October 30, 2009

Blackberry Bold 9000 White New & Unlocked in Canada

I have a legitimate Canadian supplier of multiple phone brands who has the following item.

BB 9000 new and unlocked in white color, $485 US

Samsung Prices for Wholesale

The following prices are good while stock lasts and in USD. Phones are new and unlocked. Suppliers are located in different countries. Supplier contact details immediately available to members of the network.

i900 16GB Omnia $325
i8000 $518
i8910 $541
M8910 $565

October 29, 2009

MidwestGSM Verification

Sometimes I am asked, "how do I know you are real". I always direct those who ask this question to this blog where I have posted our business license and my drivers license. Also you can read my multiple years of advice to new traders on, as well as, visit this post: Aussie's comment.

October 28, 2009

US Legitimate iPhone Supplier 16GB 3GS Phones in Ohio

Well I had a fly and buy offer in Ohio last night, which I put on Twitter. Then this morning the phones were already purchased and on their way to Germany. Sorry I did not have it posted on here sooner. By the way the offer was for:

500 3GS 16GB new Apple iPhones with a great, low, low take all price that I have been told not to post.

Until the next offer keep checking back.

October 25, 2009

The eBay Secrets

I will keep a running total on this as long as I can. These are items why I do not recommend selling on eBay and a few reasons why it is good to sell on eBay.

1. Add up the fees, remember they own PayPal too! Then figure out your profit. Who makes more? Seems like lately it is eBay.

2. If you only have $1000 to start do you think you can compete with those who sell $10000 a week? You can but it will not be easy.

3. Regardless of your listing policies, those you add in your listing, those from eBay and PayPal trump yours every time.

4. How can you compete on price with those, bumbumfj, who sell refurbished phones as new? You cannot. But honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

5. How do you get around these obstacles? You have to have some business savvy, most do not.

6. EBay has millions of visitors to their site each day. Therefore they do most of the advertising for you.

7. When was the last time someone asked you where they could find a great deal on an item and you said try eBay. It seems that I hear this many times each week.

8. EBay is less expensive than setting up a professional ecomm website.

9. I recommend setting up a ProStore.

October 22, 2009

California Legitimate iPhone Supplier Offer

Prices are in USD and offer valid while stock lasts. Phones are 3GS version 3.1. Supplier contact details available for members of the network.

16GB $595

32GB $695

US Customs' Agents Seizing iPhones

I have just received an email from a man in Florida who ordered some Chinese iPhones, more than likely copies, and had his phones seized by US Customs Agents. Of course Customs will seize your copy iPhones being shipped from China where a large portion of copied or counterfeit merchandise is manufactured. This is the risk you face if you are importing any Chinese branded, or copy electronics from China.

To get technical only AT&T has the right from Apple to distribute genuine Apple iPhones within the borders of the US.

October 21, 2009

Alibaba Questionnaire

Remember this is all my opinion and nothing else. I just took the Alibaba questionnaire I received via an email. Due to the content it seems they are aware of the fraud being perpetrated daily on their website. You know the $400 3GS iPhones, etc. One aspect of the questionnaire was trying to gauge how likely you were to sign up for one of their pay titles like "Gold Member". There were many questions about how many leads would it take for you to sign up or how many sales would your company have to complete before they did sign up as a paid member. Now we all know the site is bogus and sometimes funny if you know your business well, but it is not worth paying any amount of money to belong in my opinion. Unless you are a scammer and want to look official for western buyers. I cannot begin to tell you about how many posts start out "well they were a Gold Member" or "they were Trust Pass". Both titles are bought and not earned. In the end I hope I win the money for completing the survey. Also if you need legitimate suppliers use the button to the left and sign up with our GSM Network.

HTC Wholesale Prices

Prices are in USD and offer is good while supplies last.

