July 31, 2009

Current Pricing for iPhones

These are new unlocked iPhones available for a small quantity purchase.

3GS 16GB $665
3GS 32GB $840
3G 16GB $490
3G 8GB $390

Note the huge price increase in the 32GB since my last price update.

Current Blackberry Pricing

These are prices are only good while stock is available and all prices are in USD. They are per request.

Bold 9000 $447
Tour 9630 $470
8900 $320
Storm $385

July 25, 2009

Someone Almost Was Scammed

A member of my service recently wired money for iPhones to a Kevin McCracken with Big4 Global Market Place, located in Cincinnati, OH. So far after he sent the money it has been two days and Kevin has not returned emails or phone calls. Be aware that Kevin may be a scammer operating under Blueparachute on eBid and may be on other websites selling iPhones and PS3 systems at unbelievable prices.

Kevin McCracken, Ohio, BIg4 Global Market Place,
Bulk box of used cell phones

July 24, 2009

iPhone Supplier in Europe

I just received this offer and this is for a small quantity order perfect for beginners. The company is located in Europe and legitimate.

New, unlocked, Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB, $706.

July 23, 2009

Customs Slip for eBayer Who Sells Refurbs as New

eBay fraud, scammer, criminal, refurbished cell phone, misrepresent, not as described, PayPal,
Bad eBay seller bumbumfj

Here is the customs slip from an order off of eBay. This seller obviously sells refurbished units from China and has a drop shipping agreement with the company. Unfortunately this seller lists the phones as new and not refurbished.
Also can anyone translate the name of the company located on the customs slip and their address?

July 22, 2009

Current (as of right now) iPhone 3GS Prices

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I was going to post prices as I came across them. Note that I will only list prices for unlocked and new GSM cellular phones.

3GS 16GB $620
3GS 32GB $706

Also Sony X1 $422

Until next time remember to trade safe. NO WESTERN UNION!

July 21, 2009

Do You Want to Know a Wholesale Electronics Dropshipper?

I receive this question quite a bit. It is also very understandable that many would like to sell merchandise without having any in stock or spending thousands on it. So here is my quick answer. I know of five companies that offers drop shipping and they are all RELIABLE. See the trading floor for more details.

CES 2013, art, dropshipper,

July 20, 2009

The Monday Morning Updates Were Great!

I enjoy providing a service were new and experienced traders of mobile phones can use the same sources that I do in order for them to avoid the rampant fraud out on the net. If you are tired of constantly looking for iPhones or any cellular phones at wholesale costs for your business or soon to be business let me know how I can help you. I offer a unique consulting service that can get you up and running with product immediately. Also look at my older blog posts for a few suppliers I gave out for free. They are legitimate and safe to deal with.

legitimate supplier, New York, Victor Halabi, MidwestGSM, trading floor,
Legitimate supplier from New York Victor Halabi

Will They Pop Up Again?

I received an email from a controversial company, well at least according to posts on multiple forums, named Sticky Honey Pot. They sold supplier lists for about $75 US. If you had purchased one of their supplier lists I will give you $75 US off of my consulting service in exchange for sharing the list with me. I am very dubious of the quality of suppliers they were selling and am personally doubtful there were any credible companies on it.

They are selling their website on eBay. I have submitted the email to my subscribers in this weeks newsletter including exact text and links, but I doubt anyone will be interested in a website that has posted allegations about them in a few forums. Anyway I wonder if the Sticky Honey Pot group will resurface under another name at a later date.

Company information:
Sticky Honey Pot Directory

July 17, 2009

Sometimes the Good Guys Win

I was contacted yesterday by a US Secret Service Agent in order to help with an investigation into an internet criminal. I will make it a point to monitor the news regarding this event and to pass that on to others via my blog. As always everyone needs to use common sense when dealing sight unseen over the internet. Too many times we read stories, and I know I have beaten this into the ground, about people who have wired thousands or even hundreds of dollars for items to only become a victim of a crime.

Verification Part 3

If you are unsure request a picture. This seems simple enough but can be tricky so let us set up a scenario where this practice would come in useful.

A company representative contacts you via email regarding some phones they have for sale. Let us note that you have never heard of this person's company and therefore are rightfully sceptical. They tell you they have Nokia 7390's for $40 US each. You want to purchase, but having not heard of the company you ask them to take a picture of your order for eight with a note in the picture that has your name and the current date on it. At this point the company will either comply or deny your request. Note that just because they deny your request this does not mean they do not have the phones. If they deny then you should take that into consideration, but continue to verify their legitimacy. Let us assume they comply.

