March 8, 2014

Wholesale Apple, Samsung, HTC Cell Phone OEM Parts Canada

Current wholesale OEM cell phone parts supplier in Canada. Real parts, NO CHINESE FAKES. Large selection, shop from their website!

Apple iPod parts:
Touch 4 gen LCD assembly in yellow $1x each.
Touch 4 gen LCD assembly in purple, black, white, green, red, blue, more at $2x each.

Apple iPhone parts:
iPhone 4 and 5 LCD assemblies $3x each.
iPhone 4S available at $3x too!

Apple iPad parts:
iPad 2 digitizer assembly in black or white $3x each.
iPad 3 and iPad 4 digitizer assembly $3x each.
iPad mini with home button, $8x each.

HTC cell phone parts:
One LCD digitizer assembly $4x each on up.
Sensation LCD digitizer $5x each.
Wildfire LCD digitizer $1x each.
Amaze and Raider LCD digitizer assembly start at $5x each.

Blackberry parts:
Q10 and Z10 OEM batteries $1x each.
9810 LCD assembly $4x each.
Z10 LCD digitizer assembly x50 $1x each, will negotiate orders of 100+.

Samsung cell phone parts:
Galaxy S4, i9500 front glass
Galaxy Note 2 i317 or n7105 LCD assembly with frame $220 each.
All offers are for physical stock. All offers are fly and buy quality. All offers are from trusted sources. Direct to the supplier contact details are available only to our members in the forum. 

Canadian Apple supplier
Wholesale Apple, Samsung, HTC Cell Phone OEM Parts Canada