January 29, 2014

Beware Wireless Wholesalers, Area Code Scam

Area news reports have made us aware of the "473" area code scam. You may receive a one or two ring call on your phone with a phone number that begins with the area code 473. If you return this call your phone bill could be charged a large amount of money for only a few minutes. This area code is located in Grenada where it is not required that you be notified about a charged call. There are other Caribbean area codes that could also be scams. They are 242, 246, 264, 268, 284, 340, 441, 473, 649, 664, 758, 767, 784, 787, 809, 868, 869 and 876. In short, if you do not recognize the number we strongly recommend that you not return the call.