HTC A3288 Click $340
HTC Hero $468
HTC T3333 Touch 2 $331

October 19, 2009

US iPhone Supplier With Small MOQ Perfect Source for eBay Sellers

Price is in USD and supplier requires a minimum purchase of 10 units. Supplier accepts PayPal, offers pick up, and proof of stock upon request. Phones are EURO SPEC, new, and have NEVER BEEN LOCKED.

3GS 32GB $760

October 15, 2009

HTC Click Tattoo A3288 New & Unlocked Low MOQ

Genuine supplier offering the HTC A3288 Click/Tattoo with a low MOQ for $350 US per unit. Currently on eBay they are selling for $529 US.

October 14, 2009

US Supplier New & Unlocked Apple iPhones 32GB $615

I have a US supplier who is offering 3GS iPhones at great prices. Stock is physically in the US and offer is valid while stock lasts. Prices are in USD. The seller requires a PO, POF, and an Apple Resellers License. The MOQ for purchase is 2000 units, and the supplier can supply more units if requested.

3GS 32GB $615
3GS 16GB $515

October 12, 2009

Alleged Fraudulent Suppliers

The following companies have been passed onto me as being allegedly fraudulent in their practices.

Alken Trading HK
Nazims Continental
Northeast Trading Company, Pirrello
Azteq Corporation Ltd., Perry

October 10, 2009

Wholesale Nokia Prices

All prices are in USD, as well as, phones are new and unlocked. Models are from different suppliers.

N97 $524
N96 $388
5800 $260
e71 $239

US Blackberry Supplier Offers

Prices are in USD and valid while stock lasts. Phones are new and unlocked.

Bold 9000 $435
Javelin 8900 $355

October 9, 2009

US iPod Supplier Accepts AMEX

Prices are in USD and valid while stock lasts. Supplier accepts AMEX (American Express Credit Card) as payment for the buyer's security. POS (Proof of Stock) will be supplied to serious buyers.

Apple iPod

Touch 8GB $204
Touch 16GB $264
Touch 32GB $364

Classic 120GB $214

October 8, 2009

This Person will be Scammed Very Soon

I received this message on my Alibaba account today.

Hi mr.
i just wondering that might be you know some supplies selling whole sale iphone 3gs 32 GB with low price and they are honest and accept escrow or paypal payment...
could tell me?
because i'm looking for original an iphone with low price about 300usd 450usd is that possible to get that price with the right company?
thank you

I am sure that if you have found this blog you already know that there are no iPhones for $300 US and the only ones for $450 US are older 3G models. Unfortunately this person will probably loose their money by Western Union to China or the UK. But I know that I cannot help everyone.

October 7, 2009

iPhone Supplier Accepts Credit Cards & 500 Units

Offer is valid while stock lasts and prices are in USD. It has been a week since I have posted iPhone offers due to a slump in stocks from legitimate suppliers until today. The following prices reflect a minimum of 500 units purchased in one order. Supplier will also negotiate larger orders as needed. All phones are EURO SPEC, never locked, and sealed brand new.

16GB @ $649

32GB @ $739

US iPhone Supplier Offers Pick Up

The following offer is valid while stock lasts and is in USD. Phones are available for pick-up in a western state. Minimum order of 10 units and supplier can sell as many as 50 per customer. PayPal is the only accepted payment method.

32GB new & never locked EURO SPEC Apple iPhones @ $760 per unit

How We Help Traders Gain Success

Helping individuals with verified sources just like yourself is what I do via our service. As far as the service's details what we do for a client is help you source phones, verify suppliers, and answer any questions you have regarding the industry. We have personally helped clients avoid scams, as well as, recover money after it had been sent. One year of our Platinum service is $199 (USD) and includes the suppliers we use (over 300 verified), Monday email supplier updates, and access to communicate with the other serious traders in the group, as well as, the ability to contact me directly at your convenience.

Visit us at for a short video on how we help you.

I receive a few emails each week asking what exactly is included when someone signs up and wanted to take a moment to describe it. Basically it is the only safe trading environment that I am aware of online for beginners and advanced traders.