So they comply and email you the requested picture. Now I have seen pictures that I requested in the early days that were of refurbished units so you will need to learn what an actual Nokia 7390 or other model looks like, as well as, the model's box and pack-ins. This is how I was able to know that many Chinese companies sold refurbs by the sticker they place over one screw under the battery cover and by the substandard printing they used in their instruction manuals and box. Note that many sellers on eBay do not include instructions saying they are not included because of language differences. This is a lie and is because they do not want you to see the poor job the foreign supplier did on the printing. Believe me if you saw the print quality you would know something was wrong.

Next with regards to iPhone dealers they may send you pictures, but I caution that I have seen people try to pass off the Chinese knockoff boxes by taking far away or blurry pictures of their stock. Even worse they might try to Photoshop your details onto another picture or they just miss the request entirely and send you a stock photo of an iPhone they lifted off of Google Images. The latter I receive dozens of times from Chinese companies. If you want to try identifying a picture you might receive from a potential supplier I have placed one next to this post. Try to guess its legitimacy and post a comment.

As far as companies you have done business with or have met at a trade show it is not necessary to request pictures, such as the suppliers that go out to my members each week. Like I said earlier many of the larger suppliers will more than likely laugh at you if you request a picture of your order. In the end this technique should not be used alone but as a system of supplier verification.

July 16, 2009

Always Raising the Bar, Verification Part Two

If you have read my blog and any of my posts on trade sites then you will know that I am always raising the bar. I believe that by constantly raising the bar it will make it harder for people to defraud thousands of dollars from honest individuals via Western Union and bank wires. So I have scanned our business license.
Many ask me if a company is legitimate, and I always first reply with "do you have their business license information?". The answer is 99% "No". If the company you plan on dealing with has no business license then how do you know you are dealing with a legitimate entity? The answer is you do not know. So ask the representative for their license and if they do not have one then by all means do not purchase from them. If they give you a number then you need to check it against the information filed with the state of issuance to see if everything matches. Even if it does match please proceed with caution. If the number is fake or the information does not match then yet again do not purchase from them.
This is part two of the verification series.

verified supplier, wholesaler, legitimate, MidwestGSM, trading floor,
Apple iPhone proof of stock picture

July 14, 2009

The First Step in Verifying Potential Suppliers

I want to preface this post with the fact that this first step cannot always be used on every supplier. So for those that it cannot be used on go to step two.

Google Earth is a great and easy to use tool. It does not work with all locations and this usually varies country to country. Here is how I started using it when I was just starting.

First you locate a potential supplier's address and search for it using Google Earth (GE). What you will see will differ, but let's pretend that the address is an apartment building. Now when you contact the supplier, and I ALWAYS call before I email, you can ask them if their business is a storefront or in an industrial park. If they verify the address you searched and say an industrial park then they are lying and you should promptly avoid further contact. I say that if they are lying about their location what else are they lying about? This is not to say that a business location cannot be an apartment, but instead to check the supplier's truthfulness.

Stay posted for future tips on the verification of suppliers.

Apple iPhone, proof of stock, wholesaler, MidwestGSM legitimate,
NEW Apple iPhone proof of stock picture

July 13, 2009

Current iPhone Pricing and Suppliers

Since offers change on a daily basis basedupon many factors discussed in an earlier post I wanted to update iPhone pricing from my suppliers.

iPhone 3GS 16GB new unlocked
US based supplier $650 per unit

iPhone 3GS 32GB new unlocked
US based supplier $695 per unit

iPhone 3G 8GB new unlocked
US based supplier $460 per unit

iPhone 3G 16GB new unlocked
US based supplier $480 per unit

I will do my best to keep the prices updated once per week at least.

July 11, 2009

Legitimate Suppliers 101

So that viewers can test drive the consulting service I would like to share two sources for authentic and new cellular phones. Both companies have limited stock, as well as, higher than normal pricing and by this I mean that I know of other companies with far better pricing. If you are looking to make money on eBay then these suppliers are not for you.

Brightpoint Inc., Indiana USA
Brightpoint has warehouses around the world so they are great if you are outside the US and looking for a reliable supplier. They also offer credit terms and are very quick with shipping product.

AA Wireless, California USA
AA has been in the business since around the mid-nineties and it shows via their knowledgeable staff. They also offer credit terms and sometimes have models that are not typically seen in the US.

I hope these two help many get their business off on the right foot. I really hate to read about or receive email about people who have been scammed by a fraudulent supplier. When you are ready for the suppliers that I use on a regular basis let me know so we can sign you up to start building your business.

