November 23, 2011

GSMExchange Accused of Religious Discrimination

Dear all,
GSMExchange has not renewed our subscription. They are claiming that we have too many complaints. We have 28 positive feed backs on GSMExchange, but they claim people are complaining about us however no one posted anything about us.

I called Vyvek and he implied that it might be because of my religious belief and he told me it doesn't matter if I complain to people since they will say we are a bad company and no one will believe us. They have already sent an email claiming we have bad business practice

Discriminating based on religion here in USA is illegal. We already reported this to CTIA and they are taking action. We urge all of our customers/suppliers to email Dilyan in support. We have been mistreated and our rights have been violated. GSMExchange has a long history of cheating their customers and Lying to them.

Albert Mita

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