August 31, 2009

PS3 Slim 120GB Consoles in German Warehouse

A legitimate supplier we have know for cellular phones now has many PS3 Slim 120GB Consoles they need to move located in a German warehouse. There are only 470 available as of this post and the price is 250 Euros per unit.

Verification Tricks Watch Out For Impostors!

I always tell our clients to use the supplier contact information we provide on our list and otherwise to avoid impostors. Recently a client pointed out that they had been contacted by someone with a similar email address as a legitimate company we provided to him for iPhones. Sensing an issue he thankfully contacted us first to verify. We were able to verify that the person was an impostor.

With this said you must check out the contact information of those who contact you and say that they are from a company. I wish that this was not necessary, but scammers have found out that impersonating a legitimate company is better than creating a fake company for obvious reasons. So if you are using our service then I ask you to only use the supplier contact information the we provide, and for those who are not members you need to double check or you may be the next victim.

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Make sure you know your wholesale supplier to be safe

Wholesale Phone Prices Currently

The following prices are in USD and are for new and unlocked phones directly from our suppliers. We are not brokers and will not be in the middle of the deal. Phones are new and unlocked.

Sony X1 $380

Moto Aura $750

Samsung i900 16GB $337

Nokia n97 $550

Blackberry prices for New and Unlocked Phones

Prices are in USD and are only valid while supplies last. These phones are available from our suppliers. All phones are new and unlocked.

9000 $462
9630 $440
8900 $381
8520 $285
9530 $349

Refurbished 8320 $180

August 28, 2009

3GS 32GB iPhones in Los Angeles

There is a seller in Los Angeles, who sells new and unlocked 32GB iPhones in lots of 50 units. price and quantity is only good while stocks last.

Euro specs
Never locked
Buyer needs to send a purchase order
Seller accepts credit cards for orders of 25 units or less
Cost per unit $745 US

August 26, 2009

Blackberry prices from Legitimate Suppliers

Prices are in USD and only good while stocks last.

New and Unlocked
9000 $465
9630 $405
8900 $385
8520 $230
9530 $349

9000 $442
9500 $435
8320 $192
8800 $139
8830 $139

Just in New & Unlocked Apple 3GS 16GB iPhone Offer

Offer is only good while stock lasts and can be changed at any time via the seller. First come is first served. Stock is located within the US and can be inspected before purchase. Price is take all and quantity cannot be divided. Stock can be shipped anywhere in the US or Europe, but cannot be shipped to Australia.

1000 3GS 16GB iPhones at $692 per unit

Current iPhone Offers

I would like to take a moment to clarify this post and to answer questions that I receive when I post any iPhone offer.

First we at Aim Direct do not sell iPhones though we have in the past. What we do is place the buyer in direct contact with the seller via our service. We are not brokers and do not interfere with your transaction.

Second, any offers are only valid while stock lasts. This means that if an offer you see is from last week or last month it probably is gone! This means that if you want to contact the supplier you should probably do so now and not wait. There is a shortage in finding iPhones from legitimate suppliers who have physical possession.

Third, trade safely.

32GB new and unlocked 3GS iPhones for $710 per unit with a MOQ of 1000.

32GB new and LOCKED 3GS iPhones for $760 with a MOQ of 10.

32GB new and unlocked 3GS for $775 with MOQ of 10.

32GB new and unlocked 3GS for $790, 16GB for $690 with MOQ of 5.

Remember how I always say that prices are only good while stock lasts. Well since I started this draft three hours ago I have already received notice that the $710 per unit deal is over. Another reason why you have to be in it to win it.

August 21, 2009

eBayer Friendly Supplier of 32GB 3GS New & Unlocked Apple iPhones

Here is another great eBayer deal for new and unlocked genuine Apple 32GB 3GS iPhones. These prices are only valid while stock on hand lasts. Remember "you snooze, you lose". Supplier will accept credit cards as payment on orders less than 75 units. Cost per unit is just $705! In addition the supplier is located in the US and the phones are sealed in box EURO SPEC models.