July 10, 2009

Industry Pricing

I would like to take some time going over industry pricing. To many new to the industry the idea of paying the stated price seems normal when in fact it is customary to negotiate price with a supplier.  For instance a supplier has 500 phones for $400 per unit.  If they sold them all at that price they would net $200,000.  But the supplier knows they will  not receive the full asking price.  Here is what might happen.  Buyer one contacts the supplier and wants 50 units, $20,000, the supplier might say they will not move on price for such a small quantity.  Buyer two calls and wants 350 units, $140,000, and since the supplier has 450 units left they allow the buyer to negotiate and in the end both agree on $350 per unit or $122,500.  That buyer saved quite a bit off of the asking price!  Finally buyer three calls and needs 75 units.  The supplier has 100 units remaining and wants to clear their merchandise so they offer the buyer $385 per unit for a "take all" price.  The buyer buys and the supplier can move on to other models or more of the same.

Basically, there are many factors to the price of the unit.  The model may be very popular and thus getting the price low will depend on the quantity you order.  The supplier may only have a few units left and thus wants to "get rid of them", so they cut the buyer a great deal on the per unit price.  There could also be a newer model coming out in a couple of months so the supplier wants to keep their inventory of the older model low because they know it will be diffucult to sell them when the new model is out.  I am sure we could think of other examples, but regardless I wanted to point out that negotiation is key to all deals.

July 9, 2009

FAQ Regarding MidwestGSM and Our Trading Floor

I have cataloged the emails and phone calls I receive about cell phone suplier consulting and have started to compile a FAQ. Please read below for answers to common questions.

I only have a little money, so I cannot pay for your service can you give me just one supplier?
No I cannot. What I do offer is a Silver Membership level that includes a supplier list from earlier this year with 35 companies on it located worldwide.

Can you give me prices for this phone, that phone, and this phone?
I am very busy. I not only have a salary position, but I also have the members of my service and their requests to complete. This leads me to not have a lot of time to answer dozens of questions via email. I will post current prices from time to time so check out the other posts. Also prices are not only subject to change but subject to stock on hand. When the phones are sold they are gone and it is better to hire someone like me to help you. Finally once you receive the supplier list you should contact everyone by phone preferably or email to get on their email lists for stock.

How do I know you are legitimate?
Our business license is from the State of Missouri and is number 19721285. Recently I have formed MidwestGSM, LLC also in Missouri.  As a result our information is publicly available via the Missouri Secretary of State's website.  Also I have freely provided my drivers license on this site as added verification.  I am serious about the business I conduct and you should be as well.

Can you provide suppliers of Apple iPods or iPod Touch?
Yes. While I primarily deal with cell phones and cell phone suppliers some of the ones I know of have also sold other goods in the recent past. Included with my suppliers are those who sell the full range of Apple products including iPods and computers.  Recently I have added a section to the list where I have and will be posting suppliers of everything from designer clothing to refridgerators.

Can you provide me with one or more suppliers so that I can check their legitimacy?
If you go to and read my posts, posted under username Aim Direct USA, you will find I have given a few suppliers that you can check out. These suppliers were posted for free because they consistently have the highest prices or they do not deal in Apple products. I do not want to give the best suppliers I know of out for free that would not be fair to my members.  What you can do is become a Silver Member and thus receive a list of about 35 verified suppliers so that you can get started immediately.

I have a client who is looking for iPhones, but he is demanding unrealistic payment terms. What should I do?
This happens quite a bit. Someone will find you on a site and ask if you can deliver 10K iPhones per week from now until whenever. There is usually an unrealistic payment term also expressed by the potential buyer. This usually is the sign that you are dealing with someone who is new and does not know the business or someone who is trying to fraudulently obtain your product. Also I replies to this message coming from individuals who do no have the phones in stock and also never have any phones in stock. They just "know" someone who can deliver in a large quantity and this is also just an email based acquaintance. My advice is if you do not know the supplier VERY WELL or do not have the phones in your possession then avoid the deal! There are too many variables that can and usually will go wrong purchasing from a middleman. Finally if someone needs a quantity of phones in the tens of thousands they only need to contact the manufacturer to find a supplier. There are ways that a deal like this can go through but it is time consuming and many do not have the knowledge to make it work successfully.  Finally after talking to hundreds of suppliers no one has ever seen more than about 1200 new 3GS 32GB iPhones in one place-EVER.  Which leads us to believe that such quantities as 10K do not exist.

I have been scammed by a company in China. What can I do?
Nothing but learn from your mistakes and let me help you with sources and consulting. I have hard of people trying to get their money back from China or attempting to get the Chinese authorities to help them, but I have never heard of any success. Also international trade sites are notorious for poor customer service or to even police those who have complaints against them. Even if an account was closed down it would only be a matter of hours before the scammer was back on the site with a new company. The best thing to do is your homework. Read as many posts on every site you can find about trading and enlist the help of others.  You can also sign up for a Silver or Platinum Membership and be emailed verified suppliers within a few minutes from right now.

