March 30, 2010

Google Nexus One HTC US Verified Supplier Best Price Los Angeles

US supplier #4 located in Los Angeles has the following offer in USD for new and unlocked phones.

Google Nexus One, $570

Price is available while stock lasts.

March 27, 2010

Advertise Your Offers With MidwestGSM

Due to the demand since the CES we are offering unlimited advertising packages on this site.  Advertising is always free for trading floor members.  Contact Glenn Kirk at for more details and to increase your sales.

March 26, 2010

Asian Verified Supplier iPhone Physical Stock 3GS 16GB & 32GB

Prices are in USD, CIF, and phones are factory unlocked.  Asian Supplier #29.

16GB, $705
32GB, $815

Sony w995, $278

March 25, 2010

West Coast Platinum Member 3GS iPhone BULK Offer

The following offer is via a Platinum Member of our service.  Phones are from an Apple contract distributor and are new EURO SPEC factory unlocked (never locked) units.  Prices are in USD.

16GB, $491.00 PPU
32GB, $560.00 PPU

Minimum order: 5000.  No maximum order limit.  Payment will be made directly to the distributor.  Distributor's information and reputation can be easily checked by buyers.  Delivery in 2-5 weeks depending on buyers location and method of shipment.

Buyer will not need a letter of credit, to place any size deposit, or to give any credit card information. All the buyer need to do is sign a letter of intent contract for up to six months worth of orders or less. Minimum order is 1000 units and prices are very competitive.

Once the buyer's order has been delivered they will be required to pay for their order at the time of pick up. This way the buyer has no risk.
This member also has other Apple products available including iPads.

March 24, 2010

Wholesale Mobile Phone Model Requests

I have received requests for pricing on the following models.  All prices are in USD and for order minimums.

n900, $533
n97, $442
x6, $326
5800, $240

Satio, $488
Xperia x2, $493
Xperia x1, $327
Xperia x5 Pureness, $627
w995, $273

HTC HD2, $550

Also check older posts for offers that may still be current.

US Verified Supplier Has PSP, PS2, & Xbox in Stock

US supplier #31 has the following stock.

COD Modern Warfare

Xbox 360, Core, Elite, Pro


March 22, 2010

Los Angeles California Verified Supplier of HTC, Apple, Nokia, & Blackberry

US supplier #50 is a worldwide wireless wholesaler specialized on brand new high end phones such as Blackberry, Nokia, Apple, and HTC.  With a growing customer base around the world they are looking forward to becoming your reliable supplier on any of the above brands. They stress that they do not broker and only sell their own stock.  They receive large shipments every day and ship the same day of your order.

New York Supplier Physical Stock for Pick Up or Ship

US supplier #58 has the following stock ready for pick-up or immediate shipping.

Blackberry 8100
Blackberry 8120
Blackberry 8220 Red
Blackberry 8300
Blackberry 8310
Blackberry 8320
Blackberry 9700
Blackberry 8900
Blackberry 8520 Black/White
Blackberry 9550
Blackberry 9630
Blackberry 9630
Blackberry 9500
iPhone 3G 8GB A-Stock Carrier Returns, Ver. 3.0, Unlockable
HTC Google Nexus One

March 21, 2010

Canadian Verified Supplier 3GS iPhones in Stock

Verified Canadian supplier #1 has 3GS new iPhones in stock for immediate shipping.  Prices are in USD.

16GB, $585
32GB, $610

March 19, 2010

Los Angeles Verified Supplier Current Physical Stock

Prices are in USD and stock is on hand ready for pick up or immediate shipping.  All models are new and manufacturer unlocked.  US supplier #59.

LG KP500, $95
LG GM200 Brio, $75
LG GB230 Julia, $72
LG BL40 Chocolate, $280

Samsung Star S5230, $122

March 18, 2010

European EU Supplier 3GS 32GB UK Spec iPhones in Stock

European supplier #25 has 32GB 3GS iPhones in stock.  Price in USD is $720.

3G 8GB & 16GB iPhones US Supplier Customer Returns Ver. 3.0

US supplier #58 has carrier returns A-stock, software 3.0, and ready to ship Apple iPhones.  Contact them for price.  These phones are easily unlockable.

Other models in stock:

Google Nexus One
BB 9550
BB 9630
BB 8520
BB 8900
BB 9700

March 17, 2010

Motorola Droid Milestone New & Unlocked in Canada

Canadia supplier #2 has the Moto Droid in stock for $615 US.

Canadian Supplier 3GS iPhones 16GB & 32GB

Canadian supplier #1 has iPhones in stock.  Prices in USD.

