September 30, 2009

Blackberry New and Unlocked Price Update

The following is in USD. Prices are from different suppliers and supplier contact details along with our verified supplier list of over 100 suppliers are available to members. Prices are valid while stock lasts.

8100 $119
8520 $245
8900 $355
9000 $442
9500 $315
9530 $314
9630 $431

September 28, 2009

Large US 3GS iPhone Offer With Requests

The supplier of this offer must meet with the buyer. This means the buyer will have to travel to the office of the supplier in the US and meet with them prior to offer completion. There will be a contract involved and the supplier welcomes buyers who are looking for weekly or monthly quotas. Supplier requires these measures, as well as, that the MOQ is 2000 units of either 3GS model and model mixing is possible. Offers rarely are this solid. Prices in USD.

16GB 3GS $620

32GB 3GS $720

September 24, 2009

3GS New and Factory Unlocked iPhones for Physical Pick-up

The following offer is valid while stock lasts. Phones are sealed and both models are available in black or white. Prices are in USD and supplier has physical stock on hand. Supplier will also provide serial numbers. Buyer can physically pick up their order from supplier if requested. Also arrangements can be made between supplier and buyer for automatic consecutive shipments of stock. This offer is excellent for those who sell online and those who need larger quantities with regular shipments. Overall it seems that there has been a loosening of iPhone stocks in recent days.

16GB 3GS iPhone, MOQ 20 @ $650 per unit
32GB 3GS iPhone, MOQ 20 @ $695 per unit

Seller open to many payment methods that are secure for buyers.

Offer has expired.

New York Wholesale Offer 3GS iPhones

This offer is in USD and is a take all or nothing deal. Seller does not want to break up into smaller lots.

3GS 32GB Apple iPhones new and unlocked, 173 units @ $770 each

3GS 16GB Apple iPhones new and unlocked, 109 units @ $510 each

Seller requires escrow and is motivated. Once the escrow is set up the phones are sent to the buyer for inspection and upon the inevitable positive inspection the funds are released and you receive the phones. If you are not satisfied then you do not pay.

September 23, 2009

MidwestGSM Member Success Testimonial

I love it when we receive a testimonial from a customer of our website.

"Hi Glenn,
I wanted to let you know we have completed our first successful transaction with ****, last week. I wanted to thank you for the service you are providing, our company already has new sights for the future."

MidwestGSM legitimate, Apple iPhone, testimonial,
MidwestGSM Member Apple iPhone Success Testimonial

September 21, 2009

Cellular Phone Wholesale Prices

All prices are for new and unlocked phones in USD. Suppliers all have stock on hand. Location of supplier can be anywhere in the world and all suppliers are verified.

Samsung i8000 $518
Samsung i8910 $541
Sasung i900 $325

Nokia n97 $543
Nokia n96 $392
Nokia e71 $265
Nokia 5800 $269

Sony X1 $363

HTC Magic $320
HTC Touch 2 Pro $540

Current Blackberry Prices for New & Unlocked

Prices are subject to stock on hand and are in USD. Suppliers listed below are worldwide and stock is on hand.

9000 $442
9630 $380
8900 $365
8520 $256
9530 $314
8100 $119
9500 $315

Blackberry 8320 New & Unlocked

Price is in USD and valid while stock lasts.

US Supplier $219 per unit

Canadian Supplier $189 per unit

Asian Supplier $185 per unit

European Supplier $190 per unit

September 18, 2009

The Poll

I have been following the poll to the right of this post since it was put up. The only question I have is for those who would not pay to be a member of a site where the suppliers are 100% verified, and I do not mean verified the Alibaba way. What you would have is a site where trading could be accomplished freely without worry. So for those who say no I wonder if they just do not have the capital to expend, and if so then why are they trying to get into this industry? Another question I would have is then how are they going to find legitimate traders? I know the typical ways do not work as the internet has too many fraudsters. If you have an answer or insight for me let me know by posting a comment. Thank you.

September 17, 2009

Best 3GS iPhone Deal in the Last 100 Days

The following is from a US supplier who provides proof of stock and references. These will be sent after the supplier receives a signed purchase order and credit authorization from the buyer. Supplier is a regular in the new and never locked iPhone business within the US and is a legal US company. You will not be dealing with a foreign company for this deal. Supplier only accepts American Express as payment. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 100 units. Prices for 100 in USD are as follows:

16GB 3GS $620

32GB 3GS $725

September 16, 2009

3GS iPhones are Deflating in Price

The following iPhone offer is for new and never locked 3GS models. Purchase requires a minimum order of 100 units and supplier will provide proof of stock immediately after a purchase order is submitted. Credit cards only and the verified supplier is in the United States.

