May 18, 2012

Wholesale Apple iPhones Vince Conti Global Connection Resources LLC

Apple iPhone 4S

All Apple iPhone 4S units are EU / USA Specs – Never Locked. MOQ is 50 Units. - Up to 
500 – 1000 Units Per Week.

iPhone 4S - 16 GB - $630
iPhone 4S - 32 GB - $710
iPhone 4S - 64 GB - $800

Apple iPad3 (WiFi Only)

All Apple iPad3 Units – MOQ = 50 Units - Up to 500 – 1000 Units Per Week.

iPad3 – 16 GB - $440
iPad3 – 32 GB - $540
iPad3 – 64 GB - $640

Apple iPad3 (WiFi+4G)

iPad3 – 16 GB - $550
iPad3 – 32 GB - $650
iPad3 – 64 GB - $750

Apple Computers:

Apple MacBook Air:

11"- Model MC968LL/A - $830
11"- Model MC969LL/A - $985
13"- Model MC965LL/A - $1075
13"- Model MC966LL/A - $1325

Apple MacBook Pro:

13" 2.4Ghz-Model MD313LL/A - $960
13" 2.8Ghz-Model MD314LL/A - $1225
15" 2.2Ghz-Model MD318LL/A - $1440
15" 2/4Ghz-Model MD322LL/A - $1840
17" 2.4Ghz-Model MD311LL/A - $2075

Apple iMac:

21" 2.5Ghz-Model MC309LL/A- $959
21" 2.7Ghz-Model MC812LL/A- $1195
27" 2.7Ghz-Model MC813LL/A- $1410
27" 3.1Ghz-Model MC814LL/A- $1659

The MOQ on Apple Computers is 10 units per model.

There is a slight price reduction available on larger orders.

All products are 100% Genuine Apple Products with full international warranty.

Note: MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 50 pieces of any one model. After you have reached the 100 piece level on any order, you then can select smaller quantities (25 or more) of other products to add to that order and still get the 50 MOQ pricing.

Shipping Methods:

Shipping is via DHL, UPS, and FedEx depending on your location. All shipping included in above prices for USA destinations. Prices above are FOB California. For International shipping, shipping and insurance charges will be added to the above quoted prices (normally around +$10 per unit).

Payment Methods:

We accept Credit Cards (Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX) and Bank Wire Transfer. On Credit Card orders, there is a 2.9% add on fee for credit card processing (the bank charges us, so we charge you). On Bank Wire Transfers, we will provide our Corporate Trust Account with Bank of New York information for this payment.

Note: Our Merchant Account is with a Major National USA Merchant Bank and can handle very large orders (up to $250,000 per order). After first few orders with credit card, we can consider doing Deposit upon order and Fly and Buy for balance payment or with Deposit upon order and balance deposited into Escrow Trust with buyer picking up stock at either our Miami, FL or Charlotte, NC USA warehouses. We do NOT ship internationally with Escrow because of the many problems encountered.

Order Processing Schedule:

1. Once signed P.O. received, we will issue a Proforma Invoice (PI) to be signed by all parties.
2. If you are using a Credit Card as Payment Method, we will prepare an Invoice as well as a Credit Card Authorization Form with ID required to have completed and signed by you to process your charges. If you are doing Bank Transfer, we will provide our Corporate Trust Account with Bank of New York info for this payment.
3. Credit Card payments take between 2-3 days to clear processing depending on dollar amount. Larger amounts over $20,000 may take longer to process and be released.
4. Once payment is cleared, your order will be processed and place in the "queue" for shipping.
5. As supplies arrive weekly, your order is packaged and shipped.
6. Normal time between payment clearing and shipping is 10-14 business days on first orders and then can be weekly thereafter.

All products are 100% genuine, factory sealed with full International warranty.
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