April 14, 2013

Current Wholesale Samsung Supplier Offers: S3, S2, More

  1. Samsung i8190 $267, s5360 $89 from a great US supplier
  2. Samsung Chat e2222 under $50 in Florida
  3. Galaxy S3 in white or blue T-Mobile units in New Jersey
  4. Samsung s5360 Galaxy Y $84, Galaxy s7500 $154 in NY
  5. New Samsung e1182 via a US Samsung distributor in the southeast
  6. New York supplier has Samsung i717 Galaxy Note new in box LTE in stock
  7. Florida Samsung Galaxy S3 wholesaler has Latin spec S3s in stock
  8. Galaxy S Duos aka s7562 dual SIM available in bulk purchase by calling New York
  9. I9082 Galaxy Grand on the east coast from a legitimate supplier NYC
  10. Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0 p3100 in Europe SIM free x100 pieces, Romania
  11. Galaxy S3 regular and mini wholesale only in blue/red/white in NYC
  12. Samsung Note 2 in stock now call Umar
  13. Grand i9082, s7562, s6102, c3222 all ready to ship in the US
  14. Samsung S2, Exhibit 2, and 4G physical stock of T-Mobile wholesale cell phones @ eastern US

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