are they going to find legitimate traders? I know the typical ways do not work as the internet has too many fraudsters. If you have an answer or insight for me let me know by posting a comment. Thank you.

September 17, 2009

Best 3GS iPhone Deal in the Last 100 Days

The following is from a US supplier who provides proof of stock and references. These will be sent after the supplier receives a signed purchase order and credit authorization from the buyer. Supplier is a regular in the new and never locked iPhone business within the US and is a legal US company. You will not be dealing with a foreign company for this deal. Supplier only accepts American Express as payment. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 100 units. Prices for 100 in USD are as follows:

16GB 3GS $620

32GB 3GS $725

September 16, 2009

3GS iPhones are Deflating in Price

The following iPhone offer is for new and never locked 3GS models. Purchase requires a minimum order of 100 units and supplier will provide proof of stock immediately after a purchase order is submitted. Credit cards only and the verified supplier is in the United States.

16GB 3GS $650

32GB 3GS $750

These are the best prices currently available, and levels like this have not been seen in months.

Thank you!

September 15, 2009

X-Way and Portexdirect

I have received the following from an acquaintance.

Hi Glenn,

I have attached a document that was sent to me from X-Way because I have a buyer that wanted to set up an Irrevocable Letter of Credit with a 5% Performance Bond from X-Way.

Yesterday with the help of another broker and my husband, we were able to confirm that X-Way Larry van Weegan and Pedro of Portexdirect are one and the same person by a calling each company. Both companies have the same offers out there and the same terms, plus use the exact same Commercial Invoice format. Yet when asked if they know of one another, they claim no. They are both listed on

We also decided to call the company listed on the attached sample letter of credit as a previous buyer only to discover this company (they are large and well known—so please keep the name of this company confidential) NEVER ordered any products from X-way and certainly never any iPhones since they are in a contract where it would be a breach of contract.

We asked Larry van Weegan to send us 3 references of previous buyers and he refused to do so. Conveniently he is suddenly out of stock and cannot fulfill the PO submitted to him where the buyer is in the process of getting an Irrevocable Letter of Credit per his request and the request of Kevin van da Laar also of X-way.

I just wanted to warn everyone else, it probably would be very wise to avoid these two companies or at least be careful. They accept American Express and Irrevocable Letter of Credit but something is off.

September 14, 2009

3GS iPhone Offer for MOQ 5

We have worked with this supplier before and referred members to them. They are honest and ship within a day.

32GB $768 US
16GB $649 US

September 12, 2009

Post Wholesale Electronics Scammer Information Here Link

I started this a while back and placed alleged scammers on the list. Since the beginning others have shared their stories of companies. If you wish we would appreciate your stories as well. remember that everyone is an alleged scammer.

Thank you,
Glenn Kirk

September 10, 2009

Another Great Success Story with Our Service

I love to brag about good business people who became tired of the garbage on the Internet when trying to source unlocked phones purchase our service and are blown away!

Today I was able to help someone who I originally spoke with over a year ago regarding iPhones and after they received the supplier list with Monday's newsletter they emailed "thanks man best 200 dollars I've ever spent", as well as, "in just two hours I got a message from my first supplier this is great I can't wait to start taking orders".

I cannot start to say how I feel about this but it feels great to help out a honest business person. At least now they do not have to waste time verifying the thousands of fraud companies while worrying about their order.

Thank you!

used iPhone, Apple, MidwestGSM member, trading floor, success
Used Apple iPhone proof of stock picture

US 3GS iPhone Offer

Prices are only valid while stock lasts. Seller within the US. Order will be shipped to insured warehouse for buyer's inspection. Prices are in USD.

MOQ 500, seller can supply up to 5000 in one order.
16GB $675
32GB $755

Purchase order required for order. Escrow required for order.

Next offer:

MOQ 500, seller can supply more if needed so see below, prices in USD.
16GB $705
32GB $765

Payment can be COD or bank transfer. 25% required to be placed in escrow for shipment to occur, and remaining 75% after buyer inspection. Seller states they will sign contract for monthly orders up to 10,000 units.

September 9, 2009

iPhone Scarcity at Alarming Levels

Everyone and Anyone,
I have just spent thirty minutes calling legitimate suppliers within the US for 32GB iPhones. Though I am waiting for a couple to return my call most said they were out, and a few others said they have not been this dry on iPhones ever. What is going on? A large build up for the holiday season? If a large build up is true then the market might become flooded in a few weeks thus driving the price down as everyone gets their fill of the units. Anyway, even with a long list of industry contacts not even I can locate iPhones with in two phone calls which used to be the case a few months ago. Since I have suggested this approach to sellers in the past I truly believe that this is why you have many makes and models that you sell and not just putting all your eggs into the Apple basket unless you are on eBay and you have a day job. Some of us are not that lucky! In the end keep posted to this blog and when I hear of a deal I will post them here minus the contact details of course as those are only for clients of our service.
Best of Luck,

September 8, 2009

iPhone Deal for Small Buyers MOQ 10 Units

Offer only good while stock lasts. Seller offers a minimum order of 10 units and can supply 50 units maximum. Seller requires a submitted purchase order that will be followed by an invoice from PayPal.

