August 8, 2013

Samsung Stock Current Offers, Bulk Purchase Only

Samsung current physical stock for sale offers:

CIP, EU spec 2-pin physical stock of Samsung i9505, i9300, i9195 in Europe

Galaxy S3, Tab 3 New York physical stock website

Samsung Galaxy S4 black or white physical stock in Florida

Gravity Text TMOB t379 with US supplier

S3 Mini white, Express 4G, Ace II, Duos, Note i777 with trusted NYC supplier

Google Nexus 10 32GB x300 $410, physical stock in New York City
Exhibit 2 4G refurbished, call Danny 201-766-2997

Galaxy Flame s6810 Latin spec and Galaxy S2 unlocked AT&T

Galaxy S3 $399, S4 $575 both are 32GB models located in Florida, trusted source

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with US supplier

Galaxy Tab n5100 $470, p5200 $430, t2110 $289, t3100 $300 low MOQ in US

Galaxy S4, S2, Exhibit 2 physical stock with US source