16GB 3GS $650

32GB 3GS $750

These are the best prices currently available, and levels like this have not been seen in months.

Thank you!

September 15, 2009

X-Way and Portexdirect

I have received the following from an acquaintance.

Hi Glenn,

I have attached a document that was sent to me from X-Way because I have a buyer that wanted to set up an Irrevocable Letter of Credit with a 5% Performance Bond from X-Way.

Yesterday with the help of another broker and my husband, we were able to confirm that X-Way Larry van Weegan and Pedro of Portexdirect are one and the same person by a calling each company. Both companies have the same offers out there and the same terms, plus use the exact same Commercial Invoice format. Yet when asked if they know of one another, they claim no. They are both listed on

We also decided to call the company listed on the attached sample letter of credit as a previous buyer only to discover this company (they are large and well known—so please keep the name of this company confidential) NEVER ordered any products from X-way and certainly never any iPhones since they are in a contract where it would be a breach of contract.

We asked Larry van Weegan to send us 3 references of previous buyers and he refused to do so. Conveniently he is suddenly out of stock and cannot fulfill the PO submitted to him where the buyer is in the process of getting an Irrevocable Letter of Credit per his request and the request of Kevin van da Laar also of X-way.

I just wanted to warn everyone else, it probably would be very wise to avoid these two companies or at least be careful. They accept American Express and Irrevocable Letter of Credit but something is off.

September 14, 2009

3GS iPhone Offer for MOQ 5

We have worked with this supplier before and referred members to them. They are honest and ship within a day.

32GB $768 US
16GB $649 US

September 12, 2009

Post Wholesale Electronics Scammer Information Here Link

I started this a while back and placed alleged scammers on the list. Since the beginning others have shared their stories of companies. If you wish we would appreciate your stories as well. remember that everyone is an alleged scammer.

Thank you,
Glenn Kirk

September 10, 2009

Another Great Success Story with Our Service

I love to brag about good business people who became tired of the garbage on the Internet when trying to source unlocked phones purchase our service and are blown away!

Today I was able to help someone who I originally spoke with over a year ago regarding iPhones and after they received the supplier list with Monday's newsletter they emailed "thanks man best 200 dollars I've ever spent", as well as, "in just two hours I got a message from my first supplier this is great I can't wait to start taking orders".

I cannot start to say how I feel about this but it feels great to help out a honest business person. At least now they do not have to waste time verifying the thousands of fraud companies while worrying about their order.

Thank you!

used iPhone, Apple, MidwestGSM member, trading floor, success
Used Apple iPhone proof of stock picture

US 3GS iPhone Offer

Prices are only valid while stock lasts. Seller within the US. Order will be shipped to insured warehouse for buyer's inspection. Prices are in USD.

MOQ 500, seller can supply up to 5000 in one order.
16GB $675
32GB $755

Purchase order required for order. Escrow required for order.

Next offer:

MOQ 500, seller can supply more if needed so see below, prices in USD.
16GB $705
32GB $765

Payment can be COD or bank transfer. 25% required to be placed in escrow for shipment to occur, and remaining 75% after buyer inspection. Seller states they will sign contract for monthly orders up to 10,000 units.

September 9, 2009

iPhone Scarcity at Alarming Levels

Everyone and Anyone,
I have just spent thirty minutes calling legitimate suppliers within the US for 32GB iPhones. Though I am waiting for a couple to return my call most said they were out, and a few others said they have not been this dry on iPhones ever. What is going on? A large build up for the holiday season? If a large build up is true then the market might become flooded in a few weeks thus driving the price down as everyone gets their fill of the units. Anyway, even with a long list of industry contacts not even I can locate iPhones with in two phone calls which used to be the case a few months ago. Since I have suggested this approach to sellers in the past I truly believe that this is why you have many makes and models that you sell and not just putting all your eggs into the Apple basket unless you are on eBay and you have a day job. Some of us are not that lucky! In the end keep posted to this blog and when I hear of a deal I will post them here minus the contact details of course as those are only for clients of our service.
Best of Luck,

September 8, 2009

iPhone Deal for Small Buyers MOQ 10 Units

Offer only good while stock lasts. Seller offers a minimum order of 10 units and can supply 50 units maximum. Seller requires a submitted purchase order that will be followed by an invoice from PayPal.

Both black and white colors are available and priced at $775 US for the 32GB model. Price for the 16GB model is $720.

There are also limited quantities of 3G models available.