Both black and white colors are available and priced at $775 US for the 32GB model. Price for the 16GB model is $720.

There are also limited quantities of 3G models available.

September 7, 2009

UK Fitness Electronics Shop

This site was posted earlier on Alibaba and is an alleged scam site. They are selling new and unlocked phones for up to 60% off wholesale, such as Nokia n96 for $199. This price brings me back to the old days on Alibaba when some scammers would tell you if you bought three they would give you two phones free! Also the site is one of those free sites so already it should be suspect to veterans, as well as, the total lack of any contact information like a phone number or email address. I would personally never do business with a site like UK Fitness and would advise those close to me to do the same.

September 6, 2009

Current Wholesale Pricing Cellular Phones

Note that these prices are for new and unlocked cellular phones. Also Aim Direct Company does not stock these, and these prices are from our suppliers. Prices are only good while the offer lasts. Stocks are physical at the supplier and location is worldwide based on supplier's location. I was requested earlier today to post these prices. Finally all prices are in USD.

Apple 3GS iPhone
16GB $690
32GB $785

Apple 3G iPhone
8GB $565
16GB $665 Black or White

9000 $462
9000 Refurbished $399
9630 $440
8900 $380
8520 $270
9530 $340
9500 $336
8100 $100

n97 $543
n96 $371
5800 $272
n85 $339
e71 $287
8800 Carbon $1031
8800 Gold $1176

X1 $372
z770i Ducati $108

GD900 $441

Hero $504
Diamond 2 $418
Touch Pro 2 $540
Touch HD $485
Viva $181

i900 $325
i8910 $540
i8000 $518

That's all folks!

September 5, 2009

HK SPEC 32GB New & Unlocked Apple iPhones

Just in European supplier with access to 200 32GB iPhones every 5-7 business days for the next few weeks. Price per unit $780 US. Supplier will do sample orders of 25 units, but keep in mind these will go fast if the last few weeks are any indicator.

AliExpress on More of the Same

So I received the email asking me to try the new AliExpress on, and it seems like a quicker way to be scammed! Now you can find all of your mobile phone scammers in one place! Can you believe it? I can. There was an ad for the Moto Aura for only $126-149 USD. Now the lowest I have seen this same model from legitimate wholesalers is around $740 US. This alone exposes the potential scams using not only this site but their new AliExpress service. Avoid this section like it was the plague!

September 4, 2009

Who is Selling the iPhones?

I receive this question daily from people who see the offers but want to know who to contact to make the purchase. The reason we do not post the company and contact information on the blog is because we run a service where we help you track down the deals and give you the contact information of the supplier. Next we email you a list of legitimate suppliers (over 100 in total) not found on international trade forums, and keep that list fresh each week via our weekly email newsletter. Also have you ever wanted to ask an honest person and not some random forum poster's opinion on a company's legitimacy? We answer those and any other industry related question in a quick manner year round. For more information on how we can help you to the next level email Glenn Kirk at or call +1.417.851.7834.

September 3, 2009

EU iPhone Supplier 5000 Units in Stock

I have a trusted European supplier with 5000 32GB iPhones new and unlocked in stock. They are asking 561 EURO ($800 US) per unit.

This offer has ended.

Verification Materials Glenn Kirk and MidwestGSM

I had posted these items a month or two ago. Since you have to look for them and I have started getting more emails regarding my details I have decided to repost. One thing scammers do not do is have an "open book" policy with customers before the sale.

Bad Experience with Trio Distribution

Now I did not have the bad experience nor did any of our service's membership. We attempted to verify Trio Distribution and Christina Copley back in May 2009, but they failed to submit any information to us. If we cannot verify beyond a doubt then we do not pass on any company's information!

Here is the link to one angry person's comments.

September 2, 2009

1000 New iPod Touch 32GB $260 Per Unit

Supplier will provide proof of stock via serial numbers and pictures. Deal requires an AMEX credit card for deposit. More details upon serious request. Offer only good as a take all deal and while stock lasts.

Large Quantity Legitimate iPhone Offers at Warehouse

I have received the following offers from two legitimate sources we have used in the past. Prices are only valid while supplies last and judging from the past few weeks if you want one of these offers you better contact me quickly at or +1.417.851.7834. First come, first served.

1000-5000 units per week, MOQ 1000, EURO SPEC 32GB 3GS iPhones via COD to Hellman Worldwide. Supplier has a steady supply and will put up a performance bond as guaranty of stock and shipment. Buyer needs to submit a purchase order and delivery is 5-7 business days. Cost per unit starts at $760.

500 MOQ 32GB 3GS iPhones at $730 per unit. Supplier will accept 10% down and irrevocable letter of credit. Buyer will need to submit a purchase order on company letterhead and include their tax identification number.

September 1, 2009

Two New iPhone Deals

Two new deals I have just received from legitimate suppliers. Phones are new and unlocked 32GB 3GS versions and stock is located in the US.