August 20, 2009

Perfect eBayer Supplier of iPhones

I have the perfect supplier of iPhones for those who sell on sites like eBay. They will do a minimum of 6 units and accept credit cards for small orders. Also they are located within the US. Prices for new and unlocked genuine Apple 3GS iPhones are $665 for 16GB and $775 for 32GB.

August 19, 2009

Another MidwestGSM Trading Floor Success Story

Received yesterday from a satisfied member who purchased Apple iPhones from a US supplier we provided:

I thought I would take a few minutes to share my experience working with XXX. I recently made my first order with them, and considering I was ordering a relatively low amount, they were very responsive. They quickly answered all the questions I had regarding the transaction details. Once I had paid them, they kept me in constant communication until phones had shipped. I was even getting status updates from both XXX and XXX, which reassured that these guys meant business and customer service was of utmost importance to them. Also following the transaction, XXX gave me a call and we got to talk briefly about goals moving forward and get an overall better sense of each other.

In conclusion, I want to just say I recommend doing business with these guys to handle your supply needs. They are both down-to-earth guys just trying to make an honest living like the rest of us and understand all of our aspirations to succeed in this business.

We always enjoy receiving these. Another valued member who has found what they were looking for and did not have to worry about being a scam victim.
Thank you!

3GS iPhone Deals

These deals are for new and unlocked Apple 3GS iPhone that are actually in stock. Prices are subject to change while stock lasts. This is what actual 3GS iPhone prices look like and how the prices decrease with the quantity purchased.

EURO or AUS spec
3G S 32GB
500 to 999 units: $725.00 USD
1,000 to 4,999 units: $715.00 USD
5,000 units: $710.00 USD

3G S 16GB
500 to 999 units: $670.00 USD
1,000 to 4,999 units: $655.00 USD
5,000 units: $650.00 USD

Another offer available:
3GS 32GB $720.00 USD
3GS 16GB $665.00 USD
3G 16GB $520.00 USD
3G 8GB $420.00 USD
MOQ 100 units.

Those are it for today. Remember these offers are from a legitimate supplier so your deal is safe and secure, also they have stock on hand and therefore you will not receive the run around like with most individuals you contact on-line.

August 17, 2009

Current Pricing

Prices are for new and unlocked cellular phones and are in USD. Quantity ordered varies but is between 10-50 units. Prices are only good while stock is available.

iPhone 3GS 16GB $665
iPhone 3GS 32GB $775

Nokia n97 $497
Nokia n96 $400
Nokia 8800 Carbon $1040
Nokia 5800 Tube $277

What We Do At MidwestGSM

Many people ask me what is it you do for your members? What we do for a member is help you source phones, verify suppliers, and answer any questions you have regarding the industry. We have personally helped members avoid scams, as well as, tips to recover money after it has been sent. One year of our service is $199 (USD) and includes the suppliers we use and access to the other serious traders in the group. When our extensive website is up later this year your membership will carry over. For more information you can email me at Thank you.

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What We Do At MidwestGSM

August 14, 2009

Today's Prices on Blackberry and Apple 3GS iPhones

Note that prices are only good while stock lasts. These prices represent new and unlocked phones compiled from communications with legitimate suppliers all around the world. To avoid confusion these are NOT prices I am offering others from my own stock. These are prices suppliers I use have forwarded to me, and I therefore post them for your benefit.

Apple iPhone 3GS
16GB $660-745
32GB $775-850

Bold 9000 $438-465
Tour 9630 $460
8900 $390
Storm 9500 $362-395

Just for a bonus.

Samsung Omnia 16GB $353
Sony X1 $383-446

August 13, 2009

iPhone 3GS Price

This price is for new and unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB phones. Price is valid while stock lasts and is in USD.