September 7, 2009

UK Fitness Electronics Shop

This site was posted earlier on Alibaba and is an alleged scam site. They are selling new and unlocked phones for up to 60% off wholesale, such as Nokia n96 for $199. This price brings me back to the old days on Alibaba when some scammers would tell you if you bought three they would give you two phones free! Also the site is one of those free sites so already it should be suspect to veterans, as well as, the total lack of any contact information like a phone number or email address. I would personally never do business with a site like UK Fitness and would advise those close to me to do the same.

September 6, 2009

Current Wholesale Pricing Cellular Phones

Note that these prices are for new and unlocked cellular phones. Also Aim Direct Company does not stock these, and these prices are from our suppliers. Prices are only good while the offer lasts. Stocks are physical at the supplier and location is worldwide based on supplier's location. I was requested earlier today to post these prices. Finally all prices are in USD.

Apple 3GS iPhone
16GB $690
32GB $785

Apple 3G iPhone
8GB $565
16GB $665 Black or White

9000 $462
9000 Refurbished $399
9630 $440
8900 $380
8520 $270
9530 $340
9500 $336
8100 $100

n97 $543
n96 $371
5800 $272
n85 $339
e71 $287
8800 Carbon $1031
8800 Gold $1176

X1 $372
z770i Ducati $108

GD900 $441

Hero $504
Diamond 2 $418
Touch Pro 2 $540
Touch HD $485
Viva $181

i900 $325
i8910 $540
i8000 $518

That's all folks!

September 5, 2009

HK SPEC 32GB New & Unlocked Apple iPhones

Just in European supplier with access to 200 32GB iPhones every 5-7 business days for the next few weeks. Price per unit $780 US. Supplier will do sample orders of 25 units, but keep in mind these will go fast if the last few weeks are any indicator.

AliExpress on More of the Same

So I received the email asking me to try the new AliExpress on, and it seems like a quicker way to be scammed! Now you can find all of your mobile phone scammers in one place! Can you believe it? I can. There was an ad for the Moto Aura for only $126-149 USD. Now the lowest I have seen this same model from legitimate wholesalers is around $740 US. This alone exposes the potential scams using not only this site but their new AliExpress service. Avoid this section like it was the plague!

September 4, 2009

Who is Selling the iPhones?

I receive this question daily from people who see the offers but want to know who to contact to make the purchase. The reason we do not post the company and contact information on the blog is because we run a service where we help you track down the deals and give you the contact information of the supplier. Next we email you a list of legitimate suppliers (over 100 in total) not found on international trade forums, and keep that list fresh each week via our weekly email newsletter. Also have you ever wanted to ask an honest person and not some random forum poster's opinion on a company's legitimacy? We answer those and any other industry related question in a quick manner year round. For more information on how we can help you to the next level email Glenn Kirk at or call +1.417.851.7834.

September 3, 2009

EU iPhone Supplier 5000 Units in Stock

I have a trusted European supplier with 5000 32GB iPhones new and unlocked in stock. They are asking 561 EURO ($800 US) per unit.

This offer has ended.

Verification Materials Glenn Kirk and MidwestGSM

I had posted these items a month or two ago. Since you have to look for them and I have started getting more emails regarding my details I have decided to repost. One thing scammers do not do is have an "open book" policy with customers before the sale.

Bad Experience with Trio Distribution

Now I did not have the bad experience nor did any of our service's membership. We attempted to verify Trio Distribution and Christina Copley back in May 2009, but they failed to submit any information to us. If we cannot verify beyond a doubt then we do not pass on any company's information!

Here is the link to one angry person's comments.

September 2, 2009

1000 New iPod Touch 32GB $260 Per Unit

Supplier will provide proof of stock via serial numbers and pictures. Deal requires an AMEX credit card for deposit. More details upon serious request. Offer only good as a take all deal and while stock lasts.

Large Quantity Legitimate iPhone Offers at Warehouse

I have received the following offers from two legitimate sources we have used in the past. Prices are only valid while supplies last and judging from the past few weeks if you want one of these offers you better contact me quickly at or +1.417.851.7834. First come, first served.

1000-5000 units per week, MOQ 1000, EURO SPEC 32GB 3GS iPhones via COD to Hellman Worldwide. Supplier has a steady supply and will put up a performance bond as guaranty of stock and shipment. Buyer needs to submit a purchase order and delivery is 5-7 business days. Cost per unit starts at $760.

500 MOQ 32GB 3GS iPhones at $730 per unit. Supplier will accept 10% down and irrevocable letter of credit. Buyer will need to submit a purchase order on company letterhead and include their tax identification number.

September 1, 2009

Two New iPhone Deals

Two new deals I have just received from legitimate suppliers. Phones are new and unlocked 32GB 3GS versions and stock is located in the US.

Deal 1:
25 units for $750 per unit

Deal 2:
1000+ units starting at $770 per unit