March 6, 2014

New York supplier of Apple, GoPro, Google, and Kindles

What could you do with a local New York supplier of Apple, GoPro, Google, and Kindles? 
All physical stock is located in New York City with a trusted source.

Nexus 10, 32GB US spec physical stock.
Asus Nexus 7 32GB wifi $160, 3G for sale at $18x. Wifi is 150 pieces and 3G is 300 pieces.
iPad Mini x2300 pieces in their warehouse ready to ship immediately!
Ipad 2 $320 x21 pieces.
Apple TV x90 pieces. Quick sale priced!
Solo Beats HD by Dre x2000 pieces physical stock in NY. Many colors available $135.
Kindle dealer with Fire HD 16GB 7” x300 in stock at $140 each.
Kindle Paper White 6” x400 pieces ready to ship at $12x each.
Google Chromecast x500 pieces, very low price!
Finally GoPro Black Hero 3+, CHDHX-302 x250 in physical stock for a fly and buy!

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Apple supplier in New York fly and buy offer