3GS 16GB, $585

3GS 32GB, $625

HK Hong Kong Verified Supplier Has Nokia X6, Sony w995, Moto Milestone

Asian supplier #18 has the following models in stock ready to ship today.  Prices are for minimum orders and in USD.

Nokia X6 16GB, $340

Sony w995, $292

Motorola Milestone 8GB, $434

Check their website for more offers.

March 16, 2010

NYC Supplier Blackberry 8120, 3GS iPhone 16GB & 32GB

NYC US supplier #56 has the following models in stock and ready to pick up or ship.  As always quantity discounts are available.

Apple 3GS iPhone 16GB & 32GB

Blackberry 8120, TMOB

T-Mobile Tap

Supplier would like to purchase:
Nexus One
BB 9700
BB 9630
BB 9550
BB 9000
BB 8520
BB 8320
BB 8220
BB 8100

Canadian Supplier of HTC Hero NAM Black & White Available

Canadian supplier #2 has the following in stock ready for immediate shipping:

HTC Hero in black or white, your choice!  Price $449 US PPU.

Los Angeles US Blackberry 9700 & 8520 Supplier Stock

Verified US supplier #50 has the following models in stock:
BB 9700, MOQ 50
BB 8520, MOQ 50

They also want to purchase the following models:
BB 9630
BB 9550
BB 8900

Florida 3GS 16GB iPhones No Locks & No AT&T

US supplier #58 has 3GS 16GB iPhones in stock at $735 US PPU.  I just received the email so contact them immediately before they are gone.

March 15, 2010

Canadian Supplier 3G & 3GS iPhones 16GB & 32GB Physical Stock

Canadian supplier #1 has iPhones in stock ready to ship.  All prices in USD.

BB 9700, $435
3GS 32GB US SPEC, $625
3GS 16GB US SPEC, $585
3G 8GB US SPEC, $485

3GS 32GB iPhones in Connecticut

I have a Platinum Member with 3GS 32GB new, sealed, and factory unlocked iPhones in physical stock ready for immediate shipping.  There are 14 units in total with a take all price of $839 PPU or best offer.  Phones will ship within hours of placing order.

March 14, 2010

New York City Blackberry 9700 Carrier Stock Available Monday

Platinum Member has 400 units available tomorrow in New York.  Stock is physical and will sell fast.  Inspection can be completed and order can be picked up in New York.

BB 9700 Bold T-Mobile, $440 PPU take all price.

US COD Blackberry Member Offer 9700, 8900, & 8520 No Logo Unlocked New

I have a Platinum Member who is offering the following deal for new and unlocked Blackberry models via an Authorized Blackberry Distributor.  The offer is only COD within the US with a minimum of 20 units for first time buyers.  Lead time is 24 hours and price breaks start at 1000 units.

9700, $475/465
8900, $355/345
8520, $275/265

March 13, 2010

UK Seller 3GS new 3GS 32GB Factory Unlocked iPhones $680

This UK seller has new and factory unlocked EURO SPEC sealed 3GS 32GB iPhone.  Minimum order is 100 units and an inspection report is available.  Seller can do up to 1000 units regularly.  Also seller has verified source in person.  Lead time is three days.  This seller is established and belongs to some of the same organizations that I do.  I have known of this gentleman for over a year and have never heard a negative comment regarding his business.  He has been around longer than I have known him and has a legally registered UK company including VAT license.  Seller prefers to sell only to end users and is not interested in brokers Platinum Members please contact me for his information if you are interested.

3GS 32GB Apple iPhone, $680 USD

3GS 16GB iPhone & Google Nexus One US East Coast Supplier

US supplier #58 has physical stock of the following models.
Google Nexus One, 20 units
3GS 16GB iPhone, version 3.1.2

Blackberry 8100 & 8110 Refurbished US Supplier

US supplier #49 located on the East Coast is offering Blackberry 8100 & 8110 refurbished models complete with clean PIN and unlocked.  Check website for more details.

Blackberry Bold 9700 Canadian Supplier

Canadian supplier #2 is offering the Blackberry 9700 Bold as new Rogers unlocked units for $465 US per unit.  50 units available.

LG KP500, Blackberry 9700, & Blackberry 8520 Offer US Supplier Location California

Brand new physical stock LG KP500, Blackberry 8520 Gemini, and Blackberry 9700 Onyx available via US supplier #50.

March 11, 2010

Singapore & Hong Kong Legitimate Supplier Physical Stock

All phones are new and unlocked unless stated otherwise.  Asia supplier #16.  See supplier's website for more details.

Blackberry Bold 9700, 400 units
Blackberry 8520, 300 units
Google Nexus One, 20 units

East Coast Verified Supplier Wholesale Physical Stock List

All prices in USD and all phones are new unless stated otherwise.  Prices are for minimum wholesale purchase and are negotiable.  Platinum members this is US supplier #58.

