February 28, 2014

World's Largest Apple iPhone Scammer

We received this email and thought it was best to pass it on to our network.  This is an example of the most common Apple iPhone scam you will see on the Internet.  If you encounter a seller like this you should terminate communication immediately!

Hi, how are you? I have company in Canada. I’m drop shipping and buying bulk products. I would like to buy apple products like iPhones, iPads and other will be fine. The thing is I'm researching lots and lot of them is scammers. Last week, I bought the iPhone 5s from private seller and I'm asking him one iPhones for testing if you are real and safe, so next day he was asking me $1000 because he ship 15 iPhones, so i said fine, I will give you another $1000. Few days later he was asking me for another $650 because package was not shipping. He not gives me tracking number so I'm thinking he is lie and taking money from me. I’m getting upset and lose over $2000 that is a lot of money and I'm going report him to FBI soon.

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World's Largest Apple iPhone Scammer