January 31, 2014

Current Blackberry Fly and Buy Physical Stock Offers

1. All offers are for physical stock.
2. All offers are fly and buy quality.
3. All offers are from trusted sources members have previously used.
4. Direct to the supplier contact details are available only to our members in the forum.

Blackberry NEW IDEN 7100 unlocked for any carrier, physical stock in Texas.
Blackberry 9900, q5 and z10 LCD assemblies with supplier in Canada accepts PayPal and credit cards.
Blackberry 9800, 9810 new AT&T unlocked fly and buy in Florida.
Blackberry 9630 unlocked in black with 2GB memory card, contact US source.
Blackberry q10, 500 in physical stock ready to ship or fly and buy UK source.
Blackberry z10 AT&T brand new and unlocked physical stock with US supplier under $250 based on quantity.
Wholesale Blackberry physical stock