HTC Google Nexus 1

Blackberry 9700 - $465
Blackberry 8900 - $340
Blackberry 8520 - $255, White
Blackberry 8520 - $262, Black
Blackberry 9550 - $410
Blackberry 9630 - $285, Spring
Blackberry 9630 - $320, Verizon
Blackberry 9500 - $271

Nokia 2700 - $83
Nokia 2730 - $91
Nokia 5130 - $91
Nokia 5230 - $174
Nokia 5800 - $256
Nokia 6600i - $215
Nokia 6760 - $232
Nokia 7230 - $132
Nokia E63 - $180
Nokia E72 - $340
Nokia N86 - $375
Nokia X3 - $140
Nokia X6 - $375
Nokia N900 - $533
Nokia N97 - $490
Nokia N97 Mini - $415
Nokia E71 - $273
Nokia 6790 - $236
Nokia 5530 - $201
Nokia 2720 - $67
Nokia 2760 - $55
Nokia 7020 - $99

Motorola EM 30 - $73
Motorola EM 35 - $127
Motorola Milestone - $488
Motorola VE66 - $127
Motorola E8 - $92
Motorola W270 -$39

Sony Ericsson Aino - $376
Sony Ericsson C902 - $171
Sony Ericsson C903 - $188
Sony Ericsson C905 - $250
Sony Ericsson EX1 - $349
Sony Ericsson EX2 - $505
Sony Ericsson Jalou - $162
Sony Ericsson F350 - $98 Black / Grey / White
Sony Ericsson F350 - $102 Quicksilver
Sony Ericsson G705 -$195
Sony Ericsson Naite - $114
Sony Ericsson K850 - $195
Sony Ericsson Satio - $488
Sony Ericsson T700 - $149
Sony Ericsson T707 - $157
Sony Ericsson T715 - $151
Sony Ericsson W395 - $98
Sony Ericsson W508a - $157
Sony Ericsson W580 - $112 Black
Sony Ericsson W580 - $116 Pink
Sony Ericsson W595 – 142
Sony Ericsson W705 - $196
Sony Ericsson W760 - $133
Sony Ericsson W980 - $189
Sony Ericsson W995 - $310
Sony Ericsson Yari -$200

LG KP500 - $110
LG BL20 - $190
LG Quick Fire - $99

NYC Supplier Physical Stock Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sidekick, LG, & Blackberry for T-Mobile/AT&T

The following prices are in USD and phones are new unless otherwise stated.  Prices and stock are subject to change.  US supplier #56.

Samsung Gravity
Gravity 2
Sidekick 2008 & 2009
Samsung Behold 2
Blackberry 8120
HTC Dash 3G

Samsung a134
LG CE 110
Quickfire GX75
Samsung a767 Propel
Samsung a237
Blackberry 8110
Motorola em330
Samsung a637
Samsung a827 Access
Motorola Q9H

March 10, 2010

California Supplier Physical Stock Blackberry 8520 & 9700

US supplier #50 has the following models in stock for immediate shipment worldwide or will call.

Blackberry 8520, AT&T stock MOQ 50

Blackberry 9700, AT&T/T-Mobile stock, MOQ 50

High End Clothing Supplier Located in US Lots for Sale

The following high end clothing supplier that I use has the following lots available for $2000 US each.

10 pieces assorted dresses, suits, outerwear, winter coats.  Ave. retail $500-1000

40 pieces assorted dress pants, designer jeans, designer tops, knitwear, tops.  Ave. retail $250-350

50 pieces assorted jeans, shorts, skirts, tops, scarves. Ave. retail $150-250

This supplier sells genuine Versace, Fendi, Chanel, Diesel, and Gucci to name a few.  I have used then in the past and always received exactly what I ordered and all items were legitimate.

New York Sidekick supplier LX 2009 & 2008 T-Mobile

US supplier #56 has the following new T-Mobile models in physical stock ready for shipping or will call.  Contact supplier directly for pricing.  Remeber all pricing is negotiable.

Sidekick LX 2009

Sidekick 2008

LG KP500, black or pink world phone

Florida Supplier Blackberry 9700 Onyx Physical Stock

US supplier #49 has the following new & unlocked model in physical stock ready for worldwide delivery or will call.

Blackberry 9700 Onyx, T-Mobile

NY Supplier Physical Stock Nokia N900, Blackberry 9700, and 9630

US supplier #58 has the following models in stock for worldwide shipment or will call.  All phones are new.



This supplier is looking to buy large quantities of the following models.

3GS 16GB & 32GB, software unlocked

Any models of Sony, Motorola, Nokia, and HTC.

