November 18, 2016

Wholesale Bitcoin Antminer S7 S9 Power Cables

Our 16AWG power cables are the real deal. We mine with the same cables in our Nixa, Missouri facility and have never had an issue. These cables are made of the best materials hands down. We can supply orders of 100-5000. Contact us with your needs and we will quickly send a quote.

Wiring:      16 AWG  braided copper * 80 degrees C * 300 V * WV-1/FT1 flame rated insulation
Length:      8 inch / 20 centimeters
Ends:         Open wire to 6-pin male Molex PCI-E connector
Rating:       ROHS / UL 1007 compliant
Condition:  New

Each cable can reliably deliver 240 Watt/20 Amps @12 volts without any discoloration/burnout in 24-7 continuous use. We know it from practical experience with thousands of these cables over nearly two years. These are perfect for powering Bitcoin Antminer S9 or S7.

Please make sure the cable length (8 inch / 20 cm) is suitable for your setup. In our data center, we favor shorter cables to minimize heat loss and airflow obstacles.

We are not an electronics reseller, but an experienced large mine operator/engineer who shares the lessons learned. Here's the info on PCI-e cables:

  • Consumer PCI-e cables (e.g. those coming with a PC ATX PSU) are not suitable for bitcoin mining. They have high likelihood of meltdown/burnout at the connector/boot joint.
  • The weakest part of a PCI-e power cable is the pin boot at the connector. This is where heat, oxidation, and insulation damage build up. Our cables are custom-made by one of the leading power cabling manufacturers. The boot is properly crimped, and the connector is made of high grade heat-resistant materials.
  • 16 AWG wire size is the "sweet spot" for this application. 14 AWG wiring is too thick for proper crimping to the pin boots. This poor joint can lead to local overheating, separation, and meltdown. Bigger is sometimes not better!
  • Never use aluminum wiring, or wiring of 20+ AWG for bitcoin mining!
Free shipping to Continental US addresses only. Please contact us for shipping surcharge to non-US addresses before ordering.

Happy hashing!