December 31, 2009

Apple to Launch Tablet for Under $1000

According to the WSJ the Apple Tablet will be released this January between $500-900 US.  Great news.  You need to secure your suppliers now in order to get your hands on these soon to be popular tablets.

December 29, 2009

Start the year off with iPods

We will release the name of a large Apple iPod distributor located in the UK in our newsletter for January 4th.

US Blackberry Suppliers

US suppliers who carry physical stock have the following units in stock.
8900 @ $355
9700 @ $465

December 28, 2009

Comments From Another Veteran of Trade

Here is a clip of a conversation I had with a new member today:

From time to time people would ask me to prove my suppliers were real and that I do what I say I do by giving them one for free or by letting them try the list beforehand. Instead I invented the Silver Membership for those who in light of all I have posted on my site still had doubts.

New Member:
I have worked with and bought from the chinese (specificly) for years. I even lived in HK for 6 months. So I know BS when I see it. I ran accross your post today and based on what I read, I bought the silver package. New to importing I am not. To importing electronics I am and always better safe than sorry. So if I doubted you we would have never met.

Beware of These Electronics Scam Companies

The following sites are allegedly scams according to members and should never be purchased from in my opinion.

Akhwholesalers,, we have a new MidwestGSM Member who purchased phones from this company and have not received their order.  Thankfully they are now a member and can trade safely with our verified suppliers.

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Fake Pakistan passport wholesale cell phone scams

December 27, 2009

Platinum Member Selling 3GS 32GB Never Locked iPhones

I have a Platinum Member who purchased iPhones from one of the suppliers I provide via my consulting. He has 3 sealed never locked 32GB iPhones remaining in stock and wants to sell them quickly. His minimum order is one phone at $809, or buy all 3 at $799 each! The seller accepts PayPal and credit cards for payment.

December 25, 2009

Supplier & Distributor Additions for Platinum Members

This Monday's newsletter and supplier list will have more new additions added than any other week since our start up in March. These exciting additions will include a master distributor of cellular telephones located in the US who distributes for two major service carriers. Add to this a US distributor for Nokia phones and already we are talking about a great week for verified Platinum Member list additions. We cannot stop there because after last week's addition of a distributor for Apple, Nokia, and Blackberry we had members wondering what could possibly be next?

So we have started to expand our service to include personal electronics that are not cellular phones. With this goal we have added suppliers and distributors of netbooks, computers, computer equipment, plasma televisions, LCD televisions, and GPS systems. Our goal is to be the number one source for legitimate and verified suppliers of personal electronics. Why go with middle-men and others who merely claim to be able to get you the products when you can have the source of the products?

PRPS, Southpole & Diesel Men's Jeans

I have just a few pairs of designer jeans left. To see which models of the above mentioned brands I have in stock visit:

Listing Link

After cleared payment your order will ship within 24 hours and a tracking number will be sent immediately. I accept credit cards, checks, and PayPal. Thank you!

December 23, 2009

Verizon Beefs Up Network for iPhone

According to their CTO, Verizon has been taking efforts to ensure their network can handle increased traffic if they were to get the iPhone in 2010. We have all heard about the issues that some users have had trying to fully use their iPhones on AT&T's network and Verizon does not want to repeat that tragedy.

December 22, 2009

How MidwestGSM Can Make You Sucessful

Helping individuals with verified sources just like yourself is what we do via our service. As far as the service's details what we do for a Platinum Member is help you locate phones, verify suppliers, and answer any questions you have regarding the industry. We have also personally helped clients avoid losing thousands of dollars to fraud. One year of our trading floor is $199 (USD) and includes the suppliers we use (over 400 verified), Monday email supplier updates, access to communicate or trade with the serious traders in the group, and my unlimited help for one year.

I receive a few emails each week asking what exactly is included when someone signs up and wanted to take a moment to describe it. Basically it is the only safe trading environment that I am aware of online for beginners and advanced traders.

