June 30, 2013

Wholesale Samsung Galaxy S4 Factory Unlocked

Newly posted offers from great sources:

Samsung Galaxy i8552 dual SIM, i9080 3G, i9070, s7562 Duos, email.
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, Note i717, Skyrocket i727 white, i997 Infuse unlocked.
Galaxy S3 T-Mobile unlocked, also many wholesale refurbished Samsung US supplier.
Galaxy S4 Latin spec and factory unlocked, 100 in stock NOW website.

Samsung Galaxy S3 wholesale supplier

June 27, 2013

Current Forum Used, Refurbished, and BER iPhone Offers

Currently posted in our clients' area refurbished, used, and BER phone offers:

iPhone 4s US 16GB Handset Only Unlocked Grade A/B Stock $395-$380.

iPhone 4s US 64GB Black/White Handset Only Unlocked Grade A-B Stock $425.

Used iPhone 4S HSO x300 take all, 7 day mostly grade A in NYC.

Used HTC Inspire HSO x180 take all, 7 day mostly grade A in New York.

Random Samsung Note proof of stock picture

June 24, 2013

US Supplier Cellular Phone and Battery Price Lists

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Wholesale Offers Apple Stock With Trusted Source

ipad mini - 4g - 16 gb  - 500 pcs mix colour, delivery cif.
z 10- 4g  - sing spec  - 500 pcs, take all, black - day after tomorrow delivery cif.

Trusted Singapore Apple supplier physical stock for sale offer.  Details for our clients.

June 20, 2013

Current Wholesale Buying Requests

Current buying requests:

iPhone used, refurbished or broken 4, 4S, 5 call 786-953-8842 or

iPhone 4S and 5 models wanted, contact

iPad 4 and Mini, quote your lowest price, email

Samsung S3, S2, 5830, 5360 email

HTC HD2 in any condition will buy in quantity! Call ABC Wireless 786-953-8842

Glenn Kirk of MidwestGSM at CES

June 19, 2013

NEW Apple iPhone 5 16GB EU Spec US Fly and Buy

New iPhone 5 16GB EU spec $625 x10000+, stock is physical in US and ready for your inspection, fly and buy.

June 18, 2013

Current Wholesaler Area Blackberry Cell Phone Offers

Blackberry 9900 complete $259 with US source, call supplier to order.

BB 9790 $259, Z10, all Latin spec cell phones with verified source, Venezuela and Miami supplier

Blackberry Q10 SIM FREE x500 in master cartons for fly and buy in UK wholesaler

Curve 9360 with verified Los Angeles wholesaler, email supplier for price

Blackberry unlocked 9800 COB just like new with Jordan @ CNCG 718-609-1700 x221

June 11, 2013

Canon Wholesaler in US Offers

Canon T3I 18-55 Kit $495 51-100, 100+ $ lower price US source
Rebel SL1 $599, T5i $699 in Jersey
T3 18-55 Kit $345 51-100 pieces, 100+ $???

CES 2010 random picture

June 10, 2013

Buying CIF Miami Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5

Please send us your best price for these phones CIF Miami. We will need 500-1k each model
-Galaxy S4 9500 Factory Unlocked
-Galaxy S3 9300 Factory Unlocked
-Galaxy S3 mini Factory Unlocked
-Blackberry Z10 STL100-2 or STL100-1 Factory Unlocked
-Sony Xperia Z Factory Unlocked
-Iphone 5 Factory Unlocked
Phantom Communications
PHANTOM COMMUNICATIONS | 882 3rd ave | Brooklyn, NY 11232

June 9, 2013

Buying Offer 500000 New Apple iPhone 5 16GB

Hello, we’re interested in purchasing large quantities (500,000 units per month).
We have clients looking to buy large stocks of Apple iPhone 5 16 GB Factory Unlocked with different specifications in original boxes and master cartons, sealed, never-opened. The target price we're looking for that quantity is $520-$530 per unit (price is negotiable).

We would like to know there information about:
- available specifications of the models (US, UK, EU, HK etc), black and white
- available quantity for the order (we look for 500k+ monthly) and provide with the delivery schedule
- Payment terms (we prefer bank wire after inspection at freight forwarder)
- shipping terms ( we prefer CIF shipping)
- provide 2-3 buyer references
- provide MD numbers and IMEI numbers of the stock
- provide pictures of the stock

Please provide those information for us and if you will agree to all our preferred terms (CIF, bank wire after inspection at freight forwarder).


Artur Stec
International Sales Manager
Easteram Enterpises, LLC.
Tel: +447447857538 (whatsapp available)
Skype: dzastin2121

Random CES picture

June 6, 2013

Buying Refurbished Apple iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 Models

Buying refurbished and used Apple iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 models NOW!

Email: right now for a sale.

Random Ford CES picture

June 3, 2013

Business Pacific Limited Stock Offer

We would like to offer refurbished grade A+ phones.
All Factory Unlocked.
Full set with box and accessories, and shrink wrapped.
90 Day Warranty on all handsets.


