December 31, 2013

Wholesale Xbox One Fly and Buy

1. All offers are for physical stock.
2. All offers are fly and buy quality.
3. All offers are from trusted sources.
4. Direct to the supplier contact details are available only to our members in the forum.

Xbox One 500GB in Dubai, fly and buy with Texas wholesaler.

Wholesale pallet Xbox One
Xbox One 500GB in Dubai, fly and buy with Texas wholesaler.

Camera Supplier in US Stock For Sale

Canon SLR T3 kit $315, T3i $455, SL1 $485 with US seller.
Canon T5i 18-55 STM $679 MOQ with US east coast supplier.
Canon Powershot SX160 $99 in stock first come US supplier.
Canon Powershot a3300 RB in stock with US east coast supplier.
Samsung HMX-F90 in stock for immediate shipping.
Pentax lens $75-139 based on quantity, MOQ applies to this US source.

Samsung DV150F $86, genuine stock from a camera distributor contact.

US digital camera distributor

December 27, 2013

Buying Requests iPhone 5, Sony Xperia, and Note 3

Current want to buy offers:

Buying iPhone 5 HSO (hand set only), Sal, 516-606-8529

Buying locked or unlocked iPhone 4, 4S, 5, Sal, 516-606-8529

Buy: Sony Xperia L C2104 all colors, J ST26a all colors, Blackberry 9790 with 850 MHZ 3G all colors, Nokia 520 with 850 MHZ 3G all colors,

Buy: Samsung S6012 with 850 MHZ 3G all colors, Ace 3 with 850 MHZ 3G all colors, your best price CIF Miami to

Buying Note 3 Verizon and AT&T any condition, also Galaxy S3 and S4, Sal, 516-606-8529Buying BRE or b-stock iPads, Sal, 516-606-8529

Buying power banks, wireless speakers, Samsung batteries, headphones, battery cases, portable back-up chargers, Android tablets contact Danny,

Buying wholesale Samsung cell phones

December 26, 2013

New Stock For Sale Offers of iPhone, HTC, and Samsung

December 2013 new stock offers.  Direct contact details of each supplier can be found by our members in the forum above.

Google Nexus 10 wifi 16Gb and 32GB physical stock in US
Huawei u8730 MyTouch Q brand new x300 physical stock in master cartons with TMOB SIM, New York
Huawei Y320 under $100 with US source in Miami.
HTC One S T-Mobile $185 MOQ 10 brand new and fully kitted California.
HTC 8X blue 4G Windows phone, Nokia 710 and 810 in US.
HTC One Latin spec in stock with US source Skype.
HTC One 32GB white Rogers stock $399 with Ontario, Canada based wholesaler.
iPad 2 new LCD with credit card or PayPal Ontario Canadian supplier.
iPad 4 AT&T and Sprint, Mini, Retina, Air with US supplier in New York.
iPad Mini 16GB wifi under $270 in Florida.
iPhone 5S unlocked complete and sealed $600, Texas.
iPhone 4 16GB refurbished available to ship today HSO in NY.
iPhone 5 unlocked cell phones in bulk with US source.
NEW Apple iPhone 5S Gold in Italy x250 with great supplier Skype
iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, 8GB European source in Cyprus
iPhone 5S Gold 16GB UK SIM free Apple master carton x1000, UK 
LG wholesale price US supplier of a270, a275, t375, e400, e450, e455, and p768 Skype supplier now.
LG L3 e400 Optimus x1200 in Miami
Samsung Galaxy S 4G like new, lowest price anywhere NYC.
Samsung e1205 Latin specs in black unverified seller
Samsung Rugby Pro i547 like new unlocked bulk cell phones US.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 t899 brand new website NY.

Random proof of stock photo

December 24, 2013

ACS Global Trading and Sal Kumar

Dear MidwestGSM,
We are looking to purchase salvage and BER Condition iPads. 
Please offer us physical and incoming stock. 

Feel free to offer us any used stock available. 
We are always looking for iPhones, Galaxy Models, Notes and HTC Models. 

