June 30, 2009

MidwestGSM Introduction

Some of you are finding this site because you already know me, but for those who do not I would like to take the time for an introduction.

I have spent the last few years posting on in the Mobile Phones forum under Aim Direct Company USA. After some time and many posts people started to contact me via phone and email regarding their experiences, wants, and beliefs about finding suppliers of mobile phones. This lead me to help others find legitimate sources and to steer them away from unscrupulous ones. I also started to give people the names of suppliers I had used for years.

It is unfortunate that with the demand of phone models, such as the Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB or the Nokia N97 that a large number of fraudulent suppliers have developed mainly out of Asia. They use stock or stolen pictures combined with hastily built websites and unbelievably low prices to lure others into sending them thousands of dollars via Western Union. What the buyer is left with is a small bank account or item that they did not order. This has led to the following true statement.

"You cannot buy authentic mobile phones that are brand new from China."

"There are no $300 iPhones."

"There are no legitimate suppliers who offer buy five get two free."

What I will offer here is advice for those who wish to learn and the ability to purchase my services, as well as, my suppliers.