March 9, 2010

NYC New York Supplier HTC, Nokia, Sony, Blackberry, and Motorola

US verified supplier #58 has physical stock of the following new phones ready for delivery or pick up.  Contact supplier for prices and quantity available.
HTC Hero
HTC Viva
HTC Touch
HTC Snap
Blackberry 9700
Blackberry 9550
Blackberry 9630
Blackberry 8520
Blackberry 8900
Sony Ericsson, various models
Nokia, X6, N900, 7020, 5130, 7230, E63, X3, 6760, 2730
Motorola, Milestone, EM30, EM35, VE66, W396, W270

German Supplier 32GB EURO SPEC iPhones

All prices are in USD and for the MOQ.  Supplier Germany #1.  Platinum Members refer to the new supplier list I have just sent out and look under the Germany section for supplier #1.

3GS 32GB iPhone EURO, $677

These will go fast so if you do not get on this offer quick you will miss out.  Also this is probably a supplier you would want to build a relationship with as they have had equally excellent prices on iPhones in the past.

HTC Touch Diamond, $270
HTC Touch Cruise, $221
BB 8220, $147
BB 9700, $430
BB 9500, $247
BB 9000, $387
Nokia X3, $129
Nokia e75, $292
Nokia 6500, $197
Nokia 6300, $113

March 8, 2010

Current Offers

I have the following offers from members. 

BB 9700 TMOB NY, $460
iPhone 3GS 32GB locked Canada, $650

iPhone 3GS 16GB EURO never locked, MOQ10, start at $700
iPhone 3GS 32GB EURO never locked, MOQ 10, start at $780

Blackberry 9700, MOQ 100, $460
Blackberry 9700, MOQ 70, $475

East Coast Supplier of Google Nexus One, HTC HD2 2GB, & Nokia X6

I just recieved an offer from US supplier #58 for new Google Nexus One cellular phones.  They also have HTC HD2 with 2GB memory for sale, as well as, Nokia X6 unlocked units.  Supplier has physical stock ready to ship or for will call.

These will go fast!

The same supplier is looking to purchase HTC HD2 with 8GB memory and welcomes all offers.

A Stock Batteries HTC, Palm, Sanyo, Novatel, Samsung, Motorola, LG

From supplier US #27 I have the following offers for A-stock batteries in individually sealed bags.

HTC BTR6800, $4
HTC BTR6900, $4
Palm Treo 755, $2.50
Palm Treo 650, $1.50
Palm Centro, $2
Sierra 595u, $3
Sanyo 3810, $3.25
Novatel 2200, $6
Sanyo Katana II, $1.50
Samsung SPH-Z400, $7
UtStarcom BTR7025, $1
Motorola BT60, $3.25
Motorola BK10, $2
LG 260, $2
Samsung AB463446BA, $2

March 6, 2010

Platinum Member Offers on Blackberry Phones

I have two Platinum Members with offers on Blackberry models.  One located in Canda and one in Australia.

Canada, MOQ 100 units
BB9700, $460
BB8900, $345
BB8520, $268

Australia, MOQ 20 units and offers COD to the US.  Phones are SIM free with no logos.  Orders shipped within 24 hours.
BB9700, $475
BB8900, $355
BB8520, $275

Platinum Members contact me and I will send you the email I received.  Thank you!

March 4, 2010

UK Verified Supplier 3GS Never Locked iPhones 16GB & 32GB

Prices are in USD, phones are new EURO SPEC units, and price is based on minimum order.

3GS 16GB, $640
3GS 32GB, $720

BB 9520, $360
BB 9700, $453
BB 9000, $410

HTC HD2, $526
HTC P3470, $235
HTC P4350, $249

This supplier also sells SD cards and Micro SD cards.

US Verified Supplier With Nokia Stock N900

All prices are in USD, phones are new, phones are unlocked, and priced based on minimum.  Larger purcases usually result in discounts per unit.  Supplier number (US-7).

N900, $540
N97 mini, $437
N85 8GB black, $299
E72 black, $345
E71 white, $275
E71 grey, $275
E63 red, $185
E63 blue, $185
X3, $145
X6, $440
5730 8GB, $255
5800 8GB, $265
5530 4GB, $215
2730 1GB, $105
2720 flip, $75
7020 grey, $105
3600, $145
6212, $225
2330, $59

BH804, $58
BH216 white, $26
BH905, $249

March 1, 2010

Verified US Supplier New Blacberry 8520 UK SPEC 2GB

US supplier (58) has BB 8520 in black, UK SPEC with 2GB.  They have 1000 units in stock priced at $255 CIF worldwide.  Platinum Members use the supplier number to find contact information on this week's updated list.  Thank you.