Deal 1:
25 units for $750 per unit

Deal 2:
1000+ units starting at $770 per unit

August 31, 2009

PS3 Slim 120GB Consoles in German Warehouse

A legitimate supplier we have know for cellular phones now has many PS3 Slim 120GB Consoles they need to move located in a German warehouse. There are only 470 available as of this post and the price is 250 Euros per unit.

Verification Tricks Watch Out For Impostors!

I always tell our clients to use the supplier contact information we provide on our list and otherwise to avoid impostors. Recently a client pointed out that they had been contacted by someone with a similar email address as a legitimate company we provided to him for iPhones. Sensing an issue he thankfully contacted us first to verify. We were able to verify that the person was an impostor.

With this said you must check out the contact information of those who contact you and say that they are from a company. I wish that this was not necessary, but scammers have found out that impersonating a legitimate company is better than creating a fake company for obvious reasons. So if you are using our service then I ask you to only use the supplier contact information the we provide, and for those who are not members you need to double check or you may be the next victim.

wholesale supplier, impostor, fake, fraud,
Make sure you know your wholesale supplier to be safe

Wholesale Phone Prices Currently

The following prices are in USD and are for new and unlocked phones directly from our suppliers. We are not brokers and will not be in the middle of the deal. Phones are new and unlocked.

Sony X1 $380

Moto Aura $750

Samsung i900 16GB $337

Nokia n97 $550

Blackberry prices for New and Unlocked Phones

Prices are in USD and are only valid while supplies last. These phones are available from our suppliers. All phones are new and unlocked.

9000 $462
9630 $440
8900 $381
8520 $285
9530 $349

Refurbished 8320 $180

August 28, 2009

3GS 32GB iPhones in Los Angeles

There is a seller in Los Angeles, who sells new and unlocked 32GB iPhones in lots of 50 units. price and quantity is only good while stocks last.

Euro specs
Never locked
Buyer needs to send a purchase order
Seller accepts credit cards for orders of 25 units or less
Cost per unit $745 US

August 26, 2009

Blackberry prices from Legitimate Suppliers

Prices are in USD and only good while stocks last.

New and Unlocked
9000 $465
9630 $405
8900 $385
8520 $230
9530 $349

9000 $442
9500 $435
8320 $192
8800 $139
8830 $139

Just in New & Unlocked Apple 3GS 16GB iPhone Offer

Offer is only good while stock lasts and can be changed at any time via the seller. First come is first served. Stock is located within the US and can be inspected before purchase. Price is take all and quantity cannot be divided. Stock can be shipped anywhere in the US or Europe, but cannot be shipped to Australia.

1000 3GS 16GB iPhones at $692 per unit

Current iPhone Offers

I would like to take a moment to clarify this post and to answer questions that I receive when I post any iPhone offer.

First we at Aim Direct do not sell iPhones though we have in the past. What we do is place the buyer in direct contact with the seller via our service. We are not brokers and do not interfere with your transaction.

Second, any offers are only valid while stock lasts. This means that if an offer you see is from last week or last month it probably is gone! This means that if you want to contact the supplier you should probably do so now and not wait. There is a shortage in finding iPhones from legitimate suppliers who have physical possession.

Third, trade safely.

32GB new and unlocked 3GS iPhones for $710 per unit with a MOQ of 1000.

32GB new and LOCKED 3GS iPhones for $760 with a MOQ of 10.

32GB new and unlocked 3GS for $775 with MOQ of 10.

32GB new and unlocked 3GS for $790, 16GB for $690 with MOQ of 5.

Remember how I always say that prices are only good while stock lasts. Well since I started this draft three hours ago I have already received notice that the $710 per unit deal is over. Another reason why you have to be in it to win it.

August 21, 2009

eBayer Friendly Supplier of 32GB 3GS New & Unlocked Apple iPhones

Here is another great eBayer deal for new and unlocked genuine Apple 32GB 3GS iPhones. These prices are only valid while stock on hand lasts. Remember "you snooze, you lose". Supplier will accept credit cards as payment on orders less than 75 units. Cost per unit is just $705! In addition the supplier is located in the US and the phones are sealed in box EURO SPEC models.

August 20, 2009

Perfect eBayer Supplier of iPhones

I have the perfect supplier of iPhones for those who sell on sites like eBay. They will do a minimum of 6 units and accept credit cards for small orders. Also they are located within the US. Prices for new and unlocked genuine Apple 3GS iPhones are $665 for 16GB and $775 for 32GB.

August 19, 2009

Another MidwestGSM Trading Floor Success Story

Received yesterday from a satisfied member who purchased Apple iPhones from a US supplier we provided:

I thought I would take a few minutes to share my experience working with XXX. I recently made my first order with them, and considering I was ordering a relatively low amount, they were very responsive. They quickly answered all the questions I had regarding the transaction details. Once I had paid them, they kept me in constant communication until phones had shipped. I was even getting status updates from both XXX and XXX, which reassured that these guys meant business and customer service was of utmost importance to them. Also following the transaction, XXX gave me a call and we got to talk briefly about goals moving forward and get an overall better sense of each other.

In conclusion, I want to just say I recommend doing business with these guys to handle your supply needs. They are both down-to-earth guys just trying to make an honest living like the rest of us and understand all of our aspirations to succeed in this business.

We always enjoy receiving these. Another valued member who has found what they were looking for and did not have to worry about being a scam victim.
Thank you!

3GS iPhone Deals

These deals are for new and unlocked Apple 3GS iPhone that are actually in stock. Prices are subject to change while stock lasts. This is what actual 3GS iPhone prices look like and how the prices decrease with the quantity purchased.

EURO or AUS spec
3G S 32GB
500 to 999 units: $725.00 USD
1,000 to 4,999 units: $715.00 USD
5,000 units: $710.00 USD

3G S 16GB
500 to 999 units: $670.00 USD
1,000 to 4,999 units: $655.00 USD
5,000 units: $650.00 USD

Another offer available:
3GS 32GB $720.00 USD
3GS 16GB $665.00 USD
3G 16GB $520.00 USD
3G 8GB $420.00 USD
MOQ 100 units.

Those are it for today. Remember these offers are from a legitimate supplier so your deal is safe and secure, also they have stock on hand and therefore you will not receive the run around like with most individuals you contact on-line.

August 17, 2009

Current Pricing

Prices are for new and unlocked cellular phones and are in USD. Quantity ordered varies but is between 10-50 units. Prices are only good while stock is available.

iPhone 3GS 16GB $665
iPhone 3GS 32GB $775

Nokia n97 $497
Nokia n96 $400
Nokia 8800 Carbon $1040
Nokia 5800 Tube $277

What We Do At MidwestGSM

Many people ask me what is it you do for your members? What we do for a member is help you source phones, verify suppliers, and answer any questions you have regarding the industry. We have personally helped members avoid scams, as well as, tips to recover money after it has been sent. One year of our service is $199 (USD) and includes the suppliers we use and access to the other serious traders in the group. When our extensive website is up later this year your membership will carry over. For more information you can email me at Thank you.

trading floor, MidwestGSM, legitimate supplier,
What We Do At MidwestGSM

August 14, 2009

Today's Prices on Blackberry and Apple 3GS iPhones

Note that prices are only good while stock lasts. These prices represent new and unlocked phones compiled from communications with legitimate suppliers all around the world. To avoid confusion these are NOT prices I am offering others from my own stock. These are prices suppliers I use have forwarded to me, and I therefore post them for your benefit.

Apple iPhone 3GS
16GB $660-745
32GB $775-850

Bold 9000 $438-465
Tour 9630 $460
8900 $390
Storm 9500 $362-395

Just for a bonus.

Samsung Omnia 16GB $353
Sony X1 $383-446

August 13, 2009

iPhone 3GS Price

This price is for new and unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB phones. Price is valid while stock lasts and is in USD.

16GB 3GS $660

Current HTC Prices

All prices are in USD and are related to new, as well as, unlocked cellular phones. Prices are only valid while supplies last.
Viva $184
Magic $393
Snap $209
Diamond 2 $411
Fuze $470
Hero $531

August 12, 2009

Egyptian Supplier of iPhones Found to be a Prank?

For a while now many have been talking about an Egyptian supplier of iPhones. They have even said that this supplier can do a fly and buy in Cairo, and will even put the buyer up in a hotel while they inspect the iPhones. Well to put a long story short it is bogus because first of all there are no large suppliers that pop up overnight with the capacity for thousands of iPhones. It just does not happen. My advice is just like one of the brokers who were tricked, "stick to the suppliers you know who are honest and reliable". At least with them you cannot go wrong.

3GS iPhone Wholesale Prices to Spike!

Today I have heard from three people that the wholesale prices on the iPhone 3GS models are going to spike in the next few days. Some suppliers have already raised their prices $40-80 per unit in anticipation. This is great example of the fact that if you are not plugged in or belong to a consulting service you would not know and therefore could not capitalize on an industry move. I cannot stress it enough that you need to be plugged in!

Current iPhone 3GS offer:
32GB $695

This price is only good for today and while stock lasts. Price is for a new and unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB model based on purchase of 50 units.

AUS Phones

The following phones are available with AUS plugs, but the prices are high so it might be better to find a supplier of adaptors.

16GB $795
32GB $924

8220 $270
9000 $472
8900 $403
Tour $525

5800 $277
e71 $313
8800 Carbon $1040
n96 $400
n97 $545

Remember that these are AUS SPEC phones and for an obvious reason the prices are higher than US or EURO SPEC phones. I will try to keep prices updated as they are presented to me from my network of legitimate suppliers.

Current Pricing 8-12-09

These prices are all in USD for new and unlocked cellular phones. Stock location varies and prices are only valid while supplies last. Also prices are based on a small order between 5-25 units. These suppliers are those who are included with our consulting service of $400 per year that includes over 90 verified suppliers worldwide, access to our knowledge of the industry, access to the other members of our service, and weekly newsletter updates on important items, such as fraudulent sellers or current deals. We have included a payment link to the bottom of this blog. Thank you for looking.

