November 28, 2013

Added NEW US Distributor Happy Thanksgiving MidwestGSM Members

Today to give thanks to all of our MidwestGSM members we added a NEW California based distributor that carries Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, Motorola, and more.  The full company details have been added to our recommended supplier forum page along with a business card scan containing website, email, fax, BBM, and direct phone number information.
Trade safely, 

Random Blackberry CES picture by MidwestGSM

November 26, 2013

Master Carton Arabic Spec Blackberry 9360, 9810, and 9300 Physical Stock

1. Offer is from a trusted UK source.
2. Physical stock offer, fly and buy quality.
3. Direct supplier contact details are only available to our members in the forum above.

Want to Sell:  Arabic Specification / OEM / Master carton packed
Blackberry 9360
BlackBerry 9810 
BlackBerry 9300 
Limited stocks so please advise if interested soon.
Have a nice day!

UK trusted Blackberry physical stock supplier of 9360, 9810, and 9300. 

NEW Blackberry Playbook 32GB Wholesale Offer, New York

NEW wholesale Blackberry Playbook offer
1. All offers are for physical stock, fly and buy option.
2. All offers are from a trusted source.
3. Direct contact details are only provided to our members in the forum above.

New York supplier wholesale Blackberry Playbook 32GB US spec sales offer.  Physical stock of 250 pieces.

Today's NEW Apple iPad Mini WiFi Wholesale Offers

1. Offer is from a trusted source.
2. All are physical stock, fly and buy available.
3. Direct contact information available only to our members in the forum.
NEW Apple iPad Mini physical stock in New York
Today's NEW Apple iPad Mini WiFi wholesale offers of physical stock in New York.  These will not last long with 1400 pieces ready for fly and buy.  Trusted source of models MD528LL/A, MD529LL/A, MD531LL/A, and MD532LL/A.

November 19, 2013

Trusted Wholesaler of Digital Cameras and Apple iPods Pricelist Download

We have just uploaded a complete pricelist from a trusted US supplier of new name brand digital cameras and Apple iPods to our wholesaler forum.  If you need these items then you need to know this source!  Only on MidwestGSM.

Custom yellow classic Ford Mustang CES 2010

Authorized US Sony Distributor Xperia Z1, Z, ZR, ZL Fly and Buy

Wholesale fly and buy Sony Xperia Z1, Z, ZR, and ZL with authorized Sony distributor in US.  Contact information available to our select members in the forum.
This is an actual Sony and Nokia AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR in the US


NEW Wholesale Samsung Galaxy Muse 4GB PayPal, Credit Card

Physical stock fly and buy offer for up to 1100 brand new and sealed Samsung Galaxy Muse 4GB MP3 players.  Trusted US source contact details available to our member in the wholesaler forum.  Proof of stock photo below.

They accept Paypal or Credit card payments with a 3% service fee.
Wholesale Samsung Galaxy Muse 4GB MP3 player fly and buy

November 18, 2013

NEW Wholesale Bulk Playstation 4 US Supplier

Here they are, the Playstation 4 brand new units want but cannot find. This trusted supplier is located in the United States. Contact details provided to our members and only available in the forum. Join today or keep looking. 

November 15, 2013

NEW MidwestGSM Public Facebook Page

MidwestGSM now has a public Facebook page.  Checkout our uploaded videos, photos and posts today at

Thank you and trade safely!

Glenn Kirk, MidwestGSM Co-Founder at CTIA 2013.  Always looking for verifiable TRUE WHOLESALERS of name brand electronics to provide to our member clients.

November 14, 2013

NEW Wholesale Apple iPhone 5C in US

If you think the wholesale price of a new Apple iPhone 5C is $380 you should join GSMExchange and Phonelot.

If you think that price is too high you should join MidwestGSM.

Any questions?

Glenn Kirk Co-Founder of MidwestGSM at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.  Guess what?  GSMExchange, Phonelot, and Cellpex were not there.  MidwestGSM is THE SOURCE for distributors and wholesalers of electronics.

November 7, 2013

NEW Posted Wholesale Apple Fly and Buy Offers in US

1. All offers below are physical stock fly and buy quality.
2. All suppliers are verified and highly trustworthy.
3. Join MidwestGSM above for forum access to supplier direct contact details.

iPhone 4S 16GB NEW white wholesale in Miami
NEW iPhone 5S 16GB Verizon space grey in Miami
iPhone 5 NEW sealed, physical stock unlocked in Florida
NEW Apple iPad Mini 16GB wifi MD528LLA and MD531LLA in Florida
Apple iPad 4 NEW 32GB wifi black or white 700 pieces in New York
MacBook Air NEW MD761LLA wholesale in New Jersey
Macbook Pro NEW 13 inch MD101LLA, 200 physical stock in New York

NEW Apple wholesale iPhone 5C, 5S and MacBook Pro

November 6, 2013

Ace Wireless Price List Korea Scam and Rip-off, Daniel Kim

The company named Ace Wireless in Korea and promoted by Daniel Kim is a fraud according to our research and the experience of one of our members.  But you would have already known that if you were a MidwestGSM member client with access to our forum.  He sends out weekly "to good to be true" wholesale offers and has used a few other names over the last two years in order to continue stealing from genuine wholesale cell phone traders.

Ace Wireless Korea, Daniel Kim email price list

He may also have been posing as INS Telecom earlier in Summer 2013.

INS Telecom Jon Kim, Korea

Also he could have been PJ Global Inc back in May 2013.
PJ Global Inc Patrick Chung, Korea
Earlier in 2013 he may have been another known scammer: Pacific Telecom, Alex Kim.
Pacific Telecom Alex Kim, Korea

But wait there is more.  How about Landmark Telecom Brian Kim, Korea.
Landmark Telecom Brian Kim, Korea

Oakwood Register Walmart Survey $150 Phising Scam

I know this is not wholesale cell phone related but I thought that I would pass it on to the public.  If you receive an offer to complete a Walmart survey for $150 it IS A SCAM.  The goal is to get your credit card information.  Trust me, Walmart is not going to give you $150.  

November 1, 2013

NEW Verified MidwestGSM Cell Phone Distributors and Wholesalers

Each week our goal is to verify wholesalers and distributors of cellular phones and electronics.  This week we have verified some great companies and have added them, along with business card scans to the recommended suppliers section of our forum.  Trade safely!

1. New York authorized distributor of Samsung and Apple cellular products.  This company is a LARGE VOLUME distributor.
2. Orange County California wholesaler of used and refurbished cell phones including GSM, CMDA, and iDEN
3. Illinois distributor of ALL MAJOR cell phone brands who ships orders same day.

CES 2010 picture

Alert: There is an Increase of Wholesale Cell Phone Scams

This story is related to a story I saw on Al-Jazeera about organized crime in Malaysia.  Many scams come out of Malaysia regarding cell phones, and it has been on the increase lately.  Always use due diligence and if you need legitimate suppliers join MidwestGSM.

Random wholesale Samsung Galaxy Note picture