February 26, 2014

Ford Smith Electronics Along With Alverius and Company

Sebastian Alverius of Alverius and Company and Ford Smith Electronics wisely took down his fake website because of my online postings of him scamming people. 

Please contact me at if you have been scammed by this loser. There is a pending FBI case against him. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HIM!

Do not do business with this con man! He has stolen many peoples money! 

Mr. Alverius sent me these pictures and text 3/6/14.
With permission from my attorney, I send the attached.
Attached are the numbers to the NYPD harassment complaints made against 
Matt alone due to his harassment against me, friends and family. 
Current there is an investigation going on by the detectives that will be provided to the 
FYI to drop the bogus investigation soon. A couple of the complaints
explain physical threats.
The next grouping of pics are gruelsome in nature, but similar to some
 other emails he sent. They are a series of texts that he sent stating he 
made over 600000 since dealing with me and his further attacks of 
discrimination against me.
What Matt sent to you proves my intent to give him the balance of 
his investment back. Of course, that was before He was caught with 
stealing from and destroying my company.
The statements from my former clients will help prove other claims. 
I figure it's better coming from them than me.
I'm attempting to release other evidence for you. 
Thanks for your patience.
Alverius Apple order
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Sebastian Alverius, Ford Smith Electronics,
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Alverius text
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Considering Matt Baker's court, criminal and financial records are public 
record, my attorney gave the ok for me to proceed in sharing those with you as well. 
You see, he has done very similar to others what he is currently doing to me. 
Several former business associates of Matt Baker has taken him to court 
and won, making Matt responsible of hundreds of thousands of dollars in owed 
judgement that he has yet to pay back. This is what he doesn't share with people, 
as it is so terrible that people may not do business with this man for fear 
of it happening to them. And this is why he request funds to be sent to either 
a prepaid card account or his girlfriends checking account, as he cannot be
caught holding money in his own name. I truly do not have to make up 
anything to place Matt Baker to blame on something, or make up a lie 
so to make him look bad. He is making himself look bad on his own.
If I send you Matt Baker's records, will you be willing to post some of it
on the page he attempted to defame me? This will definately show that 
his actions are most related to his attempt at defaming me as he had 
done to others.
Also, if he had already sent you a list of people who he claims I owe, may 
I see that list? He claims people are suffering based on me not dealing 
with their issues, and if that is true, he is only assisting in the intent of making these 
people suffer even more. I have asked him hundreds of times for the 'list.' 
And by the way, the persons who he acknowledged directly in previous 
emails-Tim Altaf and Craig Merrills- are already being taken care of or 
have been taken care of long ago. 
And the reason why they were owed in the first place is because my company 
suffered so terribly after Matt's online defamation attempt and theft of my resources, 
including the involuntary taking of the list of my clientbase, that it 
took much longer than expected at handling their refunds. And Matt kept 
buzzing in their ear that they were not going to be paid back, only trying to 
influence them to take action. I have many clients who will love to share 
that they were taken care of by me personally if they were not able to 
receive their order. And there are other clients who will testify that they 
were falsely influenced at making a complaint against me following the lies 
Matt shared with him, but then quickly took the time to retract their 
complaint once they discovered the truth. And that goes for others who 
were paid later than expected as well. And because my business went into 
the red soon after Matt Baker started his actions, I paid a lot of my former 
clients out of pocket by choice, as it was known in my heart they needed to 
be taken care of as soon as I could.
And to reiterate, Ford Smith Electronics was discontinued because none of 
the partners couldn't find the time to place 100% on keeping the business going,
not because Matt's online statements and so called 'hardworking efforts.' 
After Matt began defaming me in 2012, I lost a lot of support in the industry 
and could only count on my partners and close friends for support at 
moving forward. Needless to say, 
I spent much of the fall, winter and spring of 2012-2013 in the hospital 
dealing with a terrible condition, another partner was busy with school, 
the third was dealing with his father's business, and the last partner didn't 
have the knowledge to fully keep the business operational. He was more 
of the money man.
I really need assistance  at clearing my name following Matt's deceitful, 
psychopathic actions. And I will do anything, minus paying Matt off, to clear me 
and bring everything back to normal. Your site states many times that 
you practice fairness. I am hoping you be fair with me at this time.
Also, is it possible I may place a column on your blog to explain to 
others in the industry what has happened to my company and me? 
It is only fair that they know my side and, to be honest, know the truth. 
Especially those that did business with me in the past.
Thank you, Glen.
Sebastian C. Alverius