9000 $362
Tour $440
8900 $370
Storm 9500 $395

iPhone 3GS
16GB $680
32GB $775

iPhone 3G
8GB $390
16GB $490

e71 $281
n97 $535

August 7, 2009

Still Raising the Bar Avoiding Wholesale iPhone Scams

It is somewhat unbelievable that I am still contacted by people regarding our service asking for verification that I am who I say I am. They try to get me to jump through hoops, which I cannot stand and does not make for an excellent way to start a business relationship. Frankly if you are too much of a headache in the beginning then I would rather tell you not to buy and move on. A Dallas, Texas man knows this well and I wish him the best of luck avoiding the scammers and wasting dozens of hours trying to verify all the bogus companies out there. Since I believe in trying to come up with ways that anyone online can use to verify they are legitimate, by posting a scan of our business license for one example in a previous post, I have decided that the next way is to post a photo and so I will do just that. By the way the picture is horrible so please do not laugh!

MidwestGSM, Glenn Kirk, CES 2010, legitimate,
MidwestGSM, Glenn Kirk are legitimate

August 4, 2009

Blackberry 8900 New and Unlocked

I just received this price from a legitimate supplier included in my service.

Blackberry 8900 $250

August 3, 2009

3GS Prices for New and Unlocked Euro Spec

Prices for order size 10-499
16GB $630
32GB $650

Regent Wholesale / Global Middle Markets No Info?

I have tried to establish this company's legitimacy since Thursday via emails to Dallas Scott. Not only does Dallas fail to give me any basic information on his company but fails to answer any basic questions. This is very unusual for any company that says they are in Dubai, Americas, Hong Kong, UK, and Australia. In my opinion this company is not the real deal, but I will keep you posted if I find out more.

July 31, 2009

Current Pricing for iPhones

These are new unlocked iPhones available for a small quantity purchase.

3GS 16GB $665
3GS 32GB $840
3G 16GB $490
3G 8GB $390

Note the huge price increase in the 32GB since my last price update.

Current Blackberry Pricing

These are prices are only good while stock is available and all prices are in USD. They are per request.

Bold 9000 $447
Tour 9630 $470
8900 $320
Storm $385

July 25, 2009

Someone Almost Was Scammed

A member of my service recently wired money for iPhones to a Kevin McCracken with Big4 Global Market Place, located in Cincinnati, OH. So far after he sent the money it has been two days and Kevin has not returned emails or phone calls. Be aware that Kevin may be a scammer operating under Blueparachute on eBid and may be on other websites selling iPhones and PS3 systems at unbelievable prices.

Kevin McCracken, Ohio, BIg4 Global Market Place,
Bulk box of used cell phones

July 24, 2009

iPhone Supplier in Europe

I just received this offer and this is for a small quantity order perfect for beginners. The company is located in Europe and legitimate.

New, unlocked, Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB, $706.

July 23, 2009

Customs Slip for eBayer Who Sells Refurbs as New

eBay fraud, scammer, criminal, refurbished cell phone, misrepresent, not as described, PayPal,
Bad eBay seller bumbumfj

Here is the customs slip from an order off of eBay. This seller obviously sells refurbished units from China and has a drop shipping agreement with the company. Unfortunately this seller lists the phones as new and not refurbished.
Also can anyone translate the name of the company located on the customs slip and their address?

July 22, 2009

Current (as of right now) iPhone 3GS Prices

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to post prices as I came across them. Note that I will only list prices for unlocked and new GSM cellular phones.

3GS 16GB $620
3GS 32GB $706

Also Sony X1 $422

Until next time remember to trade safe. NO WESTERN UNION!

July 21, 2009

Do You Want to Know a Wholesale Electronics Dropshipper?

I receive this question quite a bit. It is also very understandable that many would like to sell merchandise without having any in stock or spending thousands on it. So here is my quick answer. I know of five companies that offers drop shipping and they are all RELIABLE. See the trading floor for more details.

CES 2013, art, dropshipper,

July 20, 2009

The Monday Morning Updates Were Great!

I enjoy providing a service were new and experienced traders of mobile phones can use the same sources that I do in order for them to avoid the rampant fraud out on the net. If you are tired of constantly looking for iPhones or any cellular phones at wholesale costs for your business or soon to be business let me know how I can help you. I offer a unique consulting service that can get you up and running with product immediately. Also look at my older blog posts for a few suppliers I gave out for free. They are legitimate and safe to deal with.

legitimate supplier, New York, Victor Halabi, MidwestGSM, trading floor,
Legitimate supplier from New York Victor Halabi

Will They Pop Up Again?

I received an email from a controversial company, well at least according to posts on multiple forums, named Sticky Honey Pot. They sold supplier lists for about $75 US. If you had purchased one of their supplier lists I will give you $75 US off of my consulting service in exchange for sharing the list with me. I am very dubious of the quality of suppliers they were selling and am personally doubtful there were any credible companies on it.

They are selling their website on eBay. I have submitted the email to my subscribers in this weeks newsletter including exact text and links, but I doubt anyone will be interested in a website that has posted allegations about them in a few forums. Anyway I wonder if the Sticky Honey Pot group will resurface under another name at a later date.