HTC 8X Windows Phone $382 
HTC Desire S (G12) $102 
HTC One S $235 
HTC One V $143 
HTC One X $285 
HTC One XL $256 
HTC Sensation (G14) $166 
HTC Sensation XE (G18) $199 
HTC Sensation XL (G21) $220 

iPhone 3GS 8GB $125
iPhone 3GS 16GB $143
iPhone 3GS 32GB $153
iPhone 4 8GB $296 
iPhone 4G 16GB $296 
iPhone 4G 32GB $306 
iPhone 4S 16GB $430 
iPhone 4S 32GB $440
iPhone 5 16GB $605 
iPhone 5 32GB $625

Motorola MB525 Defy $87 
Motorola MB526 Defy+ $92 
Motorola XT910 $176 

500 $75 
603 $113 
610 $95 
710 $95 
1616 $20 
1661 $20 
2330 $24 
2680 $19 
5800 $66 
6300 $37 
6555 $37 
7230 $46 
2220s $23 
2700c $36 
6120C $36 
6303I $60 
6500S $41 
6700C SILVER $114 
6700S $58 
C1-01 $38 
C2-01 $48 
C3 $76 
C3-01 $86 
C5 $89 
C5-03 $57 
C6 $66 
C7 $112 
E5 $84 
E51 $70 
E52 $104 
E66 $76 
E71 $65 
E72 $110 
N85 $49 
Nokia N8 $153 
X2 $55 
X3-02 $66 
X7 $149 

Samsung i5500 $46 
Samsung i8150 Wonder $141 
Samsung i8160 Ace 2 $168 
Samsung i8190 S3 Mini $215 
Samsung i9000 Galaxy S $124 
Samsung i9001 Galaxy S Plus $126 
Samsung i9070 Galaxy Advance $183 
Samsung i9100 Galaxy S2 $213 
Samsung i9250 Galaxy Nexus $237 
Samsung N7000 Galaxy Note $330 
Samsung N8000 Note 10.1" $485 
Samsung S5360 Young $75 
Samsung S5570 Mini $76 
Samsung S5660 Gio $79 
Samsung S5830 Ace $97 
Samsung S7500 Ace Plus $128 
Samsung S7562 Galaxy S Duos $167 

Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson Arc LT15 $150 
Sony Ericsson Arc S LT18 $158 
Sony Ericsson C903 $44 
Sony Ericsson J20 Hazel $69 
Sony Ericsson K800 $35 
Sony Ericsson MT11 Neo V $119 
Sony Ericsson MT15 Neo $122 
Sony Ericsson R800i Play $123 
Sony Ericsson SK17 Xperia Mini pro $119 
Sony Ericsson ST18 Xperia Ray $133 
Sony Ericsson T707 $45 
Sony Ericsson T715 $35 
Sony Ericsson U10 Aino $72 
Sony Ericsson U20i X10 mini pro $53 
Sony Ericsson U5 Vivaz $58 
Sony Ericsson W20 Zylo $45 
Sony Ericsson W595 $36 
Sony Ericsson W705 $40 
Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman $58 
Sony Ericsson W905 $67 
Sony Ericsson W980 $51 
Sony Ericsson WT19 Live $96 
Sony Ericsson X10i $84 
Sony Ericsson X8 $53 
Sony EricssonW995 $77 

Sony LT22 Xperia P $235 
Sony LT25 Xperia V $234 
Sony LT26 Xperia S $243 
Sony LT28 Xperia Ion $298 
Sony LT29 Xperia TX $350 
Sony LT30 Xperia T $258 
Sony ST25 Xperia U $128 
Sony ST26 Xperia J $163 
Sony ST27 Xperia Go $149 

Blackberry Bold 9000 $69.43 
Blackberry Bold 9700 $146.97 
Blackberry Bold 9780 $165.00 
Blackberry Bold 9900 $267.79 
Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 $118.11 
Blackberry Curve 8520 $100.08 
Blackberry Curve 9360 $141.56 
Blackberry Storm 9500 $53.20 
Blackberry Storm 9530 $45.98 
Blackberry Torch 9800 $175.82 
Blackberry Torch 9860 $186.64

Best Regards
Tal Zigelman
Purchasing and Logistics
Business Pacific Limited
Add: Room 403, Fu Fai Commercial Centre, 27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
Tel: +86-138-2329-5454
Skype: talzigelman, shnaided

June 2, 2013

Current Samsung Galaxy June Wholesaler Stock Offers

Samsung Galaxy S4 i337 AT&T in New Jersey, black or white.
Galaxy Note 4G i717 physical stock in New York City trusted supplier.
Galaxy S2 i727 wholesale stock in California with great source.
Galaxy i5800 $39.00, 200 pieces with Texas supplier of carrier returns.
Batteries for Galaxy S2, brand new and 2000 available, call 214-435-8111.
Samsung S5360 with an unverified Florida source,
Used & tested: S5830, i9100, and Samsung S5360 fly and buy in UK.

June 1, 2013

Bulk Sprint iPhone 4S 64GB

We have Iphone 4s sprint 64GB in stock, please note this is sprint version, please contact us at

Random CES classic Cadillac picture