August 16, 2013

Bulk Purchase Buying Offer For International Trader

500 x bb 9320
200 x s5830
100 x iphone5 16gb MD297DN/A   
300 x iphone5 32gb MD299DN/A  
30 x iphone5 64gb MD662DN/A    
4k each model…C2-01,C2-05,100,101,105,112,206,206 DS,301,301 DS,200,202,205 DS,210 DS,300,302,305,306,308,309,311,501 DS,520,620
6k xbox 360 4g kinect sensoir + disney adventure
200 x  Canon  60D… reflex
200 x Canon 700D…. reflex
300 x  Compact  Poweshot A2500 Ixus verisoni 132-134-135
5k x 32f4000 + 5000……
2k x iphone5 16gb uk spec
1k x S4
100 x S3 blue single seal

Please Give you offers & request every minute ¡¡   
Email: and Skype: vanesatrader
Want buy all:
Apple, Samsung, htc, nokia, lg, sony, ipad, tablet, TV, consoles, HDD, CPU, small appliances and more ¡¡
Best Regards Friends ¡¡
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Line: +34 697799943