16GB 3GS $660

Current HTC Prices

All prices are in USD and are related to new, as well as, unlocked cellular phones. Prices are only valid while supplies last.
Viva $184
Magic $393
Snap $209
Diamond 2 $411
Fuze $470
Hero $531

August 12, 2009

Egyptian Supplier of iPhones Found to be a Prank?

For a while now many have been talking about an Egyptian supplier of iPhones. They have even said that this supplier can do a fly and buy in Cairo, and will even put the buyer up in a hotel while they inspect the iPhones. Well to put a long story short it is bogus because first of all there are no large suppliers that pop up overnight with the capacity for thousands of iPhones. It just does not happen. My advice is just like one of the brokers who were tricked, "stick to the suppliers you know who are honest and reliable". At least with them you cannot go wrong.

3GS iPhone Wholesale Prices to Spike!

Today I have heard from three people that the wholesale prices on the iPhone 3GS models are going to spike in the next few days. Some suppliers have already raised their prices $40-80 per unit in anticipation. This is great example of the fact that if you are not plugged in or belong to a consulting service you would not know and therefore could not capitalize on an industry move. I cannot stress it enough that you need to be plugged in!

Current iPhone 3GS offer:
32GB $695

This price is only good for today and while stock lasts. Price is for a new and unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB model based on purchase of 50 units.

AUS Phones

The following phones are available with AUS plugs, but the prices are high so it might be better to find a supplier of adaptors.

16GB $795
32GB $924

8220 $270
9000 $472
8900 $403
Tour $525

5800 $277
e71 $313
8800 Carbon $1040
n96 $400
n97 $545

Remember that these are AUS SPEC phones and for an obvious reason the prices are higher than US or EURO SPEC phones. I will try to keep prices updated as they are presented to me from my network of legitimate suppliers.

Current Pricing 8-12-09

These prices are all in USD for new and unlocked cellular phones. Stock location varies and prices are only valid while supplies last. Also prices are based on a small order between 5-25 units. These suppliers are those who are included with our consulting service of $400 per year that includes over 90 verified suppliers worldwide, access to our knowledge of the industry, access to the other members of our service, and weekly newsletter updates on important items, such as fraudulent sellers or current deals. We have included a payment link to the bottom of this blog. Thank you for looking.

9000 $362
Tour $440
8900 $370
Storm 9500 $395

iPhone 3GS
16GB $680
32GB $775

iPhone 3G
8GB $390
16GB $490

e71 $281
n97 $535

August 7, 2009

Still Raising the Bar Avoiding Wholesale iPhone Scams

It is somewhat unbelievable that I am still contacted by people regarding our service asking for verification that I am who I say I am. They try to get me to jump through hoops, which I cannot stand and does not make for an excellent way to start a business relationship. Frankly if you are too much of a headache in the beginning then I would rather tell you not to buy and move on. A Dallas, Texas man knows this well and I wish him the best of luck avoiding the scammers and wasting dozens of hours trying to verify all the bogus companies out there. Since I believe in trying to come up with ways that anyone online can use to verify they are legitimate, by posting a scan of our business license for one example in a previous post, I have decided that the next way is to post a photo and so I will do just that. By the way the picture is horrible so please do not laugh!

MidwestGSM, Glenn Kirk, CES 2010, legitimate,
MidwestGSM, Glenn Kirk are legitimate

August 4, 2009

Blackberry 8900 New and Unlocked

I just received this price from a legitimate supplier included in my service.

Blackberry 8900 $250

August 3, 2009

3GS Prices for New and Unlocked Euro Spec

Prices for order size 10-499
16GB $630
32GB $650

Regent Wholesale / Global Middle Markets No Info?

I have tried to establish this company's legitimacy since Thursday via emails to Dallas Scott. Not only does Dallas fail to give me any basic information on his company but fails to answer any basic questions. This is very unusual for any company that says they are in Dubai, Americas, Hong Kong, UK, and Australia. In my opinion this company is not the real deal, but I will keep you posted if I find out more.