ACS Global Trading

Sal Kumar 
BBM: 7AA09222 
Whatsapp: 516-606-8529 
Skype: Sal.ACSGlobaltrading 

December 23, 2013

Digital Camera Price List

Canon SX160 $105
Canon SX260 $189
Canon SX280 $199
Canon S110 $199!!!!
Canon G15 $319
Canon G16 $429
Canon SL1 18-55 Kit $495
Canon T3i 18-55 Kit $455
Canon T3i 18-135 $635
Canon T5i 18-55 $669
Canon 60D Body RB $515
Canon 60D 18-135 Kit $829
Canon 70D Body $929
Canon 70D 18-135 Kit $1199
Canon 7D Body $949
Canon 6D Body $1529
Canon 6D 24-105 Kit $2099
Canon 5DIII $2729
Canon 5DIII 24-105 Kit $3279

Canon HFR400 $219
Canon XA10 $1449

Nikon L28 $67
Nikon L320 $129
Nikon L620 $159
Nikon AW110 $229
Nikon P520 $299
Nikon Coolpix A $749!!!!!
Nikon D3100 Body $269
Nikon D3100 18-55 Kit $355
Nikon D5200 18-55 Kit $545
Nikon D5300 Body $715
Nikon D5300 18-55 Kit $799
Nikon D5300 18-140 Kit $979
Nikon D90 Body $489
Nikon D90 18-105 Kit $689
Nikon D7100 Body $919
Nikon D7100 18-105 Kit $1129
Nikon D300s $1249
Nikon D600 Body $1479
Nikon D600 24-85 Kit $1879
Nikon 1J2 11-27.5 Kit $289!!!!!!

Sony DSCW710 $75
Sony DSCTF1 $119
Sony DSCTX30 $229
Sony DSCHX50 $299
Sony DSCQX100 $419
Sony DSCRX100 $429
Sony NEX3NL 16-50 Kit $379
Sony NEX5TL 16-50 Kit $529

Sony DCRPJ6 $199
Sony CX230 $169
Sony HXRMC2000 $1329!!!!!

Panasonic ZS25 $199
Panasonic FZ70 $255
Panasonic TS5 $259
Panasonic LX7 $289
Panasonic LF1 $299!!!!!!!
Panasonic FZ200 $385

Panasonic HCX920 $799
Panasonic AGAC7 $979
Panasonic AGAC8 $1159
Panasonic AGAC90 $1479
Panasonic AGHMC80 $1499

Samsung ST150 $77
Samsung WB30 $99
Samsung ST700 $109
Samsung WB110 $155
Samsung WB150 $104
Samsung WB200 $119
Samsung NX1100 18-55 Kit $279
Samsung NX2000 18-55 Kit $299!!!!!
Samsung NX300 18-55 Kit $399!!!
Samsung Galaxy EKGC110 $329

Samsung HMXF90 $119

Fuji S4600 $129
Fuji S4800 $129
Fuji S8200 $179
Fuji XP200 $189 (Underwater Cam)
Fuji HS50EXR $339
Fuji XE1 18-55 Kit $889

Olympus VG180 $57
Olympus SP820 $165
Olympus TG830 $199
Olympus TG2 $299
Olympus XZ10 $269

Pentax WG3 $179
Pentax WG3 GPS $199!!!
Pentax K5IIs $699!!!!

JVC GZHM650 $279!!!!!!

GoPro Hero 3+ Slvr $289

Contact details provided to members in the forum.

Camera wholesale price list US based supplier

December 20, 2013

US Tablet Supplier; Google Nexus and Samsung

SAMGT3T3100BKG - $235.00
SAMGT3T3110WEG - $365.00
SAMGT3P5200WEG - $405.00
SAMGTAB3BN101 - $310.00
GOONEXUS7W16V2 - $210.00
GOONEXUS10W16QG - $349.00
APPIPMMD531EAWE - $283.00
APPIPMMF432EAGY - $283.00

See post in our member's forum for direct supplier contact details.
Samsung tablet wholesaler

Unlocking All Apple iPhones, US Vendor

Unlocking all iPhone models and Android AT&T, lead time 5-10 business days, prices depend on quantity and availability. Can unlock all AT&T unless black list. Prepaid and refundable!  See post in our member's forum for contact details.

