April 11, 2014

IBN USA LLC Wholesale Factory Unlocked Apple iPhone 5S Fly and Buy

I just called this guy and ask for his address. He could not give it to me, but there was one listed on his email. I called the management company at this location and they also don't know of IBN. Also notice they are in suites 118-166. This is a scam. Stay away.

We would like to sell the next :
iPhone 5S  factory unlocked brand new, original, sealed in master cartons.
Model A1533 GSM, 16 GB
ME296LL/A (grey)
ME297LL/A (silver)
ME298LL/A (gold)
 , price is 620 $ , inspection are most welcome via Pilot ,
we will provide with IMEI #S ,  part # and photos with newspaper as a proof of the stock , we are acting in this offer as a broker   we will put you in direct connection with the end supplier after signing commission agreement and PO.

2250 N. ROCK RD, STE #118-166
WICHITA , KS 67226 . USA

Apple iPhone5S IBN
IBN USA llc iPhone 5S