April 29, 2010

Hiring Industry Participants for Posts

MidwestGSM is looking for talented writers to write posts for this site regarding the wholesale mobile phone and electronics industry.  Payment will be made on a piece basis and quality is a must.  We will reserve the right to deny or edit any article submission as we see fit.  Credit will be given on each article to the author.  Now is your time to discuss any industry related topic on a top ten industry site.  Please submit articles to  Payment will be made the same day article posts. 
Thank you, 
Glenn Kirk
Nixa, MO USA 

April 28, 2010

Seagate Hard Drive Distributor in US

Computer supplier #1, has the following physical stock ready to ship.  All units are brand new in retail packaging unless stated otherwise.

Seagate HDD:
146GB ST9146803SS SAS 6GB/s 10K rpm
80GB (ST980813ASG) 7200rpm SATA2 8MB
100GB (ST9100828AS) 5400rpm SATA 8MB
ST380215A 80GB ATA100 7200rpm 2MB
ST3160215A 160GB ATA100 7200rpm 2MB
ST3146356SS 146GB SAS 15K rpm 16MB
300GB ST3300656SS SAS U300 15K rpm 16MB
ST3250620A 250GB ATA100 7200rpm 16MB
Cheetah ST3300655LW 300GB SCSI U320
ST373455LW 73GB SCSI U320 15K rpm 68pin
ST3300007LC 300GB SCSI U320 10K rpm 80pin

New Database Enhancements

This week we have added computer and television sections to our database due to requests from MidwestGSM Platinum Members.  All suppliers/distributors are verified via our proprietary 26 step process.

Intel CPU Distributor Suplier US

Computer supplier #1, located in the US has the following physical stock.

Intel CPU:

EU Hard Drive Verified MidwestGSM Supplier

European verified supplier #20 has the following physical stock of new computer components.

Samsung hard drives:
160GB notebook drive, PATA
320 GB notebook drive, HM321HI
500 GB notebook drive, HM501II

April 26, 2010

Platinum Member Needed Stock

MidwestGSM Platinum Member located in Kuwait needs the following stock.

iPad models 16, 32, & 64GB, 300 units of each.
iPhone 3GS 16 & 32GB factory unlocked, 500 units each.
Blackberry, any models and prefer Arabic keyboard, 300+

Buyer requires that seller submit a target price for available items.  Only serious suppliers.

To advertise on this site contact Glenn Kirk at or via phone at +1.417.851.7834.

April 24, 2010

Nothing but Blackberry Phones, 9700, 8520, 8900, 8530, etc.

Verified US supplier #58 has the following physical stock.  Prices in USD and negotiable.  Subject to price changes while stock lasts.  MidwestGSM Platinum Members should contact supplier with all questions.  Always tell them you saw it on

100 Blackberry 9700, $412.
100 Blackberry 8520 (Purple), $245.
150 Blackberry 9630 Sprint Tours, $255.
100 Blackberry 8900, $315.
50 Blackberry 8530 Verizon (Bad ESN), $220.
200 Blackberry Pearl 8100 & Curve 8310, Priced too low to publish.

Supplier is buying:
Apple iPad
BB 9700
BB 9630
BB 9550

Nextel i880, Refurb 3G iPhone, Blackberry 9000 Bold, New Apple iPad 64GB & 16GB for Sale

Verified US supplier #49 has the following offers.  Prices in USD and negotiable while stock lasts.  MidwestGSM Platinum Members feel free to contact supplier with any questions.

Nextel i880 unlocked and refurbished, 200 units
Batteries for various mobile phone models.
Blackberry 9000, AT&T refurbished, 90 day warranty
iPhone 3G models both memory sizes and colors refurbished, $399 & $480, 90 day warranty

Apple iPad:
16GB, 75 units, $660
64GB, 100 units, $830

They are looking to buy iPad/iPhones.

April 22, 2010

iPad Offer Immediate FedEx Ship

MidwestGSM Platinum Member has the following offer.