Company information:
Sticky Honey Pot Directory

July 17, 2009

Sometimes the Good Guys Win

I was contacted yesterday by a US Secret Service Agent in order to help with an investigation into an internet criminal. I will make it a point to monitor the news regarding this event and to pass that on to others via my blog. As always everyone needs to use common sense when dealing sight unseen over the internet. Too many times we read stories, and I know I have beaten this into the ground, about people who have wired thousands or even hundreds of dollars for items to only become a victim of a crime.

Verification Part 3

If you are unsure request a picture. This seems simple enough but can be tricky so let us set up a scenario where this practice would come in useful.

A company representative contacts you via email regarding some phones they have for sale. Let us note that you have never heard of this person's company and therefore are rightfully sceptical. They tell you they have Nokia 7390's for $40 US each. You want to purchase, but having not heard of the company you ask them to take a picture of your order for eight with a note in the picture that has your name and the current date on it. At this point the company will either comply or deny your request. Note that just because they deny your request this does not mean they do not have the phones. If they deny then you should take that into consideration, but continue to verify their legitimacy. Let us assume they comply.

So they comply and email you the requested picture. Now I have seen pictures that I requested in the early days that were of refurbished units so you will need to learn what an actual Nokia 7390 or other model looks like, as well as, the model's box and pack-ins. This is how I was able to know that many Chinese companies sold refurbs by the sticker they place over one screw under the battery cover and by the substandard printing they used in their instruction manuals and box. Note that many sellers on eBay do not include instructions saying they are not included because of language differences. This is a lie and is because they do not want you to see the poor job the foreign supplier did on the printing. Believe me if you saw the print quality you would know something was wrong.

Next with regards to iPhone dealers they may send you pictures, but I caution that I have seen people try to pass off the Chinese knockoff boxes by taking far away or blurry pictures of their stock. Even worse they might try to Photoshop your details onto another picture or they just miss the request entirely and send you a stock photo of an iPhone they lifted off of Google Images. The latter I receive dozens of times from Chinese companies. If you want to try identifying a picture you might receive from a potential supplier I have placed one next to this post. Try to guess its legitimacy and post a comment.

As far as companies you have done business with or have met at a trade show it is not necessary to request pictures, such as the suppliers that go out to my members each week. Like I said earlier many of the larger suppliers will more than likely laugh at you if you request a picture of your order. In the end this technique should not be used alone but as a system of supplier verification.

July 16, 2009

Always Raising the Bar, Verification Part Two

If you have read my blog and any of my posts on trade sites then you will know that I am always raising the bar. I believe that by constantly raising the bar it will make it harder for people to defraud thousands of dollars from honest individuals via Western Union and bank wires. So I have scanned our business license.
Many ask me if a company is legitimate, and I always first reply with "do you have their business license information?". The answer is 99% "No". If the company you plan on dealing with has no business license then how do you know you are dealing with a legitimate entity? The answer is you do not know. So ask the representative for their license and if they do not have one then by all means do not purchase from them. If they give you a number then you need to check it against the information filed with the state of issuance to see if everything matches. Even if it does match please proceed with caution. If the number is fake or the information does not match then yet again do not purchase from them.
This is part two of the verification series.

verified supplier, wholesaler, legitimate, MidwestGSM, trading floor,
Apple iPhone proof of stock picture

July 14, 2009

The First Step in Verifying Potential Suppliers

I want to preface this post with the fact that this first step cannot always be used on every supplier. So for those that it cannot be used on go to step two.

Google Earth is a great and easy to use tool. It does not work with all locations and this usually varies country to country. Here is how I started using it when I was just starting.

First you locate a potential supplier's address and search for it using Google Earth (GE). What you will see will differ, but let's pretend that the address is an apartment building. Now when you contact the supplier, and I ALWAYS call before I email, you can ask them if their business is a storefront or in an industrial park. If they verify the address you searched and say an industrial park then they are lying and you should promptly avoid further contact. I say that if they are lying about their location what else are they lying about? This is not to say that a business location cannot be an apartment, but instead to check the supplier's truthfulness.

Stay posted for future tips on the verification of suppliers.

Apple iPhone, proof of stock, wholesaler, MidwestGSM legitimate,
NEW Apple iPhone proof of stock picture

July 13, 2009

Current iPhone Pricing and Suppliers

Since offers change on a daily basis basedupon many factors discussed in an earlier post I wanted to update iPhone pricing from my suppliers.

iPhone 3GS 16GB new unlocked
US based supplier $650 per unit

iPhone 3GS 32GB new unlocked
US based supplier $695 per unit

iPhone 3G 8GB new unlocked
US based supplier $460 per unit

iPhone 3G 16GB new unlocked
US based supplier $480 per unit

I will do my best to keep the prices updated once per week at least.

July 11, 2009

Legitimate Suppliers 101

So that viewers can test drive the consulting service I would like to share two sources for authentic and new cellular phones. Both companies have limited stock, as well as, higher than normal pricing and by this I mean that I know of other companies with far better pricing. If you are looking to make money on eBay then these suppliers are not for you.

