April 14, 2015

Warning Alert Wholesale Club Brooklyn New York

I just received this via email. WARNING!

The “Wholesale Club” in Brooklyn has not paid our invoices since October of 2014. During the course of doing business with Cellex, they bounced a check, and refused to pay additional invoices.  These bills remain open to this day, unpaid.

While we don’t care to share the specific details of our transactions, we did want you to be aware of this company, operating as a SCAM. Owners Hashim and Guy Sultan are not trustworthy, and we have been made aware that they have tried to place multiple large orders in the last several months with other suppliers.

Companies operating in this manner are the reason for the various problems we have in our industry.  Please be careful in any transactions and dealings you have with them.  

Is this the supplier you are talking to online? You should join MidwestGSM before it is too late!