New 64GB Apple iPads in stock ready to ship, 10 units $8000 take all price includes FedEx shipping.  Payment via PayPal, Google, or credit card if fees covered.

iPhones: Like New 90 Day Warranty East Coast

US verified supplier #49 has the following physical stock.  Prices are in USD and negotiable.  Phones have new fronts, very minor scuffs on backs, data has been cleared, and counters have been reset to zero.  All prices are FOB from the east coast. OS ver 3.1.2.  MidwestGSM Platinum Members contact supplier with all questions.

3G 8GB black, $399
3G 16GB black, $480
3G 16GB white, $480
BB Storm 2, $425

HTC Hero, refurb, $285
HTC Touch Pro 2, refurb, $285

Supplier also has many new name brand cell phone batteries in stock.  They are also looking to purchase new batteries in bulk for Sony, LG, and Motorola.

Supplier is also looking to purchase in bulk 3GS iPhones and iPads.

Looking to buy HTC HD2 TMOB 16GB new units.  They need 200 units total.
1. Include your quote price in email.  Do not ask for target.
2. NO refurbs or used units.
3. Include your company details when contacting or they will consider you an amateur.

16GB, 75 units, $660
64GB, 100 units, $830

BB Bold 9000, refurb by AT&T, unlocked

US Supplier Price List Blackberry, HTC, Boost Mobile, & iPhone

US verified supplier #56 has the following new physical stock.  Prices are in USD and negotiable.  MidwestGSM Platinum Members should contact supplier with any questions.

3GS 16GB black or white, $585
3GS 32GB black or white, $690
3G 8GB, $455
3G 16GB, $560

8100 TMOB, $145
8120 blue TMOB, $170
8820 AT&T, $60
8110 titanium, white, or red, $135
7730, $60
7130, $80
8100, $114
8220 pink, $165

KE970, $95
KP500 cookie black or pink, $102

Gravity 2 pumpkin or berry, $175
Flight, $155

Impact, $165

Dash, $230
Touch 2 Pro, $370
Nexus One Google, call supplier

i290, $46

2008, $140
2009 LX, $250

V3 TMOB, $70
Cliq XT, $300
Cliq black, $335
Q9H AT&T, $75
V3 pink, $55
v980, $30

April 20, 2010

4G New Apple iPhone News Update

Here is a link to a Yahoo News story regrding a 4G Apple iPhone prototype.  If you do not have verified suppliers of iPhones now then you will not be able to find the 4G model when they arrive.  Now is the time to contact your suppliers and let them know you would like to be notified when they receive the new 4G model.

Apple 4G iPhone News Story

April 18, 2010

Want List for NY Supplier

US verified supplier #56 is looking for the following models.  MidwestGSM Platinum Members if you can help contact them directly.

iPad: 16, 32 & 64GB models

T-Mobile HD2

Onyx 9700
9630 Verizon
9550 Verizon
Bold 9000

April 16, 2010

Digital Camera Supplier Offers Cannon, Nikon & Sony

Asian supplier #9 has the following models in physical stock.  Remember that this supplier also carries Apple products and computers.

24-105 OB
Powershot A3100 IS
18x50 IS
28-135 OB
18-135 OB
Powershot A3000 IS
Powershot S90

D40 kit RB
Coolpix L110


April 15, 2010

MidwestGSM Platinum Member Has iPhone Offer

Physical stock location is Florida.  Platinum Member is offering shipping or local pick up of new software unlocked 3GS 16GB Apple iPhones, $670 PPU, minimum 50 units.  Platinum Member says he can supply up to 1500 regularly.

Blackberry Javelin Florida Whloesale Supplier

US verified supplier #49 has the following physical stock.  Prices are in USD and negotiable.  MidwestGSM Platinum Members should contact supplier directly with questions.

Blackberry Javelin, refurb & unlocked

April 14, 2010

Blackberry Models New York Supplier

US verified supplier #58 has the following physical stock.  Prices in USD and posted based on minimum quantity orders.  Prices are always negotiable.  Questions should be directed to the supplier.  MidwestGSM Platinum Members have immediate access to all 200+ worldwide supplier contact details.