Glenn, I am particularly interested in digital cameras, camcorders, and notebooks.  Do we have any one on the list that is in those areas at the moment?
Yes I do.  I have been working hard to branch the list out from just cellular phones for months now and have been adding companies who sell other popular electronics.  My goal is to be your one stop for legitimate suppliers on the internet.

Current Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS Wholesale Pricing

Everyday I receive emails from legitimate sources I deal with for cell phones. Here is some pricing information that I received yesterday from a source. Prices are in US Dollars.

3G 16GB $490
3GS 16GB $680
3GS 32GB $755

July 5, 2009

So where are your suppliers located?

Many ask me where my suppliers are located so I will post the countries and supplier count for the current list of suppliers I know. This information can and will change. Mainly the list will grow over time.

United States: 11
Europe: 31
UK: 16
Germany: 10
Middle East: 14
Asia (NOT CHINA): 10

That is a total of 92, verified suppliers of all brands of new mobile phones. These are companies that you will not find on Alibaba or any of the other "International Trade" sites. Most of the companies on those sites are fraudulent and misrepresent products.

July 4, 2009

Is There a Legitimate iPhone Supplier List?

Today I was contacted from a woman who wanted to know a little more about my cell phone supplier consulting service. She had purchased a few supplier lists on eBay and the Internet only to realize that some of the companies had fraud trials found with a Google Search. A few of the companies led her to and that is where she found my posts regarding my consulting service.

At this point I started to do my own research into the supplier lists being sold online and I found that most sell for between $20-50. I wonder what the quality is of these low priced lists. It seems that you probably get what you pay for and that is for companies who are not verified and might end up taking your money.

I believe that people need to ask themselves who is this person or business that I am purchasing the list from? Do they have a business license? Is there someone I can call before I purchase? These are basic steps before purchasing anything online and all to much many just jump in to sending someone they do not know money!

So if you are looking for a legitimate supplier list of everything cellular including iPhones contact me at 417.851.7834 or via email to I charge $199 for one year of service after that you should have learned enough to go it on your own. Also included is a supplier list of over 400 verified suppliers. By verified I mean that I personally have purchased from their company, a close associate of mine has purchased from their company, or I have met them at an electronics trade show. I email out weekly list and industry information newsletters and you will receive my direct phone and email, as well as access to the other members. If I can answer any other questions for you please ask. Our business details are:

Glenn Kirk
Aim Direct Company
Missouri Business License 19721285

Apple iPhone 5S, proof of stock, MidwestGSM legitimate, verified, wholesaler,
NEW Apple iPhone 5S proof of stock trading floor

July 1, 2009

What You Should Know About Chinese Wholesalers on Alibaba

I would like to start off making something perfectly clear. The companies that you will find online who sell mobile phones from China either sell new Chinese branded phones, refurbished non-Chinese branded phones, or they are fraudulent and will just take your money. This not just on Alibaba but many of the other similar websites.

Since there is not much to cover about fraudulent companies we will start by going over Chinese branded phones.

Chinese branded phones are perfectly acceptable and I know of individuals who have made money selling them. The first thing you must be aware of is that they must operate on the frequencies that are in use in your region. It makes little sense to have phones that do not work where you sell them. Next is the issue with government certification, such as the FCC in the U.S. It is not in the seller's best interest to sell phones that may cause an issue with a person's health or damage other electronics so only purchase certified mobile phones. Also if you do not have the proper paperwork customs may stop your shipment and seize the items.

Chinese refurbished phones are another way I know of to profit in mobile phone sales. The major drawback to selling refurbs is the quality. Expect to see about 8-10% of the phones you purchase to be defective in some manner. Also if you think that you can return the phones guess again, because though the Chinese refurb company will say they accept returns they usually do not.

Finally we come to those "companies" who are just going to defraud you out of your hard earned money. This usually happens in one of two ways including sending you a partial order or sending you nothing. Some companies, and I use this term loosely, will send you a small part of your order or lesser valued items that you did not order instead. In the worst cases you receive nothing but maybe a fake tracking number.

fake, Alibaba scam, fraud,
Alibaba fraud company fake 

Alibaba, fake, fraud, supplier
Another fake document from an Alibaba supplier

Alibaba, fake, fraud, iPhone scam
Alibaba supplier Photoshop fake iPhone picture

Another fake Photoshop iPhone picture from Alibaba supplier

Alibaba logo, scam, fraud, fake iPhone,
Alibaba logo, there are some good things you can buy from this site. Be careful!