March 26, 2013

Current Samsung Wholesale Offers and Prices

Current Samsung offers:

Galaxy Tab p5100 SIM free, 50 pieces in Europe
Samsung e1086 850/1900 $15.95 in Florida
A157 Samsung 3G quad band in Miami
Samsung i9300 in Miami 3G OEM, 250 pieces available $299
I827 Galaxy Appeal in the US for a low, low price @
Samsung Galaxy n7100 in Europe SIM free, 100 pieces
S5220 Star 3 in Romania EU spec cell phone
A817 Samsung no locks and new in US
A887 Solstice at the lowest price in US contact
E2350B brand new OEM style in Miami ask for Steve
Samsung i9100 black and white colors in stock call Danny
C3222 brand new for sale in bulk, US supplier
Link to above supplier offers:

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 2 4G in New York
Samsung t839 TMOB Sidekick 4G used units in Texas for sale
Link to offers for members: