April 3, 2014

Winner Concept Inc and Ejaj Chowdhury in Florida Feedback?

This was posted on the trading floor yesterday via a MidwestGSM member.

I got email today by winner concept inc from Florida claiming he can supply, apple, Samsung stocks.

His name is ejaj chowdhury, we had skype conversation for 2 hours and everything was good until I went to google to research about the company, when I copy and paste his skype I'd ejaj.chowdhury, I found out website post about him claimed he is a criminal arrested in Florida and scammer. 

I saw his LinkedIn with different name ezaz Ahmed from cellz USA inc. email I'd winnerconcepts@aol.com
Please check out about this company and beware of it. 

I'm not really sure it's scam or not, someday please verify it. Thank you.
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