December 26, 2013

New Stock For Sale Offers of iPhone, HTC, and Samsung

December 2013 new stock offers.  Direct contact details of each supplier can be found by our members in the forum above.

Google Nexus 10 wifi 16Gb and 32GB physical stock in US
Huawei u8730 MyTouch Q brand new x300 physical stock in master cartons with TMOB SIM, New York
Huawei Y320 under $100 with US source in Miami.
HTC One S T-Mobile $185 MOQ 10 brand new and fully kitted California.
HTC 8X blue 4G Windows phone, Nokia 710 and 810 in US.
HTC One Latin spec in stock with US source Skype.
HTC One 32GB white Rogers stock $399 with Ontario, Canada based wholesaler.
iPad 2 new LCD with credit card or PayPal Ontario Canadian supplier.
iPad 4 AT&T and Sprint, Mini, Retina, Air with US supplier in New York.
iPad Mini 16GB wifi under $270 in Florida.
iPhone 5S unlocked complete and sealed $600, Texas.
iPhone 4 16GB refurbished available to ship today HSO in NY.
iPhone 5 unlocked cell phones in bulk with US source.
NEW Apple iPhone 5S Gold in Italy x250 with great supplier Skype
iPhone 5S, 5, 4S, 8GB European source in Cyprus
iPhone 5S Gold 16GB UK SIM free Apple master carton x1000, UK 
LG wholesale price US supplier of a270, a275, t375, e400, e450, e455, and p768 Skype supplier now.
LG L3 e400 Optimus x1200 in Miami
Samsung Galaxy S 4G like new, lowest price anywhere NYC.
Samsung e1205 Latin specs in black unverified seller
Samsung Rugby Pro i547 like new unlocked bulk cell phones US.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 t899 brand new website NY.

Random proof of stock photo