Brightpoint Inc., Indiana USA
Brightpoint has warehouses around the world so they are great if you are outside the US and looking for a reliable supplier. They also offer credit terms and are very quick with shipping product.

AA Wireless, California USA
AA has been in the business since around the mid-nineties and it shows via their knowledgeable staff. They also offer credit terms and sometimes have models that are not typically seen in the US.

I hope these two help many get their business off on the right foot. I really hate to read about or receive email about people who have been scammed by a fraudulent supplier. When you are ready for the suppliers that I use on a regular basis let me know so we can sign you up to start building your business.

July 10, 2009

Industry Pricing

I would like to take some time going over industry pricing. To many new to the industry the idea of paying the stated price seems normal when in fact it is customary to negotiate price with a supplier.  For instance a supplier has 500 phones for $400 per unit.  If they sold them all at that price they would net $200,000.  But the supplier knows they will  not receive the full asking price.  Here is what might happen.  Buyer one contacts the supplier and wants 50 units, $20,000, the supplier might say they will not move on price for such a small quantity.  Buyer two calls and wants 350 units, $140,000, and since the supplier has 450 units left they allow the buyer to negotiate and in the end both agree on $350 per unit or $122,500.  That buyer saved quite a bit off of the asking price!  Finally buyer three calls and needs 75 units.  The supplier has 100 units remaining and wants to clear their merchandise so they offer the buyer $385 per unit for a "take all" price.  The buyer buys and the supplier can move on to other models or more of the same.

Basically, there are many factors to the price of the unit.  The model may be very popular and thus getting the price low will depend on the quantity you order.  The supplier may only have a few units left and thus wants to "get rid of them", so they cut the buyer a great deal on the per unit price.  There could also be a newer model coming out in a couple of months so the supplier wants to keep their inventory of the older model low because they know it will be diffucult to sell them when the new model is out.  I am sure we could think of other examples, but regardless I wanted to point out that negotiation is key to all deals.

July 9, 2009

FAQ Regarding MidwestGSM and Our Trading Floor

I have cataloged the emails and phone calls I receive about cell phone suplier consulting and have started to compile a FAQ. Please read below for answers to common questions.

I only have a little money, so I cannot pay for your service can you give me just one supplier?
No I cannot. What I do offer is a Silver Membership level that includes a supplier list from earlier this year with 35 companies on it located worldwide.

Can you give me prices for this phone, that phone, and this phone?
I am very busy. I not only have a salary position, but I also have the members of my service and their requests to complete. This leads me to not have a lot of time to answer dozens of questions via email. I will post current prices from time to time so check out the other posts. Also prices are not only subject to change but subject to stock on hand. When the phones are sold they are gone and it is better to hire someone like me to help you. Finally once you receive the supplier list you should contact everyone by phone preferably or email to get on their email lists for stock.

How do I know you are legitimate?
Our business license is from the State of Missouri and is number 19721285. Recently I have formed MidwestGSM, LLC also in Missouri.  As a result our information is publicly available via the Missouri Secretary of State's website.  Also I have freely provided my drivers license on this site as added verification.  I am serious about the business I conduct and you should be as well.

Can you provide suppliers of Apple iPods or iPod Touch?
Yes. While I primarily deal with cell phones and cell phone suppliers some of the ones I know of have also sold other goods in the recent past. Included with my suppliers are those who sell the full range of Apple products including iPods and computers.  Recently I have added a section to the list where I have and will be posting suppliers of everything from designer clothing to refridgerators.

Can you provide me with one or more suppliers so that I can check their legitimacy?
If you go to and read my posts, posted under username Aim Direct USA, you will find I have given a few suppliers that you can check out. These suppliers were posted for free because they consistently have the highest prices or they do not deal in Apple products. I do not want to give the best suppliers I know of out for free that would not be fair to my members.  What you can do is become a Silver Member and thus receive a list of about 35 verified suppliers so that you can get started immediately.

I have a client who is looking for iPhones, but he is demanding unrealistic payment terms. What should I do?
This happens quite a bit. Someone will find you on a site and ask if you can deliver 10K iPhones per week from now until whenever. There is usually an unrealistic payment term also expressed by the potential buyer. This usually is the sign that you are dealing with someone who is new and does not know the business or someone who is trying to fraudulently obtain your product. Also I replies to this message coming from individuals who do no have the phones in stock and also never have any phones in stock. They just "know" someone who can deliver in a large quantity and this is also just an email based acquaintance. My advice is if you do not know the supplier VERY WELL or do not have the phones in your possession then avoid the deal! There are too many variables that can and usually will go wrong purchasing from a middleman. Finally if someone needs a quantity of phones in the tens of thousands they only need to contact the manufacturer to find a supplier. There are ways that a deal like this can go through but it is time consuming and many do not have the knowledge to make it work successfully.  Finally after talking to hundreds of suppliers no one has ever seen more than about 1200 new 3GS 32GB iPhones in one place-EVER.  Which leads us to believe that such quantities as 10K do not exist.

