January 31, 2010

MidwestGSM Membership Question

You seem to be the only potentially legit info I've found in the millions of hours of research I've been doing the past 6 months. I am very interested in your lists that you have.
How many suppliers would I get with the package? I don't have the $400 right now for the package.
Thanks and have a great day!!

There are are over 400 verified suppliers on the membership list.

Hi Mr.Glenn Kirk,
I look you are the EXPERT on alibaba forum, I just wan to start a business on this website,but after I have your word on the forum, I have to change my mind,that is all the SCAMMERS!!Fortunately today I did't go bank to make a money transfer to china supplier,ther are offer to me a cheap price HTC Hero USD145~its attract to me,after I take a look on this forum I feel all the seller are the SCAMMERS.I almost get cheat,BTW I just want to say THANK to you for open my mind.

Thank you for the kind words.  I am glad I was able to help you avoid losing money.

I am based within the UK and am interested in purchasing different manufacturers mobile phones to re-sell and make a small profit.
How do i go about finding a legitimate company that will fulfill the services that i require?
I look forward to your reply.
Kind Regards

The easiest way is to sign up for a membership.  That way you can stop wasting time with all of the fake companies and start buying today.

January 30, 2010

Posting Current Prices

Later today I will be posting prices for new and unlocked mobile phones.  These prices are from suppliers who have physical stock on hand only and will be in USD.

BB 9000 $390

If there is a make and model you would like me to have a price for just post a reply below and I will do what I can to answer your request.

January 28, 2010

Current Pricing

Prices are for new and unlocked phones.  Suppliers mentioned have physical stock on hand and have been verified.

HTC Touch HD2, $590
Nokia n900, $545

January 24, 2010

MidwestGSM Membership Level

Starting February 17, 2010 we will be changing our membership structure.  This means that the Silver Membership level will be no longer offered.  Instead we will still offer one exciting membership level but with added benefits.
Thank you,
Glenn Kirk

January 18, 2010

Added iPhone Accessory and Full HD Camcorder Suppliers

As stated earlier we added suppliers who do not sell cellular phones to the list this week.  This is to complete our goal this year of expanding our Platinum Membership suppliers to more than just cellular phones.  Be on the lookout for more suppliers of non-phone related items like digital cameras, HD camcorders, and much more.

January 16, 2010

First Verification Step

I talked to a company today after receiving an unsolicited email regarding iPhones for sale.  When I started to verify them by asking for their business information, such as address, phone number, and business license they replied saying that information was sensitive.  How can this information be sensitive?

It is not.  Any business should be able to tell you their address unless they do not want to due to not having a business location, location in an apartment, or another reason.  Though I have always pointed out that business location does not disqualify anyone.  But the lack of giving a location should.  A phone number falls into the same catagory.  Anyone can purchase a prepaid cell phone and make up their location, but to not give a business number when requested also seems unusual.

Finally, all business registrations can be looked up in their respective state.  This is because they are public domain and thus public knowledge.  Any business therefore should freely give you their business license information.  This is also the first step to building a trusting relationship, but this alone does not mean a business is legitimate.

After passing on the response I received from the business I received the following email.


Thank you for sharing the information about the response you got from the company not wanting to share their business license information. It was brought to our attention there were people duplicating messages and having them sent out with the same list of contacts, and with the same products with price variation. I have been doing some research into seeing if there was any legitimacy to these sites, but have come up short with an excuse when asked about fly and buys. The message stated that fly and buys were accepted in New Jersey and when I asked if this was possible, the answer was I could not do this on first orders, shipping to address only! I had came to the conclusion either both were scammers, or one had copied from the first email sent out. hopefully this will be resolved and only your legitimate site will stand out among the rest. Your posting of your business information displays your honesty to your members and for that is appreciated.
Thank you

January 14, 2010

Blackberry Suppliers

All phones are new and unlocked, and prices are in USD.  All suppliers verified and legitimate.
8900, $379 Asia
9000, $448 UK
9700, $519 Asia
8520, $283 Asia
9630, $395 ME
9550, $425 US
9500, $384 Asia

HTC Asian Supplier Physical Stock

The following phones are new and unlocked.  Prices in USD and FOB in Asia.  Supplier has been in business for years and has been verified by me.  I am also a previous customer.

Touch Pro2, $495
HD2, $595
Hero, $410
Touch2, $270
Snap, $260

iPod Nano 8GB Asian Spec, $134

They also have never locked 3GS iPhones.

January 8, 2010

CES 2010 Highlights

Wow is the best way for me to sum up the world's largest electronics show. Keep an eye on this post as I will add pictures later. Also I have a short video of the amazing Samsung LED TV show. Members bare with me as I answer your questions for suppliers between show breaks. Thank you.

Below is a YouTube link to a short video I shot.

January 7, 2010

The Patrick Sullivan Enigma

The following is entirely based on my research and are purely allegations and speculation.  This week I received two calls from random individuals looking for iPhones.  They told me about their situations which were almost exactly the same and lead to the exposure of a man known as Patrick Sullivan.  Now Patrick Sullivan seems to go by a couple of other aliases as in John and Andrew Shoemaker.  What Patrick does is has a few people selling his phones which he never has possesion of which makes him a broker.  Credit Cards that he takes as payment are processed by a Howard in Ohio who owns a furniture store, which is the name that will show up on your statement after your payment is processed.  There is also a Bill Ferguson invloved with Patrick but I have not been able to find out where he fits into the equation.  I will also add that I heard Patrick is on parole and being investigated by the Attorney General offices of California and Ohio, as well as the possibility of the FBI.  If you are involved with this man or any of these people I suggest you terminate your involvement and move on.

January 6, 2010

Saved Another One

I was sent this message yesterday on a trade forum known for fraud.

Hi there,

Thanks for your help!
Good that I saw your post, couple of days back got Alibaba through google. I was after the mobiles which are about to be discontinued or old model so I could get some discounts on it. Seeing the spammer I was in greed for a moment, but luckily common sense kicked in and saved me. I started reading all the post and learnt about the spammers. Your posts are very very useful.
I am glad that he will not become a victim of fraud.  Our goal is to help you avoid fraud by offering a service where the suppliers have been vetted and therefore you will trade safely.