December 1, 2010

Wireovia Inside a UPS Store in Alaska

Today a non-member asked me about a site they were thinking of ordering from called Wireovia.  The address given for the business is the same for a UPS Store in Alaska.  Upon investigation with the government entity in charge of registering businesses in Alaska there is a business registered as Wireovia, LLC.  Unfortunately it seems anyone can register a company with the state of Alaska online who has $250 for a LLC, and this may be less for other business forms.  After a Whois search it is revealed that the site has been registered less than a year and the domain was only purchased for one year.  Next the site uses the PayPal Verified logo but you cannot pay via PayPal at checkout.  You can only pay via credit card, check, or money order.

There is an eBay seller using Wireovia with a feedback score of over 13000, positive percentage of over 98%, and they have had this account open since 2008 as of this posting.  Within the last month their feedback is as follows:

Positive: 815
Neutral: 22
Negative: 21

A review of the feedback concludes that this company allegedly may be selling refurbished phones from China as new phones.  This is a practice we have seen many times on eBay.

Currently they are being sued in Federal Court by Monster Cables for selling fakes.