Blackberry 9700

Blackberry 9000 White/Black
Blackberry 8900
Blackberry 8520 QWERTY White/Black
Blackberry 9550
Blackberry 9630 Sprint
Blackberry 9630 Verizon
Blackberry 9530
Blackberry 8220 T-Mobile Red
Blackberry 7290

April 12, 2010

WANTED: Apple iPads in California

US verified supplier #4 is buying new Apple iPads.  Any model.  Looking to purchase thousands.  Platinum Members who can help please contact the supplier directly.

April 10, 2010

Sony Digital Cameras Wholesale in US

US verified supplier #31 has the following physical stock.  Prices are negotiable, based on quantity purchased at wholesale, and in USD.

Sony Cameras NEW
Sony DSCS2000 black x250 / silver x100

Sony DSCS2100 black x150 / silver x200
Sony DSCW310 black x200 / silver x200
Sony DSCW320 black x150 / silver x150
Sony DSCW350 black x100 / silver x100

Sony Vaio NEW
VPCCW21FX, Core i3 2.13 GHz, 4GB RAM, 160 units in stock mixed colors, MOQ 25

HP Factory Refurb Notebooks

NW170UAR#ABAG70-481NR: Intel Pentium Processor T4300(2.10), 4096M, 320G, LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW, 17", Webcam VHP224

VM113UAR#ABAG71-329WM: Intel Celeron processor 900(2.20), 4096M, 320G, LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW, 17.3", WIN7520

VM284UAR#ABAPavilion dv6-2057cl: Turion II Dual-Core M500(2.20), 4096M, 320G, LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW, 15.6", Webcam WIN7530

WA606UAR#ABAG71-449WM: Intel Pentium Processor T4300 (2.10), 4G, 320G, LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW, 17.3", webcam WIN71200

VU148UAR#ABAPavilion dv7-3067nr: Turion II Dual-Core M500(2.20), 4096M, 500G, LightScribe Blu-Ray ROM, 17.3", Webcam WIN7126

VM245UAR#ABAPavilion dv7-3067cl: Turion II Ultra Dual-Core M600(2.4), 4096M, 500G, LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±R/RW, 17.3", Webcam WIN7685

VM193UAR#ABAPavilion dv7-2277cl: Intel Core2 Duo Processor P7550(2.26), 4096M, 640G, LightScribe Blu-Ray ROM, 17.3", Webcam WIN7203

April 9, 2010

iPad US Wholesale Prices Lowered in Los Angeles

US verified supplier #4 has the following models of iPads in stock and all prices in USD.

16GB, MB292LL/A, $640
32GB, MB293LL/A, $740
64GB, MB294LL/A, $840

Prices are negotiable.  Platinum Members contact supplier directly.

UK 3GS 32GB iPhone Wholesale Offer

UK supplier has 3GS 32GB iPhones in stock.  Prices in USD and minimum order size is 50 units.  Phones are HK and EU factory unlocked specs.  Payment in advance.  Time in transit 3-5 days based on buyer's location.

3GS 32GB, $680

iPod Alert

It has been brought to my attention that an Aaron Barnes dba Stryker Mobile Communications has failed to deliver on a large order of iPods to a long time industry insider.  Proceed with caution. 

Link to post regarding Stryker Mobile Communications

April 5, 2010

iPad Supplier Los Angeles 16GB, 32GB, & 64GB New in Stock Now

US verified supplier #4 has Apple iPads in stock and brand new.  Prices in USD and negotiable.

iPad 16GB, $635
iPad 32GB, $735
iPad 64GB, $835

I also Have talked to the supplier and they will have iPads in regularly, as well as, the other Apple products they sell.

3GS iPhones Unlockable ver 3.1.2 & BB9000 Verified US Supplier

US supplier #1 has the following physical stock.  Order by 4pm EST and it ships today!