December 17, 2009

eBay vs. My Suppliers

The following prices are for new and never locked cellular phones in USD. Prices are good while supplies last. I also got curious after to talking to a member earlier who was looking to branch out away from iPhones and looked up some of the below models to see what they sold for on eBay. The member makes a killing selling phones on eBay! I might have to open an eBay account.

n900 $585, sold for $850 on eBay!
n97 $430, sold for $750 on eBay!
n97 mini $454, sold for $650 on eBay!
n96 $337, sold for $519 on eBay
2730 classic $100
3720 classic $144, sold for $260 on eBay!
5130 $101, sold for $170 on eBay!
5530 Xpress Music $198, sold for $295 on eBay!
5800 Tube $232, sold for $330 on eBay!
6300 $110, sold for $195 on eBay!
6500 classic $152, sold for $260 on eBay!
6700 $207 sold for $300 on eBay!
7510 Supernova $157
e75 $350
X6 $621

Magic $408, sold for $490 on eBay!
Touch Diamond $205, sold for $300 on eBay!

GB102 $17, sold for $50 on eBay!
GD900 $272, sold for $430 on eBay!
KE970 $98, sold for $219 on eBay!
KP500 $113, sold for $225 on eBay!
KS360 $100, sold for $209 on eBay!

December 14, 2009

CES Registration Materials Arrive

Well we cannot wait to see you at the CES in January. MidwestGSM, LLC will have representatives at the show and look forward to meeting any of our members, as well as, industry friends! Just drop us an email to if you will be attending and want to talk about future business.

Thank you,
Glenn Kirk
MidwestGSM, LLC
Nixa, Missouri

December 12, 2009

New Never Locked 16GB 3GS Apple iPhones Sealed EURO SPEC

I have a member with a source for 3GS 16GB iPhones. Their Asian source has over 200 units in stock and is asking $735 PPU. Members contact me for the contact information via the member's only email address. Thank you!

December 10, 2009

More Success From Recent Members of Our Service

Hi Glenn,
I wanted to let you know we have completed our first successful transaction with XXXX, last week. I wanted to thank you for the service you are providing, our company already has new sights for the future.
Also, we are looking to buy EURO spec Apple IPhone 3GS 32GB (factory unlocked), around 25 pieces if you could point me in the right direction. Is last weeks offer from XXXX still available?

Dear Kirk,
Again, thanks for the personal e-mails that you send me regarding the 3GS's, I appreciate it and I would also appreciate if you continue to send me those as they help me very much.

Thanks!!!!! My head is spinning with all this REAL information!

Thanks for all the information. When we were chatting before you said there were a couple suppliers with lower MOQ ( I think you said 6-10 moq on your site). Could you point me in the direction of those suppliers. Thanks again. Talk about information overload.

You are an honest person like me and I like that.

December 8, 2009

A Few Current Prices

The prices I post are all in USD and from suppliers who carry stock on hand. Thus prices are always subject to change. When the phones are gone they are gone.

n900 $629
n97 $477

i8910 Omnia HD $543

Aino $431
Satio $536

3GS 32GB $780
3GS 16GB $675

Legitimate US Supplier Nokia n900

I have a US supplier of Nokia n900 cellular phones prices at $629 US per unit.

Nokia n900 Supplier

I have a legitimate supplier of Nokia n900 phones. Units are new and never lock. Supplier has stock on hand as of the 10th. Pricing starts at $722 per unit. Supplier's name and contact details available to members of the network.

December 3, 2009

Largest Physical Stock of 3GS 32GB iPhones

Since July and many, many conversations with industry suppliers no one has ever seen more than about 1000 new 3GS iPhones in any one location. With that said I have received confirmation from a supplier who has been around for years and located in the European Union that they have 1200 3GS 32GB EURO SPEC iPhones in physical stock! This means no broker promises, pick up in Europe, and a supplier that you can actually trust. Members of my service should contact me for the companies details.