October 10, 2013

Distributor Opportunity Liquid Screen Protector


Introducing A&C Liquid Screen Protector - The Invisible Protection for your Smart Phones and Tablets
* Easy to apply and suitable for DIY application
* Protection against abrasion and scratches
* Super hard 9H wearing and durable
* An invisible but glossy finish
* Reduces finger marks and smudges
* Improves clarity and brilliance
* Resistant to both acid and alkaline
* Dirt repellent surface
* Preserves touch screen sensitivity
* 1 Year durability (Recommended to Reapply every Six Months)
How to Use?
1. Use the enclosed Alcohol Pad wipe to clean your device
2. Dry your device with microfiber towel
3. Apply the A&C Solution on to your device and wipe through evenly
4. Wait Atleast 2 minutes for the solution to get dry
5. Use the enclosed microfiber towel to polish the surface until it is brilliant without leaving a visible residue
6. Ready for normal use after 60 seconds it has polish dried
7. To reach best performance Leave overnight with light usage
Best Regards,
Alex Cheung
Business Development Director
Neo Creation International Limited 
Tel: +852 3568 6248
Mob: +852 6482 9762
Skype: alexcheung1013

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