I have been scammed by a company in China. What can I do?
Nothing but learn from your mistakes and let me help you with sources and consulting. I have hard of people trying to get their money back from China or attempting to get the Chinese authorities to help them, but I have never heard of any success. Also international trade sites are notorious for poor customer service or to even police those who have complaints against them. Even if an account was closed down it would only be a matter of hours before the scammer was back on the site with a new company. The best thing to do is your homework. Read as many posts on every site you can find about trading and enlist the help of others.  You can also sign up for a Silver or Platinum Membership and be emailed verified suppliers within a few minutes from right now.

Glenn, I am particularly interested in digital cameras, camcorders, and notebooks.  Do we have any one on the list that is in those areas at the moment?
Yes I do.  I have been working hard to branch the list out from just cellular phones for months now and have been adding companies who sell other popular electronics.  My goal is to be your one stop for legitimate suppliers on the internet.

Current Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS Wholesale Pricing

Everyday I receive emails from legitimate sources I deal with for cell phones. Here is some pricing information that I received yesterday from a source. Prices are in US Dollars.

3G 16GB $490
3GS 16GB $680
3GS 32GB $755

July 5, 2009

So where are your suppliers located?

Many ask me where my suppliers are located so I will post the countries and supplier count for the current list of suppliers I know. This information can and will change. Mainly the list will grow over time.

United States: 11
Europe: 31
UK: 16
Germany: 10
Middle East: 14
Asia (NOT CHINA): 10

That is a total of 92, verified suppliers of all brands of new mobile phones. These are companies that you will not find on Alibaba or any of the other "International Trade" sites. Most of the companies on those sites are fraudulent and misrepresent products.

July 4, 2009

Is There a Legitimate iPhone Supplier List?

Today I was contacted from a woman who wanted to know a little more about my cell phone supplier consulting service. She had purchased a few supplier lists on eBay and the Internet only to realize that some of the companies had fraud trials found with a Google Search. A few of the companies led her to and that is where she found my posts regarding my consulting service.

At this point I started to do my own research into the supplier lists being sold online and I found that most sell for between $20-50. I wonder what the quality is of these low priced lists. It seems that you probably get what you pay for and that is for companies who are not verified and might end up taking your money.

I believe that people need to ask themselves who is this person or business that I am purchasing the list from? Do they have a business license? Is there someone I can call before I purchase? These are basic steps before purchasing anything online and all to much many just jump in to sending someone they do not know money!

So if you are looking for a legitimate supplier list of everything cellular including iPhones contact me at 417.851.7834 or via email to I charge $199 for one year of service after that you should have learned enough to go it on your own. Also included is a supplier list of over 400 verified suppliers. By verified I mean that I personally have purchased from their company, a close associate of mine has purchased from their company, or I have met them at an electronics trade show. I email out weekly list and industry information newsletters and you will receive my direct phone and email, as well as access to the other members. If I can answer any other questions for you please ask. Our business details are:

Glenn Kirk
Aim Direct Company
Missouri Business License 19721285

Apple iPhone 5S, proof of stock, MidwestGSM legitimate, verified, wholesaler,
NEW Apple iPhone 5S proof of stock trading floor

July 1, 2009

What You Should Know About Chinese Wholesalers on Alibaba

I would like to start off making something perfectly clear. The companies that you will find online who sell mobile phones from China either sell new Chinese branded phones, refurbished non-Chinese branded phones, or they are fraudulent and will just take your money. This not just on Alibaba but many of the other similar websites.

Since there is not much to cover about fraudulent companies we will start by going over Chinese branded phones.

Chinese branded phones are perfectly acceptable and I know of individuals who have made money selling them. The first thing you must be aware of is that they must operate on the frequencies that are in use in your region. It makes little sense to have phones that do not work where you sell them. Next is the issue with government certification, such as the FCC in the U.S. It is not in the seller's best interest to sell phones that may cause an issue with a person's health or damage other electronics so only purchase certified mobile phones. Also if you do not have the proper paperwork customs may stop your shipment and seize the items.

Chinese refurbished phones are another way I know of to profit in mobile phone sales. The major drawback to selling refurbs is the quality. Expect to see about 8-10% of the phones you purchase to be defective in some manner. Also if you think that you can return the phones guess again, because though the Chinese refurb company will say they accept returns they usually do not.

Finally we come to those "companies" who are just going to defraud you out of your hard earned money. This usually happens in one of two ways including sending you a partial order or sending you nothing. Some companies, and I use this term loosely, will send you a small part of your order or lesser valued items that you did not order instead. In the worst cases you receive nothing but maybe a fake tracking number.

fake, Alibaba scam, fraud,
Alibaba fraud company fake 

Alibaba, fake, fraud, supplier
Another fake document from an Alibaba supplier

Alibaba, fake, fraud, iPhone scam
Alibaba supplier Photoshop fake iPhone picture

Another fake Photoshop iPhone picture from Alibaba supplier

Alibaba logo, scam, fraud, fake iPhone,
Alibaba logo, there are some good things you can buy from this site. Be careful!