We have references who have been unlocked; you can check. It's real!

Stock Apple iPhone picture

December 18, 2013

Target Price Physical Stock Fly and Buy in Europe

OEM, original stock, simfree, master carton, european spec,
2 Pin Charger, brand new, physical, ready to ship.


  c3520   4k + 1k  grey + silver
  i9082       2k   white
  i9300      300 blue Tmobile
  s5830i       2k   black
  s7562       2k   white
  s7710       2k   grey  
European Samsung supplier

iPad Dealer in Europe Wednesday Lunch Rush Post

Today we are looking  to sell:

Model Colour Qty Price euro
ipad 2 16gb 3g+wifi blk 6 250
ipad 2 32gb 3g+wifi white 62 275
ipad 2 32gb 3g+wifi blk 23 275
ipad 2 64gb 3g+wifi white 18 310
ipad 2 64gb 3g+wifi blk 35 310
ipad 3 16gb 4g+wifi blk 30 300
ipad 3 16gb 4g+wifi white 2 300
ipad 3 32gb 4g+wifi blk 19 335
ipad 3 64gb 4g+wifi white 2 375
ipad 3 64gb 4g+wifi blk 30 375
Samsung e120m blk 6000 8.75
Samsung e2121b blk  500 18.5
Blackberry z10 4g white 50 175

All prices CIF Europe
Stock physical and ready to ship
All your low end offers are welcome!!!!!
Best Regards

Current Wholesaler Physical Stock Offers Dec 2013

Samsung Flight 2 A927 physical stock US source
Samsung Active i9295 water proof at low price US wholesaler.
Samsung Galaxy S2 t989 wholesaler in New Jersey, new in TMOB box
Samsung Galaxy S3 t999 in bulk wholesale fly and buy NJ supplier.
Samsung i9300 x1900 SIM free master carton EU spec physical stock, European source.
Samsung new EU spec p5210 x2000, t2100 16GB x4000, European distributor
Samsung Galaxy t959 TMOB and Nexus S, Los Angeles fly and buy offer
Samsung NEW s5360 Y in Miami, Florida
Samsung s6102 and i9200 brand new physical stock in Florida,
Samsung Galaxy S2 i727 refurbished 4G LTE black or white US fly and buy
Blackberry 9900 white and 9810 silver master carton sealed new Latin stock
Blackberry z10 NEW sealed master cartons US source
Blackberry 8900 Javelin, 9790 Bold California fly and buy wholesale supplier, LA
iPhone 4 16/32GB, 3GS 8/16/32GB physical stock in California
US Apple iPad Air and Mini wholesaler, over 700 in physical stock
Apple iPad 4 16GB black new in box retina display x500 physical stock, Los Angeles 
Wholesale Go Pro US dealer ARMTE, AWFKY, AWRCC, ABGPK, SKB iSeries, 
Nike Fuel bands in stock these will go fast x350, US
Sony DSCQX10K wholesale supplier in New Jersey, accepts credit cards.

Sony dealer US

Blackberry wholesale supplier

December 14, 2013

NEW iPhone 5 4S 4 HSO ACS Global Trading

WTS NEW At&t iPhone 5/4S/4 HSO 

Sal Kumar
ACS Global Trading
BBM: 7AA09222
Whatsapp: 516-606-8529
Skype: Sal.ACSGlobaltrading

ACS Global Trading 516-606-8529

December 8, 2013

New LG Neon 2 GW370 Offer; Alcatel and Huawei Wholesaler

All offers are physical stock fly and buy quality from trusted suppliers in the US.  Members should see forum posts for supplier contact details.  Trade safely!

LG GW370 Neon 2 available to ship now.
US Alcatel and Huawei wholesale supplier in Florida.

December 6, 2013

NEW Wholesale iPhone 5S GOLD, Used and Refurbished Too

NEW Apple iPhone 5 physical stock 16/32/64 $473
iPhone 4 16GB refurbished $175, phones are clean HSO
Used iPhone 4 16GB HSO SIM free in UK
Used Apple iPhone 4S 16GB HSO SIM free in UK
NEW iPhone 5S 16GB GOLD physical stock in UK