October 25, 2013

US Apple iPhone Brokers and Jokers

Every so often we are going to revisit companies and individuals who have been in the wholesale cell phone industry.  Some were rookies who did not have a clue and others were just outright bad people.  But you decide and please comment.

A few years ago I was contacted by a company called ASC Electronics via their representative named Truett.  He was looking for thousands of new unlocked Apple iPhones at a low price and said he had buyers lined up to purchase weekly.  Having been in this industry for some time I asked my suppliers/friends and found his contact details.
ASC Electronics
341 West 45th Street, Apartment 614
NY, NY 10023 USA
Phone: 917-623-0068
Fax: 917-591-7414
Established 1997
51-100 employees

He also has posts where he requested investors for his business:
There is also a link that shows Hankerson Inc is in Ohio:
Global Star Distribution, Hankerson Inc.
5000 Denlinger Road
Dayton, OH 45426
Phone 937-789-2133
The contact is listed as Andre Burton, CEO
He even registered for the forum under the username "ethan104".  I found some posts on iPhones by ethan104 here, but it may not be the same person:

Scam alert: (I noticed that someone has removed the post but some text was copied in March of 2011)
KEN, Daniel, Truett, Dante, Stephan, Steven, Rolf Goebel trying to go as (Hankerson) (Jazzway) (RGM enterprise germany) or some company sometime pretending to be buyer or seller break non-circumvention agreement, steal commision and money from both parties. mostly regarding iphone, mobile, electronics claiming they have large quanities. and showing fake documents, or using someones elses documents claiming as their own and modifying it
emails to watch out
rolf.goebel rgm-enterprise de
phone numbers to watch out

I doubt any of these people are around anymore, but if you have details please post a comment.  Thank you.