3GS iPhones 16GB & 32GB
3G iPhones 8GB & 16GB

Blackberry Bold 9000 AT&T White

Samsung Sunburst
Samsung Flight

Pantech Reveal

New AT&T Phones:

LG CF360 $110
Motorola v9x $165
Garmin NuviPhone G60 $249.99
Option USB Modem $75
AT&T SIM Sealed $1.85
Nokia 2330 $55
Samsung A167 Unlocked $37
BB 8310 $225

New T-Mobile Phones:

Samsung Memoir $305
Samsung T339 $75
Samsung Behold 2 $325
Samsung Gravity 1 $125
Nokia 2610 $29
Motorola z3 Unlocked $79
SIM $4.99

iPad Supplier Los Angeles California

US verified supplier #50 has 16GB iPads that just arrived.  Contact the supplier directly to learn more.  Also they allow pick-up/will call at their location in Southern California.

Supplier also has Blackberry Bolds in stock.

April 4, 2010

iPad Supplier New York 16GB, 32GB, & 64GB

US supplier #31 has physical stock ready to ship now.  All items are new.

Apple iPad 16GB
Apple iPad 32GB
Apple iPad 64GB

Pricing is negotiable and large quantities are available for volume buyers.

iPad Wholesale Supplier Minimum Order 5 Units

US verified supplier #58 has new Apple iPads in stock for immediate shipping.  Maximum order is 100 units and minimum order is 5 units.  Will also allow will call orders at their location.  All units are 16GB.

April 3, 2010

Brand New Nokia n97 White Units New York Physical Stock

US verified supplier #56 has the following in stock model.

Nokia n97 white, contact supplier for pricing.

HTC HD2 T-Mobile Stock Los Angeles California Supplier

US supplier #50 has the following model in stock.  All of my suppliers are verified.

HTC HD2, T-Mobile units.

The same supplier is buying all Samsung units, Nokia US SPEC, and various Blackberry units.  All in 1000+ qunatities.

Supplier On the East Coast Needs This Stock

US supplier #56 needs the following stock.  If you can provide please contact them immediately.

All T-Mobile phones
All AT&T phones

Blackberry models:

Get in contact with them or me ASAP.

April 1, 2010

East Coast NYC Supplier Blackberry, iPhone, HTC

US verified supplier #58 has the following physical stock.  Prices in USD.

iPhone 3G 8GB A-Stock ver. 3.0 - $410
iPhone 3G 16GB A-Stock ver. 3.0 - $495

Blackberry 7290 - $50

Blackberry 8100 - $105
Blackberry 8120 - $130
Blackberry 8310 - $140
Blackberry 8320 - $155
Blackberry 8220 - $180
Blackberry 9700 - $410
Blackberry 9000 - $420 White
Blackberry 8900 - $335
Blackberry 8520 - $255 White/Black
Blackberry 9550 - $420
Blackberry 9630 - $250 Sprint
Blackberry 9630 - $320 Verizon
Blackberry 9500 - $270 OEM

HTC Google Nexus One - $590

Nokia 2730 - $91

Nokia E63 - $180
Nokia E72 - $340
Nokia E71X - $240
Nokia 2760 - $55
Nokia 7020 - $99
Nokia 5200 - $60

Motorola EM 25 - $73
Motorola E8 - $92
Motorola W270 -$40

Cash and Carry Large 3GS iPhone Offer in US

I have a Platinum Member who is offering to buyers a unique iPhone purchase opportunity.  Since there are many offers on the web for large iPhone deals that always fall through.this member has put their money where their mouth is in order to prove they have the real deal.

Buyer will not need a letter of credit, to place any size deposit, or to give any credit card information.  All the buyer need to do is sign a letter of intent contract for up to six months worth of orders or less.  Minimum order is 1000 units and prices are very competitive.

Once the buyer's order has been delivered they will be required to pay for their order at the time of pick up.  This way the buyer has no risk.

See post dated: March 25th, 2010.